Saturday, April 10, 2021

Foster Care, Adoption, Human Trafficking, and Everything in Between

Foster Care
Dr. John DeGarmo is an international expert on foster care, an author, and TEDx speaker. He and his wife have had over 60 children com through their home as foster parents.

He is a consultant to foster care agencies, child welfare organizations, and legal firms. 

Dr. John has appeared on CNN HLN, Good Morning America, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and more

He and his wife have won numerous awards, including the Good Morning America Ultimate Hero Award.

Foster Care

In his interview. Dr. John DeGarmo also shares about foster care, adoption, human trafficking and parenting he made it through the worst pain a parent can survive - the death of his first child.

Loving those who have known no love, who have been tossed aside, abused, and neglected is a gift you give with HUGE benefits.  

The Little Book of Foster Care Wisdom


Foster parenting is both a rewarding and a challenging job, a lifestyle of continuous learning and new experiences, and The Little Book of Foster Care Wisdom will be there to support you as you, in turn, support your foster children.

Filled with 365 days' worth of daily tips, inspirational quotes, and motivational short stories from a foster care expert, this book is a must-read for modern child-welfare advocates, adoptive parents, and foster parents. It provides inspirational content every day, including instructions, tips, anecdotes, and more.  

Foster Care Survival Guide

Foster parenting is often seen as a calling and a mission of love. At the same time, foster parenting can be both very difficult and exhausting. When caring for children who have suffered abuse, neglect, and traumas, foster parents face their own set of unique challenges each day. The Foster Care Survival Guide is a must have for todays foster parents. It is a guide to surviving the lifestyle of a foster parent filled with personal stories, practical tips and advice, and even humor and emotions, The Foster Care Survival Guide is an essential guide for both novice and experienced foster parents.

The Church and Foster Care


With roughly 500,000 children and growing in America’s foster care system, the new mission field for the church is clear. The Church and Foster Care shows how to simply engage in life-giving ministry to an underserved community. From real-life situations, foster care parent, educator, and advocate Dr. John DeGarmo lays out why God is calling the church to become involved. Sharing from the decades of support he received from his local church, this book is filled with practical and manageable suggestions on how to meet practical needs while planting seeds of faith.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Would You Like to Know How to Leap Sooner Rather Than Later

Google’s #1 Entrepreneur Coach, Bri Seeley, helps entrepreneurs create long-term, sustainable and scalable success on their terms! Bri distills her 14-years of real world experience into digestible, tangible tools to help entrepreneurs thrive and profit. Bri is a 2020 Stevie Award winner for both Coach and Woman of the Year, a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and author of the best-selling Permission to Leap.

Permission to Leap

You know that there is more available to you. Life is calling for you to be more in the world. And while you’ve taken a few baby steps to find out more, the thought of jumping without a parachute terrifies you.

You can feel yourself torn between the comfort that you know and that invisible whisper inviting you into the expansive and vast unknown.

The doubts and ‘what if’s' are paralyzing you on the fence of indecision. You look left to the comfort and right to the possibility. And left. And right. Which side do you choose?

Bri gives us step-by-step instructions on how to be the entrepreneur you want to be AND to overcome any hurdles. Take notes during this interview:

Permission to Leap will guide you through the process of leaping from the day you commit to the day you land softly on the other side.

Permission to Leap


You may just not have the proper tools, knowledge and mindset – yet!

The Unapologetic Entrepreneur is a posse of powerful

entrepreneurial women rising, growing evolving and

kicking butt together.

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After 14 years of entrepreneurship, I know what entrepreneurs need to succeed and what leads them to the depths of frustration and failure… spinning their wheels, rather than taking flight to create the profitable, impact-driven and freedom-based business they dream of.



Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Wake Up Every Day to a New World Ready to Make a Difference

In August of 2018 Stacey Magovern’s Mom was brutally murdered in her home. How can anyone possibly process that – let alone the wife of a police officer? 

Stacey Magovern

Stacey's story and her success as a best selling author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker will surprise and motivate you. 

"It is strange, yet surprising, how some very small things shape the momentous events of your life."

Stacey Magovern went from outside salesperson to running a multi-million-dollar company overnight. The wife of a police officer Stacey’s passion for helping families of law enforcement became her business.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Do You Wish You Had a Magic Lamp with Your Personal Genie?

Julia Brodska grew up in poverty and became a high school dropout - overweight and unhappy. At one point in her life she was drowning in debt, still overweight but was determined to make a change.

Best Life-ing

She now owns two successful companies, teaches workshops, speaks in corporate settings, all while traveling the world.

Best Life-ing

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Are You a Victim? Or Someone Who Wants a Better Life?

Have you had to survive staggering loss in your life? Robin Cote is a widow who also lost her young daughter but taught herself how to heal in spite of life's sometimes-ugly dealings.

Robin Cote

Robin is a survivor, not only of loss but also of domestic violence, verbal and emotional abuse, rape and bullying. She is an outspoken advocate for victims. Through all she has endured, "VICTIM" will never be a word use to describe Robin.

Her journey started when she was raped as a teenager. Robin's father didn't believe her and wouldn't call the cops. He said she deserved it because she had a sip of beer (which had been drugged) and her mother didn't comfort her. From that point on, she KNEW she was on her own.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Do You Know How to Live Without the Pain of Regret?


Would you like to escape your soul-sucking job and have the FREEDOM of being your own boss? Would you like to live life without asking for permission? 

Rachel Smets is a Clarity Coach, two-time TEDx speaker, an Author, YouTuber and online course creator.

Do You Know How to live Without the Pain of Regret?
"If you do nothing...
Nothing will change!"

As a young girl right into adulthood Rachel lacked confidence, felt bad about herself and her appearance; she believed she was not good enough. And then she experienced burnout and everything changed.

Rachel was driven by the question, "What if I had done it? What if I had done what I really wanted?" She did not want to live life with the pain of regret.

"What you think - You can create"

Don't miss Rachel's interview giving clear steps to create the life you desire:

Thursday, March 4, 2021

How Do Military Wives and Mothers Cope as a 'Single' Parent?

Military moms often need to fill the role of both mother and father to their children. During Hurricane Andrew, Karen Whiting's home was destroyed while her husband was serving overseas.

Karen is no stranger to dealing with trauma. Her eleven-year-old son had a headache that lasted for over eleven years. 

In 2009, her husband saw a doctor regarding a lump in his breast. It was dismissed and the doctor told him to return in a year. By then, it was too late as he had stage four breast cancer. He had the BRAC2 cancer gene as did his two sisters who both survived breast cancer. Karen's husband did not survive. About 2,650 new cases in men are diagnosed each year.

As an award-winning author of twenty-six books, writing and marketing coach, international speaker, and mother of five, Karen writes to help build tomorrow's wholesome families today.

Karen's story as a 'single' parent during the years her husband was stationed overseas, will brings tears and laughter. But more on how to survive and thrive as a mother during tough times:

Monday, March 1, 2021

Surviving Foster Care and Trauma Brought New Life and Hope

Danny Vann is a foster care survivor and a prime example of how to overcome life’s obstacles. He shares his journey from a broken home, to an orphanage, foster home, blended and broken family to an emancipated minor at 17 and then….independence – striving to become a premiere Elvis impersonator entertaining audiences internationally for 45 years.  You will love his story of NEVER EVER GIVING UP.

Danny Vann was a senior project manager for several multi-state, multi-million dollar computer projects in corporate America. Then a heart attack and open heart surgery changed his life and his career.