Sunday, June 9, 2019

Learning How to Stay Focused on the End Goal

Ken Rupert is an educator, a strategist, a life coach, a 2nd-degree Financial Black Belt and the author of The Financial Black Belt Academy’s Financial Self-Defense Training Manual as well as the Financial Self-Defense Training program.
As a first generation, self-made millionaire, Ken has built his wealth by practicing the financial strategies he developed and teaches.
His innovative financial wellness program is designed to empower others to succeed financially.
Ken always held onto the belief that things would work out. He uses what he has learned in helping people in his coaching practice by providing hope that anyone can overcome their financial struggles.
Learning how to stay focused on the end goal
Despite the noise and chaos of the current environment
Helps maintain a level of HOPE

You will want to listen to this interview more than once -- it is packed with information to help you to realize financial success and independence

The Financial Black Belt’s Financial Self-Defense Program 
This innovative financial wellness program provides the knowledge necessary to be financially successful, and the strategic path upon which knowledge can be applied, and provides the predictive actions required to achieve the strategic goals set forth in the program. Those who internalize the lessons taught here will gain competency in financial matters, have a broader understanding about economic drivers, have a written strategic goal for life, make better financial decisions and will be better positioned to build wealth. The Financial Black Belt’s Financial Self-Defense Program was developed over 25 years using strategic planning skills and life-tested financial literacy. 

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