Thursday, May 25, 2023

Do You Feel Invisible, Unnoticed? Of Little Value to Others?

Have you felt lonely? Left out? Less than?  Have you ever wanted to blend in with the wallpaper so you were not noticed? Do you know how to connect with other people who fill your heart rather than drain your soul?

Cheri Strange

If yes to any of these questions - Then you will relate with Cheri Strange who turned that loneliness into helping over 700,000 women redefine their worth.

Cheri is a published author, national speaker, a visionary of She Yearns Ministries and a mom to eight children.

Everyone wants to belong and feel loved. But what happens when we get passed over, left out, or seem invisible? How do you make new friends, navigate drama, and enjoy authentic connections?

Book Trailer

Start enjoying the woman God created you to be and leave the invisible you behind

What Cheri thought was a problem for her is currently impacting half the population and on some points, a  majority. Her journey which spans a decade, will give you a plan to save yourself from detours, derailments, and missteps.

Cheri shares some exciting ways to help you realize your self-worth, thrive in your community and enhance the world around you. 

Cheri Strange

Can You See Me Now? reveals how you were handpicked by God to express love, thrive in the community, and enhance the world around you. Cheri Strange’s scriptural approach combined with captivating stories will show you how to:

• Cultivate the courage to connect with others
• Find people who fill your heart rather than drain your soul
• Counter the nay-sayers who prefer you remain quiet
• Kiss goodbye to the old tendencies to blend into the wallpaper


Thursday, May 18, 2023

How Could A Father be Transformed by the Life of a Child?

As a parent, how would you respond when told that your young son had severe hearing loss along with other symptoms eliminating his quality of life?

When Jeff Seitzer was younger, he thought he was struck with bad luck. He had encephalitis at age four leaving him with major residual effects. At ten years old he was in an accident that left him partially disabled and as a teenager was diagnosed with a congenital nerve disease that put him into leg braces. Did it stop there? No.

His son was born with major internal organ defects and severe hearing loss and was tragically killed in an accident. 

Later in life, he began to see how responding to such life challenges helped him grow as a person. Hyperactivity from encephalitis prompted him to be very active, which made him not prone to depression despite many life setbacks. The mental and physical disciplines he developed in response to encephalitis and the degenerative condition helped him not only achieve a lot personally and professionally but made him an effective caregiver for his son's special needs.

The Fun Master

As a caregiver and stay-at-home dad, Jeff learned how to put others' needs ahead of his own.
Accounts of Jeff's on-the-job training as a caregiver and stay-at-home dad have appeared in the Omaha World-Herald, Adoptive Families Magazine, and many others.

As an award-winning teacher, he has authored a number of books on law and philosophy and now teaches at Roosevelt and Loyola Universities.

His interview is compelling, heart-warming (and heart-wrenching), and encouraging for anyone who has been a caregiver.

"Our son Ethan and I shared a special moment just before he underwent emergency surgery as a newborn. Standing at his bedside, feeling helpless, I prattled on about some issue in German philosophy while he held one of my fingers tightly in his only free hand.  
When someone arrived to conduct a preoperative test on his heart, I stepped out for a moment but was called back almost immediately. Ethan had become so agitated, they could not continue. He calmed right down again when I placed my finger in his wee hand and resumed my monologue. At that moment, I felt like he had chosen me to take care of him. I will be forever grateful to him that in my hour of need, he chose me."
Jeff Seitzer



Compassionate new memoir proves kids are our best teachers

Stay-at-home dad shares the powerful story of how

his special needs son changed his outlook on life – for the better

A self-involved academic struggling to cope with his own neurological problems, Jeff could hardly take care of himself, let alone a child with special needs, when his son, Ethan, was born. But despite multiple surgeries, hospitalizations, serious breathing and swallowing problems, hearing loss, and a challenging social environment in his first months of life, Ethan thrived—all the while teaching Jeff to take things as they came. And eight years later, the arrival from China of adopted baby sister Penelope took Jeff's on-the-job training to a whole new level.

Ethan's instinct for fun proved the perfect complement to Jeff's determination to live life fully. He died too young, but not before he, Penelope, and their mother, Janet, taught Jeff that the true path to happiness was putting other people's needs before his own—and living in the moment rather than trying to control it.

“About coping, self-sacrifice, and loss, The Fun Master is a moving memoir by a father who was transformed by his love for his child” –Foreword Clarion Reviews


Monday, May 15, 2023

Would You Like To Be a Skilled Leader?

"Stop Trying to Win the War in Your Mind

Just Do Your Job!"

In his wildest dreams, Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Bradley P. Jones never thought he would make a career out of the military. Through the setbacks, the disappointments, and the trials, there were many life-changing moments, including the death of his first wife when he was 37 years old and had 3 young children.

Bradley P. Jones (Command Sergeant Major) enlisted in the United States Army in 1984 and served until 1988 as a ground control approach radar repairman. Upon completion of his initial enlistment and a break in service, he joined the Utah Army National Guard in 1993.

His military awards and decorations include the Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal (3 Oak Leaf Clusters), Army Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal (2nd Award), Armed Forces Reserve Medal (with “M” Device), Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal (3 Oak Leaf Clusters), and the Master Aviation Crewmember badge.

Bradley Jones

In Bradley’s civilian career, he works for the FAA as an Airway Transportation System Specialist (ATSS) in the Service Operations Center (SOC) of the Salt Lake Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC).

In Bradley's interview, he shares his incredible story and what he learned in the military about leadership that we can apply to all areas of our lives.

Bradley Jones

There was something about serving his country that constantly called to Bradley through his missionary service in South America and into his university studies. A calling Bradley finally succumbed to, reenlisting back into an AH-64 Apache helicopter battalion near the university. From there, his service led to a career he loved working on Apaches as a full-time federal employee while starting a family with his wife as a newlywed. 

While serving in Kuwait on September 11, 2001, his life and career, along with everyone in uniform, changed along with the rest of the country. From there, his career trajectory seemed to him to be predetermined, finally culminating in his appointment to serve his beloved fellow soldiers as the top enlisted member in the battalion. 

Bradley Jones

In Treading the Deep, Bradley’s humor and faith-promoting experiences restore listeners' beliefs in the tenacity of the human spirit and its ability to ultimately overcome, no matter the trials or circumstances




Sunday, May 7, 2023

Do You Know How to Overcome the Pain of Abuse?

Divorced after 28 years of marriage Dawn Damon lost everything, her job, friends, identity, and social status.

It was painful. She felt helpless, but not hopeless.

Dawn has been an influencer, pastor, global communicator, podcaster, coach, and best-selling author for over 20 years. She is the founder and CEO of the Brave Hearted Woman, a transformational coaching and personal growth development enterprise designed to awaken and cultivate the vision of women dreamers, calling them to braven-up and live their best lives. 

When the woman abused was you

Dawn has always been a hope believer and is now a Brave Heart Mentor. Dawn is the creator and host of The Brave Hearted Woman, a weekly podcast that encourages women to unleash their full potential to the world by discovering their inner fortitude to make needed life transformations - to live a fulfilling life without regret.

She has authored five award-winning books including When a Woman You Love Was Abused and When the Woman Abused was Me.

Dawn became an ordained minister with a special emphasis on trauma support and biblical counseling. She developed and worked as Director of Support and Healing Groups in a mega church, serving hundreds of women overcoming abuse and trauma.

In her interview, Dawn explains what thought toxins are and how we can change our mindset from victim to victor and live a life with hope that never fades.


  You have carried scars long enough. It is time to shed the layers of pain that hold you captive and find freedom and healing. In When the Woman Abused Was You, author, pastor, and survivor Dawn Scott Damon openly shares her own abuse experience and serves as a guide to help you make your way through the arduous healing journey.

With raw and honest transparency, Dawn helps you take the necessary steps that will lead you to your own powerful breakthrough and personal healing encounter.

Experience new freedom you never thought possible. The journey may be difficult—even exhausting—but you’ll find reward and fulfillment as you transform into a confident, fulfilled, and overcoming woman.

Dawn Scott Damon

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that 80 percent of childhood abuse victims later suffer from at least one abuse-induced psychological disorder. It’s proven that the effects of childhood abuse follow women into adulthood. Yet few men are prepared to deal with those effects, even when their own wife is the one who is suffering. And their wife’s suffering becomes their own suffering as their needs aren’t being met by a wife who is powerless to control her inner turmoil.

Offering hope for a healthy marriage relationship, When a Woman You Love Was Abused answers the questions men have and offers the advice they need to help their wives finally find peace.

Man's Guide

Be free from toxic mindsets, destructive patterns of behavior, and lies that keep you bound.

The truth behind seven little words changed Dawn Scott Damon's life when she heard a man from a small country church sing "I am who He says I am!" Her life was transformed as she began to believe what God's Word says about who she is in Christ, and she started her journey out of betrayal, abandonment, and deception.

She shares compelling truths in a sixty-day interactive Bible study that identifies and confronts eight cords that keep many believers bound. These practical and powerful biblical tools are designed to give you a new mindset, a fresh beginning, and a clear direction for a positive future.

Take the Freedom Challenge and become an active participant in your own emotional and spiritual transformation. 

Thought-provoking questions, journaling space, confessions, and affirmations are included to help guide you toward freedom.

Freedom Challenge





Brave Heart Website


Friday, May 5, 2023

Do You Know Why it is Necessary to Set Healthy Boundaries?



When Stephanie Jordan’s husband passed away in December 2014, she had an eight-month-old, a two-year-old, a seven-year-old, a nine-year-old, and a thirteen-year-old whose lives went into chaos.

Stephanie Jordan

Together with her loss, she homeschooled and owned a large salon company. She was totally traumatized and felt as though she did not possess a brain cell for nearly a year and a half. She struggled with suicidal thoughts and to keep her life intact because she was completely overwhelmed and absolutely devastated. 

Stephanie is an author, publisher, and cosmetologist who rides a Harley Davidson Sportster 48 (1200) and has learned that the key to survival is setting boundaries.

If you don't have the time...

If you don't have the energy...

If you don't have the money...


And S T O P feeling guilty!

In her interview, Stephanie shares her story and the tools for setting healthy boundaries in every area of your life to help you survive any trauma and thrive:


Stephanie Jordan


Set boundaries and set yourself free!
Do you leave family gatherings
Do you have 
volatile conversations on social media about modern issues and just wish you could get away?

Stephanie Jordan helps you to understand and establish boundaries so you can have healthier relationship experiences. Understanding is the beginning of wisdom, and Stephanie explains with real-life examples how boundaries can be helpful or how a lack of boundaries can be harmful to relationships.

Believing in Boundaries urges you to set and hold your boundaries to make every relationship healthier.

Believing in Boundaries lays the foundation for the pursuit of boundaries in every area of your life.





Monday, May 1, 2023

Have You Dreamed of Doing Something Big? Something EPIC?

Have you dreamed of doing something big? Something EPIC? Have you dreamed of crossing the finish line at the big race, standing on the peak of a mountain, owning your own business, achieving a career milestone, or becoming financially independent? Too often, we think of these things as just dreams. We place limits on ourselves, reducing our full potential.

BRYAN GILLETTE knows what it is like to reach the peak as he has stood on the summits of many mountains and successfully completed many physically and mentally challenging ultra-distance endurance events. He’s reached several ‘summits’ in his career as well.

Bryan Gillette

Bryan has over 25 years of experience in Leadership and Organizational Development with executive and senior-level responsibilities in small and large companies. Before starting his consulting practice, he was on the Executive Committee as the Vice President of Human Resources for a mid-size, global-technology company. 

His experience also includes coaching at all levels on a variety of issues such as change management, performance improvement, and communications. He takes a pragmatic approach and brings firsthand experience having managed teams of 2 to 270 people and multi-million-dollar projects. 

His interview will show you the steps to turning your dreams into reality.

Bryan has taught leadership courses in many countries, consulted with executives, conducted needs analysis, and developed programs that drive the desired performance for the company to meet its objectives. 

Bryan Gillette

To give back to the community, Bryan started up and ran the Bridge of Opportunity, a 501(c)3 foundation, to provide foster kids scholarships to attend college. He was the Co-Chair and founding Board Member for iGATE, a non-profit incubator to assist small green-related companies. And, he was the Co-Race Director for the Pleasanton Run for Education, a 3,000-person running race, which raised $250,000 for the local schools during his 4 years.

His book, EPIC Performance: Lessons from 100 Executives and Endurance Athletes on Reaching Your Peak based on his experiences reaching lofty goals as well as the experience of 100+ CEOs, CxOs, founders, and endurance athletes who have also reached amazing goals. 

Bryan Gillette


For recreation, he is a dedicated endurance athlete completing many long-distance cycling or running events including cycling across the United States, cycling 300 miles in 24 hours, and running 200 miles around Lake Tahoe in 76 hours. As an avid traveler, he recently spent one year with his wife and two boys traveling through South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.