Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Are You Bold Enough to Expect Success?

Angela Marshall resigned from twenty years in the corporate world to pursue her purpose - to be unmasked, unchained, and untamed. She struggled through a lavish but sorely lacking lifestyle as an NFL wife.


Angela is a public speaker, professional writer, columnist, bestseller author, creative consultant, ex-NFL wife, and business owner of “In Other Words, By Stone.” Through teaching and sharing motivating topics, Angela has inspired minds to stretch and evolve across the globe. Her heart and passion to liberate, illuminate and motivate others have appropriately nick-named her “wise words woman.” 

Also known as “Author Stone,” Angela is a positive words powerhouse that utilizes her personal life experiences of struggle, strength, and success to captivate audiences and readers abroad. Angela resigned from twenty years in the corporate world to embrace the purpose that has pursued her throughout life - to be unmasked, unchained and untamed. She struggled through a lavish but sorely lacking lifestyle as a former NFL wife. That chapter in her life produced the transparency in her inspiring inquiring minds want to know auto-biography, Reality to Rags to Riches; The Story and Life of an Ex-NFL Wife. Angela has graced influential platforms across the globe and is also a featured author in the Women Who Lead anthology that chronicles successful women across the globe.

In Angela's words:

I was a false replica to everyone and an authentic nothing to myself. I had a lot of unmasking and unchaining to do in order to live as me. 

In her interview, she tells the untold story as an NFL wife and how YOU can experience strength and success in your life as well. She covers these points:

  • Converting the Downs in Life to Wins
  • Making Positive Plays Every Day
  • The Scores That Do Not Count

Life has taken me on a journey that took three major turns, each leading to a road of exploration and discovery; each crafting me into the person who would become skillful at using life’s compass in navigating new directions and negotiating what’s best for me: REALITY is a place that forced me to face life early on "as is." 

The seeds planted during that period are directly responsible for my growth. All of my core values were established. No matter how far I strayed, the experiences throughout that time prepared me for Rags and Riches.

RAGS taught me humility, agility, and possibility. I learned to be grateful when I am served, but more importantly, to be willing to serve others. The events during this period instilled fearless faith that grounded me and prepared me for true Riches.

RICHES is not about what. It’s about who. For me, that means family, friends, and moments. They are true riches that are irreplaceable. If I can replace it, it is not a true treasure.


Women Leaders

This book spotlights Women who Lead! Women who have done amazing things and made extraordinary achievements! It's empowering and inspiring! Each of these amazing women has a beautiful and unique story! As you read each of their phenomenal chapters you will be inspired to strive to achieve greatness in your life!








Thursday, September 23, 2021

How to Recognize the Signs a Child is Being Abused Sexually

Before five years old, predators came into Sean Wheller's life, using him for sexual purposes until he was nine.  By the time he was seven, Sean was used in child pornography for the next two years.  By nine years old he was drinking, smoking, and addicted to pornography. 

When his family moved from the small Midwestern town he grew up in, the damage was done. But....God rescued him.


Based on 15 years of previous studies, EcPat USA released a study in 2016 clearly showing that boys are as vulnerable to abuse as girls - YET....when they seek help they are often met with indifference.

Wretch – Haunted by Shadows, Rescued by Jesus is the story of how Sean became a victim of child trafficking and how God led him to a counselor who would change his life forever. This was the beginning of Starfish Ministries Colorado, a 501c3 non-profit working in the fight against child trafficking to provide a voice for boys who are often left out of the conversation.

Sean's story has been heard by over 3.5 million people worldwide. In Sean's interview, he explains the difficulty in exposing this problem and what we can do about it. Our sons are vulnerable targets and yet, not getting the help they need.

His interview is spell-binding. His closing statement says it all: It is not about what people did to you but what God has done for you, in you, and what is now happening through you.

Child pornography/trafficking is a $140 billion business. Sean shares what is happening and what each of us can do to bring change in our communities.

His story will be released on the big screen soon. It is a message the world needs to hear:

child traficking

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Wretch: Haunted by Shadows, Rescued by Jesus focuses on the author's own story of healing from the sexual and physical abuse he experienced as a young boy. Sean Wheeler explores the depression, low self-esteem, negative thoughts, and self-destructive actions that stem from his abuse. 

He discusses the real-life effects of sexual abuse, such as trouble maintaining relationships and jobs. Depending on his faith in God and God's love for him, he began finding answers to his questions such as "Why did this happen?" and "Why would God let this happen to me?" 

In a raw and emotional description of what the long road to recovery looks like, Sean Wheeler writes about his experiences, from the obstacles to finding the right kind of support center, to visiting a therapist, to confronting his memories. 

Writing from the perspective of a man in a situation that often stigmatizes men and boys for wanting help, he aims to help other men find the courage and strength to look for their own healing. 






Ecpat USA - Sean has joined their survivor leaders group


Saturday, September 18, 2021

If Giving Up is Not an Option, How Do You Stay Determined?

Officers in Blue

2020 was a record year for suicides of police officers in America. There were 236 suicides and approximately 170 inline duty deaths. Officers know the risks of the job but suicide should NOT be one of them.

Scott Medlin has worked as a Police Officer since 2007. Prior to that, he was in the United States Marine Corps. He was deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and 2005. After an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, he earned his Bachelor's degree and entered law enforcement.

Both as a police officer and a Marine, Scott had to face huge struggles including PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction.

In order to save his marriage, Scott had to resign from his job as a K9 officer which caused him deep resentment and despair - feeling like he lost his identity.

Police officers

Since the lockdown, there has been an upsurge of mental health challenges in general, but also among police officers. Scott faced these challenges and now teaches others how to become aware of them and overcome them. 

He has helped fellow officers keep marriages together, pull through during hard financial times, overcome depression, and provide encouragement when needed.

In Scott's interview, he shares the struggles and the triumphs of our law enforcement officers but also how we can use the same principles for better mental health no matter what our occupation.  

Mental Health Fight Of The Heroes in Blue


It's time we start prioritizing mental health as police officers. 

Acknowledge that you are not perfect, follow the methods in this book and

save your own life, and provide protection and service to your community

Once a job of serving their community by providing safety, police officers could rest relatively easy knowing their efforts were worth the sacrifice. However, over the past decade, the trade-offs between the rewards and risks of policing have increasingly sloped toward the latter. 

Today, officers are routinely being confronted with more pressure and scrutiny because of unfortunate bad actions by a few of their own. Then they still encounter constant threats of danger, and continued exposure to the darkest corners of society. 

It is no surprise that policing remains one of the most stressful occupations on the planet – stress that dramatically increases suicide risk among this population. 

This book was written by a police officer and helps anyone through the steps law enforcement officers can take to be shielded from having mental breakdowns or becoming a suicide statistic. 

There are expert consultations of multiple guest authors, who share their expertise in mental health and coaching to bring the most effective treatments available. 

It’s time we start prioritizing mental health as police officers. Acknowledge that you’re not perfect, follow the methods in this book, save your own life, and provide protection and service to your community. 

If Giving Up is Not an Option, How Do You Stay Determined

101 Health Tips For Police Officers is a plethora of practical techniques, habits, quotes, encouraging words, and how to stay healthy in one of the world’s most demanding jobs. This book helps an officer to be physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially fit for duty.




Mental Survival Quick Guide

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

To Create the Life You Love Never Stop Going the Extra Mile

Shawn Anderson is the leading voice on the power of the 'go the extra mile' message. Shawn is a #1 ranked motivational author and international keynote speaker. He is a lifetime entrepreneur with a track record of raising performance and passion in others. 

Shawn is a seven-time author and the creator of "Extra Mile Day." A day declared by 512 cities on November 1, 2020, recognizing extra mile heroes in local communities.

Shawn walks the talk. He's built a million-dollar company, pedaled a bike 4,000 miles across the US (twice), run a 100-mile race, and created adventures in more than fifty countries including having walked across seven countries since 2014.

In his interview, Shawn details how we can change our world by going the extra mile. One. Step. At. A. Time.

Take the Extra Mile Pledge!

Together we are going to nudge 1,000,000 people around the world to "go the extra mile" and do something encouraging for a friend, relative, co-worker...or even a stranger.

Go the extra mile

An Engaging book with a Life-Changing Message

If you've ever found yourself feeling defeated by life's events, step into the most unique and life-changing classroom of all time. Uncover the possibilities that exist in your life....and discover your life's purpose.

In Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos, a mysterious instructor shares 21 amazingly powerful lessons that hold the secrets to living your life with more purpose, passion, inspiration, motivation, and possibility than ever before.

Success had turned its back on Charlie. He had no job...and no direction. The love of his life had left him unexpectedly. He didn't like what he saw in the mirror...and his self-esteem had reached rock bottom. 

Life has gotta' be way better than this...right?

But then a beach-walking, bird-feeding, Zen-like master changed everything Charlie was redirecting everything that Charlie was thinking.

Want to change your direction?

Read The Four Fibs and see what happens to thought and attitude when we drop the distorted illusion created by believing life's four biggest lies.



Extra Mile America Website



Friday, September 10, 2021

Out of the Shadow of 9/11: An Inspiring Tale of Escape and Transformation

When the planes hit the Twin Towers, Christina Ray Stanton’s life changed forever. As the new dawn of terrorism began, the Manhattan resident and her husband fearfully witnessed the impact just six blocks away from Ground Zero. As toxic dust spread into the air, the Stantons boarded a boat off the island and into the unknown.

9/11 totally reset the course of our lives. In the years since the attacks, interest in 9/11 has waned and education about it has been lacking. The 20-year anniversary of the worst attack on US soil is this year. Christina wants to re-engage the public with information about 9/11 via a new, unique voice and from a different perspective than typically offered.

Christina is a 9/11 historian, and Financial District resident who lived six blocks from the attacks, and an NYC licensed tour guide who has been giving tours of the World Trade Center complex since 1995.

Christina Ray Stanton is an award-winning author of two books and several articles and is a professional speaker who has appeared on TBN, Fox, CBN, and others. She is a licensed NYC tour guide of 25 years who specializes in 9/11 history. She and her husband founded Loving All Nations, a nonprofit organization that helps the world's poor and marginalized. 


In March 2020, Christina caught a near-fatal case of COVID-19. This could be from a compromised immune system stemming from the 9/11 fallout. These two calamities have left Christina with long-term health issues and were mentally challenging to overcome. But her faith provided strength and sustained her.

Christina wants to re-engage the public with information about 9/11 via a new, unique voice and from a different perspective than typically offered. Listen to Christina's amazing story here:

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When the planes hit the Twin Towers, Christina Ray Stanton’s life changed forever. As the new dawn of terrorism began, the Manhattan resident and her husband fearfully witnessed the impact just six blocks away from Ground Zero. As toxic dust spread into the air, the Stantons boarded a boat off the island and into the unknown.

With a close friend dead and their beloved dog clinging to life, the Stantons’ faith in God was tested. But after months away from her home, Christina trusted in a higher purpose to claim a stronger future. 

Out of the Shadow of 9/11: An Inspiring Tale of Escape and Transformation is a little-told story of the far-reaching collateral damage of September 11. As a longtime local and veteran tour guide, author Christina Ray Stanton shares an intimate journey of the harrowing event. Through her long road to physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery, you’ll discover your own inspiration in tough times.

If you like true stories, heart-wrenching journeys, and emotionally raw perspectives, then you’ll love Christina Ray Stanton’s honest perspective.


She Endured 9/11 . . . 
Would She Survive COVID-19?

It was March 2020, and rumors of a mysterious virus filled the air. But busy New York City tour guide Christina Ray Stanton paid little attention. After all, she and her husband had survived 9/11; it would take more than a virus to slow them—or their city—down.

But within days, Stanton saw her beloved Manhattan become a ghost town as fear of the novel coronavirus swept the nation. Seeking safety, she and her husband left the city to stay with family in Florida. They didn’t realize that rather than escaping the storm, they were heading into the eye of the hurricane: Stanton was already infected with COVID-19 and would soon be fighting for her life from a hospital bed hundreds of miles from home.

In this unforgettable first-person account, Stanton shares the physical, mental, and emotional agony she endured as the virus ravaged her body. Given a 50/50 chance of survival, she didn’t lose hope. She relied on her community and her faith to sustain her through the painful journey. Along the way, she learned new lessons in gratitude, emerging stronger, more resilient, and with a renewed sense of purpose.



Website Non-Profit



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Saturday, September 4, 2021

How Do You Cope When You Are Told There Is No Hope

Paul Merritt was born with cystic fibrosis. He has not lived his life as a victim of disease but, rather, someone who has a passion for science, faith, and helping others to succeed - especially in the face of adversity.

Paul has had to overcome many challenges and much hardship just to survive. His motto in life is “Never let your obstacles become boundaries.”

Paul is an author of two books, The Best of Disease and Simple Ways to Improve, and his memoir Lifelong Turbulence: Calming the Storms of Life with God, Faith, Scripture, and Medicine.

Paul is a small business owner/operator and has a certificate in infectious disease and infection control.

In his interview, Paul shares the keys to getting over adversity in our lives - no matter what it may be. "The size of the fight in the dog is what gets you there."

Listening to Paul will make your day:


Living beyond expectations, Lifelong Turbulence is a story of adversity - thirty plus years of living with a chronic illness called Cystic Fibrosis – a genetic disease caused by inheriting mutated genes from parents, which affects 30,000 children and adults in the United States alone, along with numerous issues in those thirty years.

A struggle against living in poverty and even molestation. A powerful story that can motivate and show how to overcome the struggles of life by calming those storms with God, faith, scripture, and medicine. 

Lifelong Turbulence is the story not complete because life still goes on. It may leave some people wondering how, make others grateful, and possibly leave others outraged at what one person had to go through. 

The struggles are real, as well as God, faith, scripture, and medicine.  Look beyond the struggles of the past and see what lies ahead in life.

The Best of Disease and Simple Ways to Improve comes in many forms, in both physical and mental destruction. Some diseases are seen in cells through microscopes while others, through DNA sequencing.

The world is full of battles that we never see taking place; some inside our bodies and minds. With disease comes adversity leaving families shaken and torn, sometimes even broke from the healthcare costs accumulated fighting back against illness.

Life-long battles of those who struggle with cystic fibrosis can provide educational opportunities. These unique insights into the light among dark times are the physician's best asset to offer simple ways to improve.

Connect with Paul here: