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What is the Best Way to Find Healing in Your Brokenness?

Marlena Fiol, PhD. is a globally recognized author, scholar, and speaker. She explores the depths of who we are and what is possible in our lives. Her significant body of publications on the topic, coupled with her own raw identity-changing experiences, makes her uniquely qualified to write about personal transformational change. She holds an MBA and a PhD. in Strategic Management and has taught on the faculties of New York University and the University of Colorado. 

Marlena's mission is to share true stories of survival against all odds to inspire us to become the most authentic versions of ourselves.

In her interview, she shares her journey from an abusive upbringing in Paraguay to love and loss in the United States and finally on to forgiveness and reconciliation. Marlena was physically abused as a child, sexually abused as a teenager, disowned by her father, and banned from participating in her Mennonite church -- all before her 18th birthday.

And that is only the beginning of her amazing story:

Marlena Fiol

After being publicly humiliated in front of her entire close-knit Mennonite community, Marlena Fiol did not know how she would recover. 

Discover a story of healing and personal transformation. Marlena's childhood was full of contradictions. Her father was both a heroic doctor for people with leprosy and an abusive parent. Her Mennonite missionary community was both a devoted tribe and a controlling society. And Marlena longed to be accepted in Paraguay and to escape to somewhere new. In Nothing Bad Between Us, follow Marlena's journey as she takes control of her life and learns to be her authentic self, scars, and imperfections included.

Uncover inner peace―and inner strength.  Nothing Bad Between Us is a story of brokenness and eventual redemption that taps into our collective yearning for healing and forgiveness. As you read Marlena's story, you will:

·         Learn how to forgive yourself and others without giving up your personal growth and self-confidence

·         Discover that transformation and redemption often exist even in the most broken parts of who you are

·         Find out how to stand in your power, knowing that vulnerability will not lead to your downfall, but to increase, courage, connection, and authenticity


Readers of memoirs about family, self-healing, and the strength of a woman like The Glass CastleLove Warrior, and Leaving the Witness will be captivated by Nothing Bad Between Us. 

Marlena Fiol, PhD. is a globally recognized author, scholar, and speaker. She explores the depths of who we are and what is possible in our lives.  Against the backdrop of World War 11, Nazi uprisings, political unrest in Argentina and Paraguay, and the scourge of leprosy left untreated, Dr. John and Clark Schmidt vow to live a life of service what cost?

Based on true events that span six decades, CALLED is an epic tale of adventure and love that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit. 

Three Lives Inextricable Intertwined:

A handsome physician obsessed with caring for the underserved

A shy and devout Mennonite nurse

And an Argentine revolutionary

Marlena Fiol

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

If Change is Inevitable How we embrace it Determines our Contraction or Expansion

"Change is inevitable. How we embrace it determines our contraction or expansion." -- Dr. Lin Morel

Dr. Lin spent her childhood suffering from neglect, emotional abuse, familial alcoholism, and mentally ill caregivers. 

Change is inevitable

Dr. Lin managed her challenges by developing hypersensitivity as a coping mechanism. Life changed when she began practicing martial arts at 15. Within a short period of time, she started teaching. Dr. Lin developed confidence, moved out at 17 for safety, worked part-time jobs through college, and sought refuge in work and education.

During that time she grew her martial arts skills and fell in love with another martial arts enthusiast. After 13 years the relationship turned toxic and abusive due to mental illness. Dr. Lin found the courage to divorce.

She fell in love again and was happily married for three years. Then in the span of a year, her mother and husband died in separate accidents, and her home and retreat center burned down.

She was single and devastated and her past family trauma finally began to surface. After 12 years of intense healing from trauma, she was blessed with the love of her life and they spent eight happy years together before his passing.

Twelve years later, she married a long-time friend and the love of her life.

During her interview, Dr. Lin shares how we can overcome trauma, find love, and the intense pain and loneliness trauma can create in each of us.

Dr. Lin Morel

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Dr. Lin's powerful and heartwarming book, The Grace of Love, is an eternal love story, and an intimate and revealing look at the depth of love expressed in two souls uniting.

This true tale inspires and teaches the way through trauma into authentic love. It's the perfect read for those who have loved and lost, those struggling to believe love is possible for them, those who have been wounded by love, as well as the hopeless romantics!


Dr. Lin

has been included in Marquis Who's Who. As in all Marquis Who's Who biographical volumes, individuals profiled are selected on the basis of the current reference value. Factors such as position, noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in a field are all taken into account during the selection process.

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Would You Like to Know the Last Diet You Will Ever Need?

Cast Your Vote for the Person You Are Becoming

The Million Dollar Body Method Will Be The Last “Diet” You Ever Need. You may be thinking this is just one more expert talking about weight loss. You are in for a major surprise!

Nate helps people get into the best shape of their lives using simple training & nutrition frameworks and without tracking a single calorie.

Nate Palmer is a fitness and nutrition expert, coach, speaker, and writer who believes that being in incredible shape gives a massive advantage in business, focus, and relationships. He will inspire you to make easy changes in your life that will make a huge difference.


Nate Palmer is a dad, husband, and the number one bestselling author of The Million Dollar Body Method and Passport Fitness.

During his interview you will learn:

  • Why breakfast is TRULY the most important meal of the day, and how it can improve your performance across the board
  • What three pieces are INTEGRAL in a morning routine if you want high performance
  • Calories aren’t just calories, they are communication
  • Mindset and changing your state with the words you use
  • Building a nutrition framework by doing a diet
  • Why being Insulin resistant is killing you slowly.
  • What is "performance eating" and why is it critical for entrepreneurs?
  • How do you know if you need a detox from sugar?
  • What's the secret weapon for fat loss?


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to do it all - tons of energy, great relationships, flourishing business, while having a body to match?


They eat the right things. At the right times.

It's not a secret. In fact, it's probably the least complicated nutritional strategy on the planet.

But why have you never heard of the Million Dollar Body Method and Glycogen Priming before?

The answer is that the people who use this style of eating for years with amazing success don't even think of it as a diet -- just as "normal eating." In his tell-all book, Nate Palmer takes on the fitness industry's absurd standards and impossible "diets" and puts them to bed with a simple-to-follow 28-day program that will completely reshape your body, your energy, and your relationship with food...forever.

You will learn:

  • Exactly How to Lean Down to 10-15% Body Fat with EASE
  • The Perfect Training Routine to Burn Fat on the Lower Abs and Love Handles
  • ​How to Feel Like You Have Superhuman Focus All Day
  • The Most Enjoyable & Satisfying Diet to get lean & Still Enjoy Life
  • ​How to Maintain Your Physical Results 24/7 and 365 Days a Year
  • The Joy of Building a Body and Mental Focus that will Keep You Lean for Life



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Website and Million Dollar Body Method   

Website and Training Method  


Saturday, October 29, 2022

How Important is it to Know Your History?

After a happy marriage of 34 years and two children, Barbara Mojica’s husband decided he wanted an open marriage so he could have a dual life with a younger woman. She filed for divorce, picked up the pieces, met and married her soul mate, and carved out a new life as an author and mentor.

Barbara Ann Mojica has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Degrees in History as well as graduate certifications in school supervision and administration from C W Post College, Long Island University.

Barbara has been a lifelong educator in the fields of early childhood and special education, having spent 40 years as a teacher, principal, and school district administrator.

Barbara currently authors historical articles under her banner Passages for The Columbia Insider and is writing her own award-winning children’s book series Little Miss HISTORY.

We are all history-makers. It is impossible to understand what is happening today if we do not understand how we got here. Yesterday plus today equal tomorrow. My motto is “If you don’t understand your history, you don’t know what you’re talking about." -- Barbara Mojica

In her interview, Barbara shares her 
mission to prepare children to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and responsible members of a community that will include the leaders of tomorrow.

The Little Miss HISTORY book series has garnered more than two dozen awards including B.R.A.G. Medallions, International Book Excellence Awards, International Readers; Favorite Awards, Eric Hoffer, and Independent Author Network Awards.

My main objective is to raise awareness of the message in my books and to offer my teaching resources to parents and teachers. I would like to extend invitations for school visits and speaking opportunities.











Do You Love Budgeting and Giving Up the Things You Love to Save More?

Do you love budgeting and giving up the things you love to save more?


Does the lack of funds cause you to stress? If so, you are not alone.


When Gordon Stein lost his executive role, he owed $555,000, had three young children, and was looking for a new high-tech executive role in the middle of the “tech wreck” recession in the early 2000s.


In his interview, Gordon will share his CASHFLOW COOKBOOK - $2 million of financial freedom in 60 easy recipes.

  • The shocking state of financial wellness
  • The 10-minute first step to build wealth
  • The one number to track to build wealth
  • Why budgeting can limit your wealth
  • How to add $1 Million to your wealth in 10 hours of work
  • The easy way to streamline your banking


Gordon Stein is an international keynote speaker, blogger, personal finance expert, and author of Cashflow Cookbook - $2 Million of Financial Freedom in 60 Easy Recipes. He delivers transformational talks that help people crush their number one stress – their finances.  


His mission is to improve financial wellness and help us regain focus, balance, and joy in our lives. Gordon combines his trademark wit and no-BS style to speak with employee and association groups, financial advisors,, and the media about a breakthrough path to financial wellness with no risk, minimal effort, minimal sacrifice, and no budgeting.

Cashflow Cookbook delivers financial freedom without budgets or sacrifice

It’s never been more important than right now to learn some essential recipes on how to free up cash flow and increase your savings. Cashflow Cookbook provides more than your traditional money-saving tips we’ve all heard a million times before, but instead creative techniques and detailed action steps on how to improve your financial present and future one dollar at a time.

Cashflow Cookbook ends the struggle between saving for the future or enjoying life now. It’s the book that lets you do both! 

If you have read other personal finance books, you have likely learned about automatically saving 10% of your income, setting a budget, and investing your money in blue-chip stocks and bonds. Which is great if you have some money to invest. Or if you enjoy budgeting. Or if you can break deep-seated financial habits.

Cashflow Cookbook offers a new approach. It offers easy recipes that anyone can use to painlessly reduce their spending in every category including housing, transportation, food, household, lifestyle, and finances. With minimal effort and sacrifice. And then apply those savings to debt reduction or incremental investment. All as easy as, well, following a recipe.

This is the book that lets you:

  • Move past your money stress
  • Stop overpaying for every kind of bill and expense
  • End the hassles of monthly budgeting
  • Eliminate money fights with your partner
  • Quit the hassle of living paycheck to paycheck
  • Cease the endless worry about your retirement

Gordon’s approach starts with easy savings ideas that don’t impact emotional needs. Each recipe takes between 10 minutes and a couple of hours to implement and can save between $25 and $900 a month. Each. Investing those savings at 7% can provide more than $700,000 of wealth over 10 years for a single person and over $2,000,000 for a family. In total, the ideas offer $13,000 of monthly savings ideas. Yes, really.

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Do You Know How to Unlock Hope When Life Seems Hopeless?

In 2013, Colleen Murphy's daughter, Lauren, was hit by a car and suffered severe brain damage. This is a miracle story you do NOT want to miss. 

Murphys Don't Quit

Colleen Murphy is a wife, mother of seven, author, and public speaker. 

Tragedy struck Colleen’s family when her second oldest daughter, Lauren, was hit by a car and suffered severe brain damage. Colleen’s main focus became helping piece Lauren back together again. With the help of specialists from all over the country, her family and friends, as well as her strong faith, she was able to do just that. 

Do You Know How to Unlock Hope When Life Seems Hopeless?

Today, Colleen and Lauren speak together as a team, inspiring thousands of people by sharing the details of Lauren’s tragic accident, never-give-up attitude, and miraculous recovery.

Colleen shares this raw, incredible story in her interview and how to unlock hope -- when life seems hopeless:

"There are several low points in the book but one that stands out was when Lauren was an inpatient at RIC and they sent her to Northwestern Hospital for a CT scan, the nurse at RIC did not stay with her.

Lauren was still medically fragile, and I was inept at caring for her. She had C-diff and I had to try and clean her without help. Once I finished, she began vomiting and I had to launch myself across the metal bars of the bed to try and hold her head up, so she didn’t choke. I was soaked in vomit and scared. A while later the doctor finally came in to give me the findings of the CT scans and to let me know that Lauren would need a fourth brain surgery.

Suddenly the fact that I was soaked with vomit through my bra, was freezing, and had a bag full of diarrhea-covered clothes seemed rather insignificant."

Do You Know How to Unlock Hope When Life Seems Hopeless?

Murphys Don’t Quit is a story of hope and resilience as one family rallies together during a tragedy.

Colleen Murphy's daughter, Lauren, suffered severe brain damage after a tragic accident. Lauren remained in the hospital unidentified for several hours, she was not expected to survive. This story is a raw, honest account of the pitfalls and challenges a family faces while navigating life through brain injury.

Murphys Don’t Quit shows how one family combined a never-give-up attitude with faith, hope, and love. Throughout the chapters, readers see not just the highs, but the heartbreaking lows.

Never quit

Due to the family’s Irish wit, humor often diffuses the devastating subject matter. Through the many grueling hours of therapy and by visiting specialists all over the country, Lauren was able to find her way back to a life filled with purpose and is now a highly sought-after inspirational public speaker.






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How Do You Rise to the Challenge of Adopting Special Needs Children?

Children should feel unconditionally valued and accepted regardless of birth circumstance, race, or ability— Trisha Campbell and her family rose to this challenge and adopted five hungry orphans.


Trisha had three biological children but decided to ignore the stigma of white families adopting multi-racial children. 

They found their FOREVER FAMILY

Trisha K. Campbell is a mother, author, and advocate. After questioning her faith and volunteering in a third-world country, Trisha realized her true calling and God’s purpose for her life. A blended family with several special needs children came with many challenges.

During her interview, Trisha shares the pain, struggle, setbacks, and rewards of adopting and caring for a transracial family.

Multi-racial adoption

Get Your Copy Now

Life in a big, transracial family can be difficult, especially when many in society don’t think White families should adopt kids of color. But when God is in the lead, every day is an adventure—never lonely, never boring.

A heartfelt memoir of God’s grand design for her life purpose, Eight Was Enough chronicles a devoted Christian parent’s journey in trusting God with unwavering faith to create a divinely inspired, transracial family. Full of spiritual insight for parents on their own adoption or fostering adventure, this true story will guide you through the sometimes difficult but always rewarding and adventurous path of adding a child to your home—and your heart.

You’ll discover:

  • How to find your purpose in parenting, the saving love of God, and truth of the scripture.

  • Multilayered challenges faced by parents during the adoption and foster care process.

  • Encouraging guidance for the unique difficulties of raising a boy or girl with special needs.

  • Relatable, amusing anecdotes collected while raising eight kids—because they say and do the darnedest things and sometimes you just need a laugh!

  • Creative parenting advice to handle discipline, difficult topics, tantrums, chores, and more.

A family is created through love and God’s purpose, not color or ability. Get Eight Was Enough now for the inspiration and hope to answer the calling on your own parenting adventure, no matter what comes your way.

Trisha shares more of her experience, insights, and encouragement in her Facebook group, A Dose of Hope with Adopted and Special Needs Kids. Learn more at





Sunday, September 25, 2022

How Do You Function When You Were Raised in a Dysfunctional Family?

How do you build a healthy relationship with your family when you grew up in a dysfunctional one? Are you ready to create that life and family you dream and desire? Would you like to know how to break off generational dysfunction? 

Phylis Mantelli is the author of the book Unmothered - Life with a Mom who Couldn't Love Me. She is a coach, mentor, speaker, and passionate advocate for helping women break off generational dysfunction. 


Through all the mess, even in her own journey of trials and mistakes, Phylis breaks through the pain and replaces it with the heart of a daughter who loves her mom unconditionally until her mom's passing in 2007.

After a failed marriage and the death of her baby boy, Phylis believed she did not deserve a happy life and family. She was broken. But she found her WORTH and can help you find yours too.

Your determination and life survival skills only last so long - Phylis shares how you can love unconditionally and overcome the pain of the past.

Phylis offers a six-week Patience and Grace Coaching course to help you create the family life you deserve and desire

Here is her remarkable story of the roller coaster journey of life with an alcoholic mother. She now coaches people on how to love unconditionally and overcome the pain of the past. 

In her memoir Unmothered, popular blogger and speaker Phylis Mantelli takes the reader on her roller-coaster journey of life with her alcoholic and narcissistic mother. 


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Phylis and her two siblings never know what to expect from their mom. The mom who bakes homemade chocolate chip cookies with hugs and smiles, or a raging, screaming mother who mocks and belittles them. The mom who cooks dinner, says a Hail Mary and promises she will do better, or the drunk mother who brings men home from bars and leads them to her daughters' room to show them off. Phylis just wants a mom who loves her and wants the best for her, but that mom rarely makes an appearance.

Though it breaks her heart to leave her baby sister behind, Phylis moves out of her mother's house as soon as she is able, hoping one day she will find the family of her dreams. 

What she discovers are more nightmares. Through it all, God never stops his pursuit of Phylis, and though she would like nothing more than to turn her back on her mother, every time her mom reaches out, Phylis takes her hand. 

By God's grace, Phylis eventually breaks through the pain and replaces it with a heart of a daughter who loves her mom unconditionally. Unmothered is a surprising memoir that offers hope and encouragement to those struggling with dysfunctional family relationships.

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