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How to Believe in Yourself and the Power to Succeed

Wendy Spooner understands the pain of defeat and easily gave up when trying something new. Like many others, she did not believe in herself...or her power to succeed. But, as an adult, she learned that failures are part of success -- a crucial learning tool on the path to success.

Wendy Wilson Spooner, Lic. G., LCoT, is a professional Genetic Genealogist by day, a writer by night, and an artist in between.

Wendy Spooner

Her love of what we can learn from history compels her to write the true stories she unearths during research, and she has found that truth is indeed much more exciting and inspiring than fiction.

As an award-winning family history writer, Wendy turned to novel writing to share faith, grief, art, and overcoming obstacles in life. She believes in learning from our ancestors by honoring them. 

Emory University's study on children and teens knowing their family history showed that kids who knew the answers to 20 specific questions had higher self-esteem, higher grades in school, and great confidence in the success of their family. 

Her interview encourages us to share our history with our children and enlightening as to how it builds positivity. You do not want to miss the opportunity for a FREE gift so be sure to listen to the end of the interview.

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Once Upon an Irish Summer

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Her debut novel, Once Upon an Irish Summer, is the first in a trilogy and an Amazon best-seller in several genres.

A compelling and heartfelt story about the power of faith, family, and our need for connection.

--Richard Paul Evans, New York Times Bestselling Author


1817 Ireland - Allen Hamilton crosses the Atlantic alone to find a way to save his family from social ruin and starvation before it's too late.

2018 Fort Wayne, Indiana - A gifted young artist suffering from debilitating grief finds healing and inspiration in her Irish ancestry when she unearths Allen Hamilton's noble rise from rags to riches in Antebellum America.

Based on a 200-year-old letter collection, Once Upon an Irish Summer brings to life and weaves together this true story of faith, hope, and romance.







Tuesday, April 25, 2023

How Do Everyday People Become Debt Free?

Todd Christianson is an author, podcaster, speaker, Accredited Financial Counselor®, certified HUD housing counselor, and education manager at Money Fit by DRS.

Todd has facilitated thousands of personal finance workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions since 2004, helping consumers of all backgrounds and income levels regain control of their finances, get out of debt, rebuild their credit, and create a brighter financial future.

Todd Christianson

He published
Everyday Money for Everyday People in 2014 and 50+ on FIRE in 2021.

Todd maxed out his first credit card in less than 36 hours and was in credit card debt for nearly a decade before making changes. Now he is an award-winning author and creator of personal finance resources. 

Todd Christenson understands despair including financial despair and the difficulty of raising his two-year-old son after his wife lost the battle with cancer. His story will touch you, encourage you, and motivate you.

Since 1996, the 501 (C)3 nonprofit Money Fit by DRS (Debt Reduction Services, Inc.) has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers across the US who are frustrated with consumer debts, struggling with late payments and fees, overwhelmed by high-interest rates on their cards, or wanting to build or rebuild their credit ratings. Our major programs include a debt management plan, housing counseling, and community education courses.

Listen to Todd's interview and get the necessary tips to help you become DEBT FREE:

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Every Day Money for Every Day People

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How Do You Overcome Trauma, Betrayal, and Brokenness and Achieve Success?

What do you do when life sends trauma and pain where you hoped for love and kindness?  Have you felt broken? Betrayed? Traumatized? Rena Groot endured years of abuse that could have destroyed her. But she realized she had a choice to allow it to make or break her spirit. 

Rena was abandoned, rejected, and unloved during her entire childhood while being tossed into horrific foster care homes repeatedly. By the time she was 21 years old, she did not know if she wanted to live another day and then a miracle sprung into her life. 

Broken to Beautiful

As a little girl walking into her first-grade classroom, she was awestruck and knew she wanted to be a teacher. She was able to realize that dream and earned a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Religious Education. She taught in Canada and China where she wrote her memoir under a mosquito net and became addicted to writing. 

Rena became an ambassador with "The Department of Eternal Affairs" for Haiti, Belize, the Ghetto in New York City, behind the Iron Curtain in Poland and Romania, in Israel, China, Thailand, Mexico, Africa, and Greece. 

During her interview, she shares a remarkable story of survival against all odds with a surprise outcome that will encourage you.  

A Life Set Free is a moving testimony of the liberating power of God's love to bring healing to broken lives. Rena's personal story, simply told in both humility and triumph, will convince you that nothing is impossible when you surrender to God.

Her many colorful adventures are a catalog of miracles that most of us dream about. Let them touch your heart!

Rena Groot

Rena's journal and course, Broken to Beautiful - Transformed by God has helped countless numbers of broken women to experience unconditional love and a major life change. Here is a free gift to help you rise above the overwhelm and silence the lies. 


It is 1881. Anne is 19, a widow on the Oregon Trail. She has no option, but to travel with her husband’s murderer. As she struggles to survive on the unforgiving trail, Anne must confront her own doubts and fears. Will she succumb to the darkness in her heart and seek vengeance at any cost? Or will she find the strength to forgive, and discover a path to redemption and healing? With each step she takes, Anne must face the harsh realities of life on the frontier and the deep mysteries of faith and grace. She dreams of revenge…but God has other plans.

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Bubs Bunny Goes to Camp

Discover what happens when Bubs Bunny, an adorable but neurotic bunny goes to camp. What will his wild imagination tell him next? Will he be safe from hippos, polar bears, alligators, and more?

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