Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Did You Know that When You Create Your Habits - Your Habits Create Your Life?

Can You Change from a Victim to a Victor Mentality?

Adam Lucero was stabbed in the throat, arms, and chest by a stranger in a movie theatre. He survived but was living off tubes. If you unplugged them, you unplugged his life. He was grateful to be alive but his body was decaying to the point where his legs did not work. His muscles were evaporating and his cognitive function was compared to a third grader's.

This experience forced Adam to learn how to optimize his performance or quit on his potential in life. He is currently running a business empowering entrepreneurs and motivational-driven people through nutrition, fitness, habit, mindset, and more.

Stabbed in the throat

Adam chose NOT to quit: and he will give you tools to help you easily and permanently escape the vicious cycle and declare that you are going to change your actions and your life. Period.

Adam designed a program called 1:1 which gives you the tools for a mindset of doing rather than hoping to do....someday but then you run into resistance and face nagging internal battles and tell yourself, "I'll do it tomorrow or next week."

"I'm going to work out and eat healthy".....someday.
Adam Lucero

"I'm going to hammer out my to-do list.".....someday.

Self-sabotage becomes a way of life, and years pass by without making any progress. Sound familiar?

His near-death theatre experience catapulted him into a new life that he could not have imagined. You will love and relate to Adam's story:


Website   The website shares a video about Adam's story, case studies, and the opportunity to work with him 1:1 





Wednesday, March 20, 2024

How to Recreate the Journey You Never Took and Stop Going the Wrong Way

With his trusty Moto Guzzi Le Mans as his companion, Chris Donaldson set out to explore the world, leaving behind a city torn apart by sectarian violence. As he travels across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, he encounters a cast of characters that will change his life forever.  

Chris was the UK Master Franchisor for a fitness company, developed a health and fitness franchise, and a mobile app company in Dubai where he lived for eight years with his family on a forty-seven-foot yacht.

As Chris navigates the challenges and joys of the open road, he learns important lessons about perseverance, friendship, and the importance of following one's dreams.

His memoir, "Going the Wrong Way" is not just a travel memoir but a story about finding oneself amid chaos and the transformative power of travel.

His story will motivate and challenge you to never give up and you will realize your goals.

Come with Chris Donaldson on this roller-coaster ride of self-discovery, and you will not be disappointed as there is a near-death experience around every corner! Over 40,000 miles (not counting 10,000 more crewing on an ocean-going racing yacht) through 33 countries - there are enough harum-scarum life lessons to keep you listening on!

All along the way, there are formidable roadblocks: trigger-happy boy soldiers with AK-47s in war-torn Africa, the Sahara Desert, the Andes, waves the size of Everest that threaten to sweep him overboard, hepatitis E in South America, and PTSD when he got home - and that's only the half of it.

This odyssey, seen through the eyes of someone in their early 20s, fresh for the Belfast troubles and lived out in the early 1980s, is raw in its exposure but thoughtful in its deliberations and revealing about the regimes and cultures it passes through.


Friday, March 1, 2024

How to Go From Adversity to Victory

Bryan Charleau’s story is one that many of us can relate to because of adversity and disappointments. Bryan transferred schools to pursue his athletic dreams but had to deal with back-to-back ACL tears within six months.

His struggles with having to step away from his athletic dreams and find a new identity put him into a very dark place but……. That was then. Today he shares how he turned those struggles into success and is now a mentor to those who want to achieve in every area of their lives.  

Is a career in sales for you or are you overridden with self-doubt, excuses, and negativity? Maybe you shudder at the thought of leaving your comfort zone.  Bryan will show you how to turn that around and lead by example.

In Bryan's interview, he shared his guidebook to a career in sales including the fears to overcome, setting goals, planning and motivation, and how his techniques are for everyone wanting to succeed.

Pitching Sales


Outwork, Outperform, and Outsell

If you have been led to the sales profession but don't know where to start or who to turn to, Pitching Sales! is more than just a beginner's guide; it is a literary mentorship for all new professionals entering a career in sales.

Pitching Sales! is meant for the young professional just finishing school and looking to define themself, for the struggling student trying to find a job to pay their tuition, for the individual who has heard about the opportunities of commissioned income, and for those looking to master the basic principles of sales to accelerate their career trajectory.

Like every sales professional, Bryan Charleau had to pursue this career the hard way, which, according to the workforce, is "the only way." Based on what he had to endure on his journey to success, Charleau presents insightful ways on how you can connect the dots much faster than he did, allowing you to perpetuate the highs and soften the lows and allowing you to recognize that at the beginning, you do not need to navigate sales on your own.

With real-world experiences, expert insight, and a few anecdotes, Bryan Charleau walks you through what it takes to succeed in one of the most competitive professions, sales. Learn habits, techniques, and targeted efforts that will lay the foundation for early success and expedited growth.

With no clear road map, many struggle to achieve success, and even fewer sustain it. Pitching Sales! will act as your comprehensive guide, helping you turn sales into a career and ensure your hard work pays off.

Learn how to:

  • Align your expectations for your new profession.
  • Tailor your applications and prepare for interviews.
  • Understand different commission structures.
  • Foster the proper mindset needed to be a sales professional.
  • Recognize obstacles in your sales development.
  • Learn and implement lasting habits needed to excel in sales.
  • Discover how to motivate, and re-motivate, yourself.
  • Plan your next steps to success.

If you are looking to kick start your sales career or push your career forward, let this book pitch you on sales!