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Decide That You Want To Be More Than What You Are Now and Watch What Happens!

David Richman was overweight, a smoker, married to an abusive alcoholic, and stressed out unbelievably. At his lowest point, he heard the words from a friend that he needed to hear. These words allowed him to start a journey of discovery, transformation, and self-belief.

Today he helps empower people to start hard conversations around the emotional aspects of trauma, and to help them transform into their best selves.

David is an author, public speaker, and endurance athlete whose mission is to form more meaningful human connections through storytelling. 

By the time he was in his late thirties, David was a sedentary, overweight smoker who was stuck in an abusive and unhealthy marriage. It was clear that if he was going to enjoy any kind of life satisfaction, he had to stop focusing on what others wanted out of him, and zero in on what he wanted for himself.

He began to set measurable, attainable, and meaningful goals—to become healthy, to raise his young twins in a safe home environment, to become a top performer at work, and to seek out his own physical, mental, and emotional limits.

Winning in the Middle of the Pack

Through lessons learned in business, sports, and life, David introduces the concept of “winning in the middle of the pack” and discusses how we all can get more out of ourselves than we ever imagined.

His most recent adventure was a 5,000-mile solo bike ride across the country in which he visited most of the participants for his upcoming book chronicling fifteen remarkable and unique emotional journeys of people with cancer.

David is a businessman, corporate and motivational speaker, personal consultant,

Amazon bestseller in "Brain Cancer" 

Have you ever been forced to consider the fact of your mortality? If confronted with cancer, how would you feel? What would you say to the people you love? What would they say to you? No two people have the same answers to these questions, a lesson I learned well during a solo six-week, 5,000-mile cross-country bike ride I called Cycle of Lives. 

The trip started as a fundraiser in honor of my sister, June, who died of brain cancer. But long before I even set out on my endurance ride from LA to Florida to NY, I exhaustively interviewed fifteen people across the country whose lives had also been irrevocably changed by cancer - either as patients, survivors, loved ones, or caregivers. 

Hearing their moving stories, which were influenced by many different forms of past and present trauma, transformed my cycling odyssey into a journey of emotional self-discovery as I relived the chaos and emotional upheaval of cancer through them: from the man who found true love after losing his soulmate to cancer, to the elite athlete who had to reckon with his all-star body finally letting him down, to the medical oncologist who cares as much about her patients as she cares for them. 

Whether you or someone you care about is going through cancer or some other major trauma, I hope this thought-provoking collection of astonishing stories can help you, too.





Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Do You Want To Accomplish Against All Odds?

Jason Pike was drowning in a cesspool in South Korea -- at night -- alone. He was a soldier against all odds.

Lieutenant Colonel Jason Pike is a decorated combat veteran with multiple deployments who served thirty-one years in the U S Army, including nine years in five countries overseas. He earned over thirty service awards.

Jason asked himself, "How did you ever accomplish what you have accomplished under such intense circumstances?" He then realized he had to write his story because what he learned in the trenches of combat could be used in every area of life.

In his interview, he shares what he went through in a federal investigation for something he was not guilty of.  He was thrown under the bus and accused of subversion and espionage against the U. S. Government.

Against all odds

Must See Video Memoir Snippet

A brutally honest tale of a soldier's unorthodox life, a rogue career, and an often- maverick character not easily aligned with the military credo.

A Soldier Against All Odds is a genuine and frank account of Jason's thirty-one years in uniform: the good, the very bad, and the very ugly. At age seven he was diagnosed at age seven with an acute learning disability and failed first grade. He also was diagnosed with osteomyelitis, a crippling bone disease dissolving the bone of his knee which added to his academic challenges and a significant physical disadvantage.

Jason's story is one of survival, perseverance, and a refusal to quit, no matter what, which was a characteristic gifted to him by his father. When he shared his story, everyone asked, "How the hell did you do it?" And many times, he asked himself the same question.

In A Soldier Against All Odds, he shows that through determination, careful application, and bold strategy you can overcome all odds. Personal humiliation was brought about primarily by his mistakes, being haunted by investigations, academic difficulty, arrests, and physical frailty. He paid the price for being himself. This is how he did it, but most importantly, how he survived it.

This chronicle of life will inspire you to wince, cry, and laugh. He hopes that the lessons he learned through the course of his life and his military career will be an inspiration to anyone confronting the future from a place of disadvantage.

A Soldier Against All Odds compiles all his life events in an inspiring story of a life in uniform. Jason's brutal honesty on how he did it while disclosing many sacred secrets about his survival is unique and captivating. 

His straightforward account of one man's journey will inspire you and show you how to be resilient no matter what disadvantages and struggles may happen.

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