Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Living Well is the Best Revenge

Jacqueline Carlisle is the editor-in-chief/creative director of Thinkmag an online digital glossy for sustainable living.

Thinkmag is an online digital glossy for sustainable living featuring quality
craftsmanship in design and service for all facets of a greener lifestyle. Stunning global
editorials take you to beautiful destinations where reducing waste is paramount and
luxury is compulsory. 

Jacqueline overcame the effects of an abusive marriage and several deaths in her family by taking those negative events and creating something positive.

Her creations are a MUST see -- they are exquisite and all eco-friendly.

Providing a unique offering in all areas of sustainable travel, design, and wearable technology.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Everyone Has the Right to Be Understood

Dr Thomas Caulfield
Dr. Thomas Caulfield kept a secret journal for two decades which documented the legendary journey of his deaf son, Christopher, and his family's valiant attempts at helping Christopher be the best he could be.

That secret journal was kept to present to his son as a gift when he was older. Dr. Caulfield never imagined that this journal would someday help others learn from their experiences and help face their challenges.

As you listen to this interview realize that this is not an ordinary story of the struggles parents face when faced with devastating news about their child. This family and specifically their son Christopher is changing the world for people who are deaf. Amazing story: 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Finding Your Way After Losing the Love of Your Life

She Rode a Harley

Mary Jane Black is an author and a literacy specialist for the State of Texas. Her debut memoir tells her inspiring story of finding love later in life, in the midst of abuse and pain.

“She Rode a Harley” details the kick-ass adventures of a woman whose second husband, a biker since he was 13, taught her how to save herself by believing in her own strength, power, and individuality. Mary Jane writes courageously, as though her time spent riding Harleys has transferred to the page, with smooth, gliding transitions and powerful, engine-revving scenes.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Don't Let Your Disability Define You

Katherine Appelo is an Italian-American poet, blogger, and songwriter.  Her passion is to help others make a positive impact by using their talents even when they may be physically suffering from chronic illness.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

How To Live Life Like Animals Teach Us

Dr. Joanne Lefebvre is a veterinarian promoting intuitive medicine.  Dr. Joanne's first book, "Animal Teachings from Hayley's Angel's Methods" is a guide for better living for both animals and humans.  During her years of practice, she helped over 10,000 pets when it was their time to pass.  

She created a very successful in-home end of life care/euthanasia service and, sadly, became a prisoner of it.  The stress involved with watching so much anguish and suffering was overwhelming.  She fired herself and closed down the service.  She moved across the country to regain her balance and save her life -- the hardest challenge she ever faced.  

Thursday, September 19, 2019

How to Survive Your Greatest Challenge

Deborah (Deb) Brandon, PH.D., is a brain injury survivor.  She is also a professor in the Mathematical Sciences Department at Carnegie Mellow University.  Deb has raised awareness of and improved understanding of brain injury. 

Deb is an award-winning author of two books:  But My Brain Had Other Ideas:  A Memoir of Recovery from Brain Injury and Threads Around the World: From Arabian Weaving to Batik in Zimbabwe."

Deb's sheer stubbornness and determination got her through one of the greatest challenges anyone has ever encountered.  In her interview, she shares her secrets on how to realize your gains instead of your losses through any adversity.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

How To Live Life Like a Dog

Maureen Scanlon
Maureen Scanlon is the founder and CEO of Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching. She is a relationship expert, motivational speaker, and positive change integrator who has successfully helped people make positive changes to overcome past experiences and negative thinking.

Most people go through their daily routines oblivious to the beauty of life and others around them. They often do not realize the impact they have on the world -- and miss out on so much. 

Monday, August 19, 2019

Living in a World of Sexual Secrets

Patricia Eagle was thirteen when the sexual relationship with her father - a relationship that began when she was four years old -- ended. Patricia's journey is one of courage and hope as she finds the strength to see what was unseeable - and finally speaks the unspeakable to help herself and others.

For Patricia, shame became too great a burden. Not speaking up added to that weight. Sexual abuse is so prevalent - so many abused children, so many perpetrators injured in some way that leads them to inflict injury - and all this in our big world of secrets. How can anyone get help when we don't talk about this? Patricia decided to step into that pool of courageous survivors who have told their story. She believes that continuing to stay silent would have killed her.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

How to Counter the Lies You Tell Yourself

Tina Yaeger is an author, podcast host, licensed counselor, life coach, and a speaker with a passion for encouragement.  

Tina teaches how to bust through common
lies women believe and how to counter falsehoods.  A self-image makeover helps women identify the issues which handicap them and how to recognize and refute 
negative self-talk.  She will help you 
unlock the secrets to mental strength and 
to recognize common habits that can be 

Tina is 'wired' as an encourager and is passionate about helping others who struggle with low self-worth.  As a young teenager, 
she felt unlovable which led to an eating disorder that lasted into her college years.  

During her third year of college, still in the grip of the eating disorder, she was assaulted 
and has vivid memories of shuffling along the gutter, leading to death after this attack. 

In her interview she discusses:
  • the key ways to identify a lie
  • specific lies about femininity and significance
  • how to counter falsehoods

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Do You Want to Be the One Who Starts the Chain Reaction?

Darrick T. Miller Jr. is an author and motivational speaker who is reaching his generation -- black male and female millennials. His books are written with a two-fold purpose. First to inspire hope and faith to a generation of men and women who feel there is little hope for them. And, secondly, to anyone who wants to understand and relate with millennials.
No matter what your age or race, Darrick has tremendous insight and passion to help others. His message: DARE TO BE YOU! and Do NOT allow circumstances to change you. Each of us can benefit from Darrick's books and this interview.

Darrick's books are designed to guide and direct you as well as ignite your dreams despite any negative circumstances, age, or race. He discusses subjects that are taboo in many circles - but desperately need to be shared.
Darrick believes that each of us has a message that can make an impact. All we need to do is find our gifts and calling.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

How Do You Deal with Accidental Death of Your Fiance

fourteen day engagement

Natalie Jenkins is from a small town in Kentucky.  She has a bachelor's degree in foreign languages and enjoys writing.  A simple life that she planned to share with the love of her life.  She got engaged and 14 days later, her fiance was killed.  

Her story begins with his death.  Not only did she have to cope with her grief but his accidental death was covered up by the authorities because it was a policeman who killed him.  

Saturday, June 15, 2019

No Matter How Bad Things Seem, You Can Overcome

Terry Tucker
Terry Tucker has had many challenging jobs during the course of his career including a SWAT Team hostage negotiator ….. but his greatest challenge was a personal one.  Terry’s story of overcoming this incredible challenge will encourage you on many levels.  Terry is an author, a motivational speaker and his blog, Motivational Check, has daily posts of inspiration.

During his time in law enforcement and over my years of battling cancer, Terry has seen many people die. He noticed that the people who died peacefully were the ones who were able to find their purpose and live it. Conversely, the people who begged for more time and fought their demise, where those who had never done much with their lives. In many cases, these people never even looked for their purpose.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Learning How to Stay Focused on the End Goal

Ken Rupert is an educator, a strategist, a life coach, a 2nd-degree Financial Black Belt and the author of The Financial Black Belt Academy’s Financial Self-Defense Training Manual as well as the Financial Self-Defense Training program.
As a first generation, self-made millionaire, Ken has built his wealth by practicing the financial strategies he developed and teaches.
His innovative financial wellness program is designed to empower others to succeed financially.
Ken always held onto the belief that things would work out. He uses what he has learned in helping people in his coaching practice by providing hope that anyone can overcome their financial struggles.
Learning how to stay focused on the end goal
Despite the noise and chaos of the current environment
Helps maintain a level of HOPE

Friday, June 7, 2019

How to Tolerate Narcissism in a Partner

Lost in the Reflecting Pool
Dr. Diane Pomerantz is a clinical psychologist who has been in practice working with children, adolescents, and adults in the Baltimore, Maryland area for over 35 years.

She has done extensive work in the area of trauma and child abuse and research in the area of personality development of abused children.

She currently runs Healing Through Writing groups in her practice. She is a breast cancer survivor and has two grown children.

She and her shaggy dog, Rug, live amidst tall trees on the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland.

Jacquelyn Mitchard, New York Times Best-Selling Author says "Diane Pomerantz's story of a punishing marriage may be an often-told tale, but she has a majestic talent for conjuring emotion and compelling the reader with an authentic and heartbreaking story."

Monday, May 27, 2019

How To Survive Extreme Trauma and 2 Heart Transplants

Christophe Lafontant was a healthy little boy who had a near death experience due to sudden complete heart failure and blockage at the age of six years old.  He has survived pacemaker implantation, TWO heart transplants, diabetes, dialysis treatment, a kidney transplant, a tracheostomy, and other life-altering procedures.

Christophe's autobiography, 1 Man, 3 Hearts, 9 Lives, is an inspiration to anyone who may be facing a nightmare of their own.  It is also a great read with all 5-star reviews.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Learning How to Rewire the Autistic Brain

Anita Lesko was a guest speaker at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC for World Autism Awareness Day.  Anita Lesko is an award-winning author and speaker.  She has a Master's of Science degree in nurse anesthesia specializing in neurosurgery, organ transplants, trauma/burns, and joint replacement surgery for the past three decades.    

She is on the panel of the Autism Spectum with the Autism Society of America.  She is a certified life coach specializing in the Autism Life Skills Coaching, Intgrative Health and Wellness Coaching and Halth Care Professional Coaching, and Executive/Corporate Coaching.

Anita Lesko

Using visualization since childhood, Anita Lesko re-wired her autistic brain which enabled her to fit into the mainstream with a successful career, happy marriage, and fulfilling life.  She is about to change the lives of millions on the autism spectrum.  

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Determine That It Does Not Need to Be Over!

Lawrence Berger is a self-made entrepreneur who has survived eight car accidents and seven suicide attempts.  

Despite the trauma, Lawrence has been able to change his focus and his life.  He is a motivational speaker, author of eight books, five feature-length movies, two 'shorts,' wrote (and sold) a TV pilot.  He went from severely depressed to being a mentor, speaker, author, playwright, and nationally renowned poet.

He has taught multiple educational seminars sharing his secrets from a thirty-year sales career. Lawrence's self-help guide is used as a college text and he has also written nine poetry books.

If you know anyone who has struggled with depression, they need to hear Larry's story.  

Lawrence is a survivor!  Period! 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Determination Can Make You Unstoppable

Matt Rifenberg has a remarkable story of resilience, tenacity, and success. When
Cathy Goguen, an award-winning playwright heard his story she knew it would make a
great play. Together they produced that play with an incredible message.
Unstoppable by Design.
Matt Rifenberg and Cathy Goguen

Matt has been homeless, friendless, hungry, married to someone addicted to drugs, a
clueless father trying to raise his son, and had a brain tumor. He was terrified of what might
happen as a penniless, unemployed man without direction.

Currently, Matt is employed by the government engineering the destruction of chemical
weapons -- well-respected and successful in that community.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

How to Never Quit Climbing to Reach What Appears as Unattainable

Climbing life's mountains
Gary Sinclair is an author of three books, leadership coach, musician, and speaker.  With a master's degree in counseling, he provides wisdom, inspiration and practical help to overcome insurmountable mountains.  He has climbed nine 14,000-foot mountains but overcame even higher ones in his personal life.

Most people face hopeless situations of some degree in their lives - financial, grief and loss, relationship struggles, work issues, etc.  Often these summits seem impossible to reach but Gary applies the same principles to overcoming these problems with actual mountain climbing.  His insight is noteworthy.

His wife was faced with a three-stage cancer diagnosis and they were able to overcome that life-threatening experience and pass on their wisdom to us.  He explores perseverance, pushing through weariness, and the importance of taking one step at a time.

Important life lessons related to mountain climbing:

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Hold On to the Good and Never Let Go

Lisa Kohn is the author of To The Moon and Back which is a term often associated with love.  But for Lisa, it had a much deeper meaning.  Lisa grew up in the East Village of New York City in the 1970s and in the Unification Church (the Moonies). 

Lisa was raised in two conflicting worlds. Her mother's world was the fanatical, puritanical cult of the Moonies.  Her father's world was based on sex and drugs in the East Village of New York City.

In her interview, she shares how she escaped the lifestyle that almost destroyed her. She was anorexic, addicted to cocaine and engaged to an alcoholic. Today she has a successful leadership consulting and coaching practice and is blessed with a happy marriage of over twenty years and two amazing children.

Listen as she shares her amazing transformation, what she learned, and how she offers hope to anyone struggling with self-destruction and esteem issues. 

Most of us know someone who has been swept into a world of addiction or poor choices which can be destructive.  You don't want to miss hearing Lisa's story of how she escaped what she calls "brain pickling" instead of brainwashing:

Saturday, March 9, 2019

How to Stay Calm Through a Life-Threatening Diagnosis

Crystal Duffy is an author, public speaker, teacher, parent advisor in the NICU and Mom to three daughters including a set of identical twins. Her high-risk pregnancy with her twin girls incited her writing career.

After surviving a two-month bed-rest extended NICU stay, high-risk twin pregnancy, and two-time near-death experience, Crystal was emotionally, physically, and spiritually transformed by her medical trauma. She wanted to share her “Emotional Tale of Empowerment” and inspire other families navigating through a similar journey with a message of strength, encouragement, and hope.

She has connected with thousands of families with her patient advocacy work and on her social media handles through her writing. Her essays on parenting have been featured in Woman’s World Magazine, Brain Child Magazine, and Twiniversity where she is a senior staff writer and teacher. She is thrilled for the launch of her forthcoming book Twin to Twin

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How to Find Love on Craigslist

How does a 62-year-old woman who's never been married find happiness with a two-time widower seeking his third wife on . . . Craigslist!? Does she throw caution to the wind and relinquish her freedom, or should she take a crash course in compromises?

B. Lynn Goodwin owns Writer Advice, Her memoir, Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife at 62 was released in December.  It was a National Indie Excellence Award Winner and a two-category finalist at Next Generation Indie Book Awards. In addition, she has written You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers and Talent, which was short-listed for a Literary Light box Award, won a bronze medal in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards and was a finalist for a Sarton Women’s Book Award.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

You Can Overcome Your Past and Realize Your Dreams

Orly Amor is an internationally known speakerbusiness coach for public speakersNetworking Expert and author of several books. A visionary and a connector, Orly is passionate about helping people connect and build strategic alliances and their sphere of influence.

Orly Amor always enjoyed speaking and helping people change their 

lives and impact their circle of influence no matter where they are.  In property management for 25 years, she quickly established herself as a Subject
Matter Expert; publishing two books.  But she was not satisfied with the impact
she was making and wanted to increase it.

In 2006, Orly was asked to share at a woman's shelter but she declined.  They insisted and she relentlessly agreed.  It was there she met a woman who wanted to end her life but after hearing Orly's message she wanted to change her life and live it to the fullest.  This is the impact that Orly wanted to make for people.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Do Mistakes of Your Past Define Your Present?

Running from Fear
Thad Cummings went from having a family,  a seven figure net worth, multiple businesses and a non-profit to being broke, family-less and facing death.  As he lie staring up at a ceiling in an empty apartment with a cell-phone that was now silent, he wondered where it all went wrong.

In his interview, Thad answers questions like:

What to do when the phone goes silent? 

What is more important -- proving you are right or the other person is wrong?

What does 'redefining enough' mean?

How do you measure success?