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1.6 Seconds. That's How Long It Takes to Fall Two Stories

1.6 seconds. That's how long it takes to fall two stories. That's how long it takes for life to change

MICHAEL MURPHY is a motivational speaker, paralyzed athlete, and writer. His journey began in April 2007 when he fell off a roof in college, shattered his spine, and was paralyzed. He was 21.

Michael had to adapt to life in a wheelchair over a long rehab process to find his “new normal,” regain his independence, and return to school.

Despite his accident, Michael remained the competitive athlete that led him to play both football and baseball in college.


In 2008 he found a new passion when he was introduced to hand-cycling and adaptive sports. His first race was The Marine Corps Marathon that year after he teamed up with The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to raise money for spinal cord research. Michael has since helped to raise more than $50,000 for a cure.

Today, Michael is a 12-time marathoner with Top 5 finishes in New York and Boston. He was also featured on NBC after completing two Tough Mudder competitions in 2012 and 2013 with the help of his teammates and an off-road handcycle.

Michael's interview is one you will want to listen to more than one time. He offers insight and motivation to live your life to the fullest - no matter what cards you have been dealt. He explains Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) which is positive change experienced as a result of the struggle with a major life crisis of traumatic events. 

Recently, Michael Murphy was featured in the documentary, "Snow to Sand" as the lone hand cyclist riding with a team of 15 strangers from Denver to LA in 2016. Their goal was to raise money for people suffering from paralysis by embarking on a 1,300-mile cross-country bike ride that pushes them past their limits and beyond what any of them thought they could achieve as individuals.

Click here to watch

He now trains with the Competition Team at the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) in Winter Park, CO, with every intention to make the US Ski Team…and go to the Paralympics. 


Spinal injury


In the spring of 2007, college junior Michael Murphy has it all: a stellar academic record, a vibrant social life, a coveted internship planned for the summer, and a dream to eventually serve as a Marine. But in just 1.6 seconds, the course of his life is irreversibly altered when he falls off a roof. After learning that he would never walk again, Michael realizes that he must start life over sitting down. 

The first in a series of three memoirs, WHEN I FELL: How I Rerouted My Life and Found Strength in a Severed Spine is Michael’s story of how he used this traumatizing incident to reframe his thoughts, learn to lean on friends and family, and to hopefully become a pillar of strength and hope for others.

Weaving the stories of his background and upbringing with the aftermath of his accident, readers are initially drawn in by the calamitous event, but then get to intimately know, and become invested in, Michael Murphy as a person. 

But throughout WHEN I FELL, Michael doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges he faces. We feel his frustration as seemingly small tasks, like getting from his bed into a wheelchair, require days of therapy and practice. We feel his panic as mind-numbing pain causes him to hallucinate in the hospital. But ultimately, Michael doesn’t just survive, he thrives as he learns to ask for and accept help from those closest to him, and readers will find themselves cheering for him as he dives headfirst into recovery and begins to regain his independence.

The fall may have robbed Michael of his ability to walk, but it couldn’t take away his love of athletics and competitive spirit. Using this passion to fuel his recovery, Michael’s new dream is still to serve his country, but this time as a Paralympian as a Para Alpine Skier (or sit skier.) Guided by his strong faith, the unwavering support of family and friends, and a life lesson from a Navy SEAL, Michael assures us it’s okay not to be okay, encourages us to “Never Never Never Give Up,” and gives us a Para-Alpine intimate insight into the world of people with disabilities. 

The scripture that has kept Michael going forward and has been tattooed on his arm to always have in view: 

"But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint" Isaiah 40:31






Monday, April 11, 2022

How Does Music Help Us Heal and Help Reclaim our Life Purpose?

Follow your passion .....If you don't you will always wish you had!

Cymber Quinn grew up in a deeply abusive family environment. There was no escaping what was happening. She turned to music and beauty as a way of coping - just as many children and adults are doing today - to gain purpose and hope. 

Cymber is a transformational music coach, specializing in harp, piano, and voice. She weaves world, classical, jazz, and nature into soundscapes of inner peace. Fifteen years ago she left the corporate world when an illness prevented her to continue and then returned to her first love - music and the harp. 

Cymber Lily Quinn is the creator of The Purpose Cafe Coaching masterclass, The Ultimate Life Purpose Roadmap, which provides a straightforward blueprint for women in their 40s and beyond. 

Cymber hosts The Purpose Cafe podcast, where she interviews women who are already living their life purpose. Click HERE for a FREE 30-minute laser coaching session to help you start on your Three Steps to Reclaiming Your Life Purpose. 

Cymber is an award-winning professional harpist and singer featured on National Public Radio and Hawaii Public Radio. The Music Place in California named her a master teacher of music and is a Level 111 practitioner of Somatic Voicework.

She teaches in her online studio, Rosalani Music, and has recorded three CDs. She won five Big Island Hawaii Music Awards as well as a Music Achiever by the National League of American Pen Women. 

Connect with Cymber at Purpose Cafe Coaching and Podcast created to answer these questions:

  • How do I find my purpose?
  • How do I make a present-day version of that purpose?
  • How do I share it with others?
During her interview, Cymber shares her story as well as tips on how to have a careful application of intentional practice until you do it without thinking about it!

Cymber's upcoming class The Ultimate Life Purpose Roadmap, is a three-week course with step-by-step instructions navigating feeling lost, and creating your own roadmap for your life purpose. Click here

The Purpose Cafe classes, workshops, and one-on-one coaching is for professional women in their 40s and up who are tired of feeling lost and overwhelmed when looking for their life purpose. 

Do you want to feel free and excited about the prospect of reclaiming your life purpose after years of giving to your family or career?