Thursday, January 16, 2020

How to Get Through the Devastation of Divorce

Denise Anderson
Small town drama makes Hollywood look like a walk in the park. For those going through a divorce in a small town and are ready to feel confident, capable, and competent, now is the time to take action

Denise Anderson is a certified life coach, mentor, speaker, and author of Small Town Divorce, A Road Map Through Devastation, Despair, and Drama.

The lessons Denise learned while going through a dramatic divorce helped her

create a simple path to personal power and growth. She discovered a commonality
amongst people that holds them back and keeps them imprisoned in their own minds.

Her first book describing the nuances of divorcing in a small town lays the foundation
for the experience she evokes during her workshops and public talks. Denise Anderson
has helped hundreds of clients go beyond their current life situation and painful past
to a more fulfilling, purposeful and passionate place.

Do other people's opinions and judgments have a positive or negative effect on you?

What other people think is one of the biggest concerns people face when trying to
move forward and live life. Even though these concerns can be in our subconscious,
they affect us and our decisions.

Denise is accepting applications from people who are experiencing intense fear and

drama or having great difficulty moving forward. She is offering personal and
professional one-on-one coaching. She is also available for corporate or public
speaking events connecting to large audiences and speaking directly to their current
concerns and apprehension.

Enjoy Denise's interview full of passion, energy, and spunk

along with compassion with empathy for what you may be
going through. Listen here:

Denise Anderson

Denise Anderson

Denise Anderson walked through those same trenches after experiencing her own dramatic small-town divorce. She has coached and mentored dozens of others who have experienced similar drama, taking them from surviving to thriving. In Small Town Divorce, those going through a divorce in a small town learn how to:

  • Tackle adversaries, gossip, and more
  • Grow their skills when it comes to riding the emotional rollercoaster
  • Face their greatest fears
  • Develop their ability to have any conversation

  • Axe the thoughts making them question their ability to be good enough



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    Sunday, January 12, 2020

    How to Understand Your Emotional Language

    Emotions: the Roadmap to Freedom
    Have you ever put on your "I'm OK" mask to get through your day?  There is a better way that helps rather than drains your energy. Liana Allison is the Australian-based founder of The Institute of Empathic Leadership and an international award-winning Empathic Leadership Coach. 

    The Institute of Empathic Leadership is a powerful new kind of experience-based emotional intelligence coaching.

    Liana had a wake-up call in the form of an emotional and physical breakdown. She had to find a way to live the life that supported me and discovered the power behind Emotional Mastery. This has given her fulfillment and the joy of living a life by her design.
    Liana now shares this with other people around the world, helping them learn to understand their own emotional language, use their emotional software and feel confident going after anything they want in life.

    Listen to her compelling interview to learn how to relate to your emotions whether they are 'negative' or positive ones:

    Thursday, January 2, 2020

    What is the Greatest Area of Stress in Your Life?

    Stress is everywhere and in everything we do. Dr. Pete Alexander gives us some fast, effective tools to help deal with stress in all phases of our lives.

    Professor Pete Alexander is a results-based coach helping hard-driving leaders
    overcome their self-imposed barriers to success in business and life.
    A recovering, hard-driving leader with over 30 years of sales, marketing, and
    entrepreneurial experience, Pete successfully battled the negative effects of stress
    head-on and developed the LIGHTEN™ stress relief model that motivates his peers
    to take action in only a few minutes per day. 
    • Livelihood
    • Imagination
    • Genius (unconscious mind)
    • Health
    • Time - take action
    • Environment
    • Network of relationships

    Wednesday, November 27, 2019

    Living Well is the Best Revenge

    Jacqueline Carlisle is the editor-in-chief/creative director of Thinkmag an online digital glossy for sustainable living.

    Thinkmag is an online digital glossy for sustainable living featuring quality
    craftsmanship in design and service for all facets of a greener lifestyle. Stunning global
    editorials take you to beautiful destinations where reducing waste is paramount and
    luxury is compulsory. 

    Jacqueline overcame the effects of an abusive marriage and several deaths in her family by taking those negative events and creating something positive.

    Her creations are a MUST see -- they are exquisite and all eco-friendly.

    Providing a unique offering in all areas of sustainable travel, design, and wearable technology.

    Sunday, November 24, 2019

    Everyone Has the Right to Be Understood

    Dr Thomas Caulfield
    Dr. Thomas Caulfield kept a secret journal for two decades which documented the legendary journey of his deaf son, Christopher, and his family's valiant attempts at helping Christopher be the best he could be.

    That secret journal was kept to present to his son as a gift when he was older. Dr. Caulfield never imagined that this journal would someday help others learn from their experiences and help face their challenges.

    As you listen to this interview realize that this is not an ordinary story of the struggles parents face when faced with devastating news about their child. This family and specifically their son Christopher is changing the world for people who are deaf. Amazing story: 

    Thursday, November 7, 2019

    Finding Your Way After Losing the Love of Your Life

    She Rode a Harley

    Mary Jane Black is an author and a literacy specialist for the State of Texas. Her debut memoir tells her inspiring story of finding love later in life, in the midst of abuse and pain.

    “She Rode a Harley” details the kick-ass adventures of a woman whose second husband, a biker since he was 13, taught her how to save herself by believing in her own strength, power, and individuality. Mary Jane writes courageously, as though her time spent riding Harleys has transferred to the page, with smooth, gliding transitions and powerful, engine-revving scenes.

    Friday, November 1, 2019

    Don't Let Your Disability Define You

    Katherine Appelo is an Italian-American poet, blogger, and songwriter.  Her passion is to help others make a positive impact by using their talents even when they may be physically suffering from chronic illness.

    Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    How To Live Life Like Animals Teach Us

    Dr. Joanne Lefebvre is a veterinarian promoting intuitive medicine.  Dr. Joanne's first book, "Animal Teachings from Hayley's Angel's Methods" is a guide for better living for both animals and humans.  During her years of practice, she helped over 10,000 pets when it was their time to pass.  

    She created a very successful in-home end of life care/euthanasia service and, sadly, became a prisoner of it.  The stress involved with watching so much anguish and suffering was overwhelming.  She fired herself and closed down the service.  She moved across the country to regain her balance and save her life -- the hardest challenge she ever faced.