Monday, April 3, 2017

There is Always Hope after Loss

Lindsay Gibson is a writer, speaker and Joy Coach. Although she experienced intense trauma in her life, she has learned how to choose joy after grief.

You will be drawn into her story as she shares how her life dramatically changed when she was raped at 16 years old.  She was in complete denial of the event and covered her hopelessness with bad habits and unhealthy comfort zones.

It was not until she gave birth to her stillborn son that she was able to start living again.  His birth and death created a new life in Lindsay.  

Her story is one of courage, hope and finding a Higher Love through the darkness of grief and sorrow.  Hope led her to Love and Love Never Fails.

Lindsay has learned to forgive her attacker who tried to kill her.  This happened when she opened her heart to healing after the loss of her precious son.  With it came an understanding of unconditional love.

Now as a Joy Coach she has much to offer people in choosing joy after grief and helps walk you through the steps to restoration.  Her self-study course entitled Journal Back to Joy that you will thoroughly appreciate.

Lindsay, who uses prose and analogies to express herself said, "The sky doesn't go away but the clouds pass through."  You will want to share her interview with many people who need this message of JOY: 

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Just Be: How my Stillborn Taught Me to Surrender 

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