Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Great Love is Worthy of Great Sorrow - Give Yourself Time to Heal

The Widow Wore Pink
Robyn Dykstra is a captivating national speaker and author of The Widow Wore Pink.  

Robyn was on top of the world and 'had it all.'  She traveled the world and had an incredible income as a Playboy bunny.  But her life of drugs, alcohol and promiscuity were not enough.  Her marriage ended in divorce which threw her into a life-changing moment. 

She married Hot and Hunky, had two children and life was perfect... until the unthinkable happened.  Not once -- but TWICE!  She became an accidental expert on finding joy during difficult times when she buried TWO husbands in FOUR short years.

You will love Robyn's story sprinkled with laughter and joy but more importantly with tips on how to deal with the pain that comes with trauma.

Joy and Sorrow coexist

It is possible to grieve the past
 while you delight in the present

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Prepare to be SHOCKED! Hope - Her Only Thread to Survival

CeeCee James has written a series of memoirs that you will never be able to forget.  Absolutely. Guaranteed.

During her interview, I was at a loss for words. I have heard many stories of abuse but I never heard one as intense as CeeCee's.  She is an incredibly gentle, warm woman who survived horrendous pain, neglect and hatred by her mother.

Listening to her story, you will be drawn to tears and anger as you hear CeeCee share how the only touch she had ever known as a child was one of pain.

At TWO WEEKS old, her father burned CeeCee's face and body with an iron. Her mother refused to feed or change CeeCee's diapers because she did not want to be manipulated by a baby's cries.  She wanted to teach her NOT to cry.  This was only the beginning of a lifetime of trauma.

CeeCee never remembers a time as a child when she was not hungry....or cold.....or alone.....or hated.

Yet, all CeeCee ever wanted was love. Even as a toddler she worked hard to please her mother, hoping for one gentle touch or one kind word.  She never got one! 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Courage is Fear Turned Inside Out and Fleeing Forward

S T Wilkinson
S. T. Wilkinson lost everything after a debilitating car crash:  health, job, social network, abilities, stability, joy, income and......the list goes on.  She picked herself up, began a new career but her life-partner became abusive, not handling the transition.  

She had to flee for her life, leave her country and everything she owned.  But her story does not end there.

S.T. Wilkinson is the author of the upcoming book ‘Obstacle Buster ™ - How To Create Big & Bold Shifts For Lifelong Success.’

A creative motivator, breakthrough strategist, and excellence coach, she receives outstanding international references from top-level professionals. 

S. T.'s Message 
It's okay to be yourself and be 'different
It's okay to say "No" and mean it 

It's okay to be a very strong woman and stay feminine

It's okay to be human and make mistakes

It's okay to fail.....and start over

It's okay to create the life you want to live


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Do You Know What a Surthrivor is?

Lost, alone, hopeless are words that were part of this little girl's life.  But Marnie Grundman would not accept that life and chose to be not only a survivor, but a surthrivor!

At FIVE years old, Marnie's mother threw her out of a second story window.  She ran away from home seeking the love she needed to survive.  Marnie was a child who belonged to no one - a child lost!

Her story will grab your attention as she shares how she turned all that pain and suffering into helping others.