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Battered Hope is not your typical feel good book......

The reviews are humbling.  Here is one that sums it up perfectly:

Battered Hope is a perfect title for this story of triumph over multiple and unrelenting obstacles faced by a woman and her husband. I am not going to summarize the plot as that is found in the synopsis. Rather, I want to focus this review on my response as a reader. At first glance, the onslaught of unfortunate seemed unbelievable except for the author’s ability to present her story in an honest, vivid way, even adding humor at times to provide some relief from the tension. She does not sugarcoat her experiences or her responses to them nor does she blame others for the chaos in her life. I found that refreshing as a reader and it helped me to trust her and root for her as the narrator of this story.

Her ability to build tension and keep her story moving forward is a credit to her tenacious spirit and strong faith as well as to her storytelling skills. I actually read this memoir twice because it felt overwhelming that despite enduring so much for so long, she was still able to share the lessons of her trials so effectively. I wanted to give this story a second chance because I sensed an underlying strength and resilience in her character that made me want to understand both her and her story’s main message more clearly.

So many people will relate to this story. We all have burdens and challenges in our lives, many of which we do overcome. To take that extra step, as Carol has, to share the rawness and pain and to show at so many junctures how her faith in God pulled her through gives us all the gift of hope. She does not preach, but rather she shows through her faith how her hope for a better life was nourished.

I recommend this memoir without reservation to anyone who has encountered life’s challenges and needs to find a source of hope that their life will be better too.

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