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How Do You Build Supportive Communities - Especially in an Emergency

Until the age of 35, Barry Braun’s life was all about money. He had made lots of money and lost lots of money. Then something happened which made him wonder what the purpose of life really was about. Barry’s story helps us understand some of the struggles we often go through while achieving success.

Good Neighbor APP

After Barry experienced a deep self-reflection exercise lasting 18 months, he concluded that life was about service to others. He created a successful coaching practice that focused on entrepreneurs connecting to their sense of purpose. This became a competitive advantage by bringing social purpose to their businesses.

Looking forward to his grandchildren's future, he shifted focus to mitigating the outcomes they would likely experience by changing how we relate to our communities. 

Barry Braun

Listen to his interview and how the NEW Good Neighbor App can help you connect with everyone in your world!

Barry Braun founded Happy Community Project to help communities realize the support the next generation will need and make them happier places to live. is bringing community developers together for mutual support instead of being lonely or divisive. 

Communities need to be strongly connected, have a deep sense of belonging and know others care about us. These are fundamental to personal happiness and essential for survival.

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You can have your cake and eat it too. You can create great wealth while making a meaningful difference in our world.

This easy-to-read yet comprehensive book shows you how to build a highly profitable business that brings meaning and fulfillment with the purpose of both creating wealth and helping our world move in a direction that builds a better world for our grandchildren.

Braun builds on his idea that a great entrepreneur builds a business that not only creates wealth, it also fulfills the entrepreneur's sense of purpose. Most entrepreneurs feel a sense of social responsibility by giving back. Braun shows you how to take this to the next step and build a great business that 'gives forward'.

Braun draws on his rich experience of working with entrepreneurs who have built businesses that solve some of our world's tough problems. His rich background as an entrepreneur, coach, and consultant provides a novel way of looking at how to integrate practical business decision-making with the integrity of a sense of deep and compelling purpose.

This is a must-read if you want your business to both create wealth and bring the satisfaction of knowing you made a real and meaningful difference. It not only sets out the concepts, but it also gives you the working process for doing something exceptional.

Build a Legacy that Matters


What happens when citizens decide to be a 

Happy, Caring, and Thriving Community?





Sunday, March 5, 2023

How Does Giving More Benefit You and Why is it Necessary?

Bob DePasquale was diagnosed with cancer and experienced a terrible act of terrorism within a few days.  He thought the world was coming to an end.

Bob had always believed in taking care of the things he had been blessed with by helping others do the same. His perspective derived from his battle with cancer and his life threatened at the age of 18.

After this experience, Bob realized the powerful force that the giving mindset is after experiencing his life-threatening illness and the terrorist attacks. He spent 15 years learning how to apply giving principles in his own business and it is now his mission to help others do the same. Organizations that have a generous culture are bound to attract better employees and better customers. Bob would not be around to speak if it were not for some amazing acts of generosity.

You May Not Change the World...

But You May Change the World for One

Generosity is a Lifestyle

Are you aware we tap, swipe, and click our devices an average of 2,617 times per day?

Online advertising has rapidly increased and is now almost everywhere - from social media to search engines. If you have even briefly looked at a product, only to find yourself haunted by ads for it days later, you are not alone. Today, many people struggle to manage their finances while dealing with a constant barrage of ads.

In Bob's interview, he gives you the tools to improve your financial situation, use technology to your benefit, and better manage your financial planning.

Personal Finance in a Public World

In Personal Finance in a Public World: How Technology, Social Media, and Ads Affect Your Money Decisions, author and Certified Financial Planner Bob DePasquale breaks down the steps to improve your spending habits and safeguard your financial future. This book answers common questions about finances, such as:

How can I save more money?

How can I get out of debt?

How do I invest?

How does the computer know I'm interested in that?

What's Bitcoin?


Thursday, March 2, 2023

Do you Know How to Cope with Severe Tragedy or Disappointment and Win?

Jim Barnard has dealt with disappointment and distress many times which led to significant depression. His wife, Alisha, had two near-death experiences and was not able to carry a pregnancy to term - adding to Jim's severe anxiety.

But this is only the beginning of the story of how Jim and Alisha turned the impossible into the possible.

The Suffering Guy

When Jim Barnard and Alisha planned their future together as husband and wife, they had no inkling that three months later Alisha would be fighting for her life.

Their story will touch you but it will also change you as Jim shows us how to deal with any type of suffering you may encounter. Three months into their marriage, Alisha was not able to keep any food down and was diagnosed with a rare chronic illness - Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She suffered greatly in a downward trajectory. 

Jim has great insight into coping with tragedy as Alisha went through countless surgeries, tests, treatments, and therapies which failed to solve the rapid downfall she continues to experience.

Through Tiller Coaching, Jim helps those who are suffering the reality of the expectation gap where disappointment, dissatisfaction, and distress can cause real damage.

Many of us can relate to various types of suffering. You do not want to miss Jim's interview on how to cope and ultimately triumph:

Jim Barnard


Told from Jim's point of view, this book details the real struggle to find hope amid suffering. Several near-death experiences, financial ruin, and more took a severe toll on this husband as he fought to stay strong for his physically failing wife. While having a deep faith in Jesus and His redemptive grace, Jim and Alisha battled the challenges in order to hold each others' arms up to gain victory in the Lord. A life in ministry was a significant part of that victory, as God has given them a voice in many peoples' lives and expectation gaps.

The Suffering Guy establishes an understanding of how suffering changes the world. We are all suffering guys and gals to varying degrees and at different times. Who we suffer with can make all the difference in the world.

Our brains need stories of how others have flourished within their constraints so we might know our own hard stories can be ones of flourishing too. Jim poignantly offers himself and the valuable lessons he's learned to us as a reminder that often life's most difficult struggles can also be our most powerful assignments.”-Katherine & Jay Wolf, survivors, advocates, authors of "Suffer Strong" & "Hope Heals”






Sunday, February 12, 2023

Can You Experience Your Dreams Even After They Have Been Crushed?

After being Dream Crushed by Corporate America, Debra Krusz listened to her inner voice which said “Leave this place” and she started writing. She is now a published author, blogger, coach, and consultant.

Following the wrong dreams got her to low depressed areas in her life. Then she found the solution.

Debra is a survivor of crushed dreams and an expert in dream rescue. If your dream is a long-buried seed or a squashed bud, Debra can help you replant it, nurture it, and bring it to full bloom.

Her program is ideal for employers who want to make an investment in their employees by making them the most successful version of themselves. Your employee morale will rise, productivity will increase, and turnover will decrease as a result of this dream pollination. 

Your dreams are uniquely made for you for a reason

Listen to her motivating interview:

Debbie Krusz


This novel is told through the perspective of a young man named Maximo, who was a dream in his mother Maria's eyes. She did all that she could for the love of Maximo before he was even born. She always did what was necessary to provide the best life for her son. Maximo had his own vision. 

Maximo's journey of love turns to hurt, abuse, and false accusations. Maximo finds the strength in his heart to conquer his obstacles. His vulnerability and perseverance run through deep avenues that we all can relate to at some point in our lives.

Soul Meets Body: Six Degrees of You is a touching and unforgettable novel that reminds us to never give up on love. There is a recipe for writing about love. There is a dream in someone's heart. There is a tragedy, and sometimes separation. There is a determination to make it work. This book shares moments that touch the reader's heart and moments that bring up anger and frustration.

We are always going through a season. If you keep love in your heart, you will always find what you need. Maximo never gave up on the woman in his heart. 








Saturday, February 4, 2023

How to Realize Your Desire for A Career Change

Dr. Tara Hines-McCoy is a compelling communicator and educator who uses her gifts, her experiences, and her faith to inspire women to take action and awaken their careers. Dr. Tara has been a rising thought leader in corporate America for over 15 years specializing in Human Resources. She has worked for Fortune 500 and multinational companies with multi-state and regional leadership roles. Her professional approach equips leaders with the tools needed to improve business performance and increase employee engagement.  

Her vibrant personality aids in her ability to connect with people on all levels by encouraging them to move past their failures, define their character, and turn uncertainty into passion.

As a former Global HR Professional, Dr. Tara founded DRTARASPEAKS: Up or OUT program to help women awaken their careers. Too often women overstay their welcome in organizations because they are waiting for someone to make the decision for them to leave and move forward.

In her interview, Dr. Tara explains how to take the time to CREATE your white space:

Dr Tara

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This handwriting workbook is unique to all other writing guides out there. It uses the dash system to teach your child exactly how to form each letter correctly, both lowercase and uppercase letters. While writing, your child will also enjoy the excitement of learning easy-to-remember bible verses. This component sets Scripting with Scripture apart and makes it easy for beginner learners to write their letters while learning scripture.

Dr Tara

Get your copy here

Grab your copy of the book rated #1 Amazon New Release, SHUT’EM DOWN: Black Women, Racism and Corporate America. This anthology is composed of the stories of 20 Black women who have been impacted by racism in the workplace. It offers a peek under the tent of the signs of racism, how to initiate the conversation of racism on the job, but also how Black women have chosen to move forward despite it. Dr. Tara’s chapter Black Roadblocks details how black women insert themselves as roadblocks versus an on-ramp to reach back and mentor black women coming behind them.

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Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Beauty of Discovering You Are NOT Alone Can be Life-changing

"You will never conceive naturally." Those words are harsh, painful, and heard too often by women who want nothing more than to be a mom. It can leave a woman feeling helpless and ashamed.

Christina McClelland

Christina McClelland is an Atlanta-based author and supporter of women's health advocacy. Christina grew up in Alabama, attended the University of Alabama with a B.A. in English Literature, and became one of the youngest art gallery directors in Atlanta at age 28 before committing to her writing career full-time in 2014. 

Christina shares her story as an encouragement to women everywhere. Feeling alone is the worst feeling that exists. It is isolating, and depressing, and lends itself to hopelessness. The beauty of discovering that you are NOT alone can be life-changing. 

Christina introduced an exciting and effective method to help you and your family (especially teens) express their core feelings in a safe place. She shares the Core Feelings Board in her interview. 

And...she shares TWO important words that will help you put any problem into the proper perspective. Here is her story:

                        WATCH BOOK TRAILER HERE

Christina McClelland


Couched in fiction, A Circle of Chalk is like group therapy for any person who has never dealt with infertility and insightful (and entertaining) to those who have not. 

The main character is a composite of dozens of women's stories. The storyline follows real legal cases from the past 30 years enhanced by interviews with fertility doctors, scientists, and bioethicists.

In Christina's experience, group therapy with other women who have survived trauma was a game changer. Women are blown away by the truth that while individual experiences can be different, the pain that every woman feels is eerily the same, accompanied by the same visceral responses to triggers.

Acknowledgment that the IVF process can be traumatic is important. Naming it is the first step. A Circle of Chalk gets the discussion started and helps women want to live again. 

Christina wanted to give women the opportunity to openly discuss IVF and embryo adoption and the extraordinary emotional toll of infertility. This book provides a peek behind the curtain. 

Connect with Christina here:




Sunday, January 29, 2023

Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life, Before it is Too Late

Ryan Lindner had two sudden unexplained cardiac arrests at a young age. This forced him to explore different perspectives from profound, life-changing events.

Priorities change when time becomes precious. Problems look different when you have no energy left to give them. 

"If you are not living, then you are dying." - Ryan Lindner

You CAN start living. Every. Single. Day. 

Ryan Lindner is a personal development specialist who has worked as a behavioral coach for clients and top organizations all over the world. After two sudden, unexplained cardiac arrests at a young age, he began to explore different perspectives with clients that come with any profound, life-changing event. It was not uncommon for Ryan to teeter on unconsciousness even while working with a client, requiring him to prioritize his own energy and time masterfully, and assisting clients to do the same. 

Marathon runners do not talk much on mile 20 - they choose to breathe

Ryan has conducted thousands of coaching sessions, has led operations for a major leadership and organizational change company, and manages learning and development projects for companies to reshape their customer experience.

You will enjoy Ryan's interview as he addresses the blind spots/habits people do not realize they have and to prioritize their lives and live their best!

The Half-Known Life

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“I’m going down now,” I said to a young woman a few seconds before the darkness—my first cardiac arrest. As I returned to work as a behavioral coach, it became maddening to hear, for the ten-thousandth time, about all-consuming, everyday problems and misguided priorities while I fought to merely remain conscious.

The Half-Known Life challenges the conventional thinking of success, identity, and personal change. Most often, truly profound change happens following events that shake someone to their core—a car accident, death of a family member, or cardiac arrest that pulls them into a moment of clarity. Priorities change when time becomes precious. Problems look different when you have no energy left to give them. After all, marathon runners don’t say much on mile twenty; they choose to breathe. And all I have to give is channeled into each moment that I am awake and I, too, choose to breathe. 

Why wait until you’re burnt out or for a life-changing event to occur before getting real about your life? Who are you when all of the accolades and accomplishments are gone? You can master time management but what does how you manage that time say about what’s important to you—about what matters most? 

Get out of your head and get into your life, before it slips away.




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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Have You Wondered What to Do as Your Parents Age and May Need Your Full-time Care?

After being a primary caregiver for her mother for over six years, author Lynn Abate-Johnson understands the typhoon of emotions and responsibilities that come with caring for a loved one. However, she discovered how to blossom through (and after) caregiving rather than let it drown her. 

Out of Love

By using her natural organizational skills and her solid work ethic, she developed systems and processes to help navigate the difficult journey of caregiving, which allowed her to go from “What am I going to do without my mom?” to “I know I can thrive after she’s gone–just as she would want.”

Like most caregivers, Lynn juggled caregiving duties with a full-time career. In her daily life, she’s a business consultant and global community builder. 

Caregivers are worthy of the same love, care, and attention they give their loved ones, which means they need emotional and logistical support to help them thrive. Unfortunately, it can take copious hours of research to find the resources they need, which leaves them feeling drained, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

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Lynn Abaté-Johnson understands this firsthand, having been a primary caregiver for her mother for six years. She believes caregivers deserve to be cared for as well, which is why her book Out of Love provides readers with reassurance, comfort, and practical systems and processes to help caregivers provide care easier and discover how to blossom through their journey.

Lynn Abate-Johnson

Dear Fellow Caregiver,

You are not alone.

I'm with you.

Have you ever felt like you are in a tsunami of emotions? One day, everything was fine, and then something about someone you love changed forever. Out of Love was written for you, in your time of need, and for those moments that feel hopeless. I wrote these words to encourage, inspire, and let you know that, "Everything will be ok, honey," as my dear mom, Rosemary Ann Hakim (aka RahRah) would say if she were still with us.

Out of love, I learned how to be a caregiver.

Out of necessity, I created systems and tools that supported the daily tasks inherent in caring for someone with a life-threatening dis-ease.

During the six years of my mom's illness, I journaled daily and in the aftermath of her death, I was able to see the vital lessons those years taught me.

In my daily life, I'm a business consultant and community builder. The life of a caregiver was unfamiliar to me but somehow, as you will, I figured it out (not perfectly) purposely. I am honored to share my personal journey with you.

As my mom always said, "Life goes on."

And as usual, she was right about that. You will see that in this book.

Everything is going to be ok. I promise.

I'm with you.


Lynn Abaté-Johnson

Lynn Abate-Johnson

Lynn’s words offer a uniquely personal glimpse into her journey as a daughter of a strong mother, along with her own transformation in the aftermath of being a caregiver.

Lynn’s approach removes the stigma of grief and her expressive and often vulnerable ways of sharing help to normalize what many families may take for granted or miss in their often overwhelming and new experiences as caregivers. There will be discomfort, shame, guilt, and layers of conditioning to discover in this book with the goal of bringing light to the dark and peace to the soul.