Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Cancer Olympics is Everyone's Worst Nightmare

Dr. Robin McGee is a Registered Clinical Psychologist.  She has taught at the university level and has published in professional journals in the field of child psychology.

Dr. McGee was an active, fit woman in her forties when she developed frightening symptoms.  Four doctors either ignored her complaints or belittled them.  She waited TWO years for a diagnosis and by then, had stage three rectal cancer.

The Cancer Olympics is Robin's account of a gutsy, no-holds-barred middle-aged woman's fight against THREE formidable enemies:
          Late-stage colorectal cancer
          The Medical establishment
          Archaic government policies

The Cancer Olympics illustrates how a support blog for a cancer patient turned into an engine that challenged unfair drug policy. It illustrates how a community of ordinary people, connected by the internet via social media, formed a grassroots movement that tackled the government. And it illustrates how a supportive community can sustain the hope and even the life of those afflicted with catastrophic disease.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Helping You Reach Your Goals and Success as a Writer

Cindy Sproles is an author, speaker, managing editor for Straight Street Books and SonRise Devotionals.  She is the executive editor and co-founder for Christian Devotions Ministries.  

Her dream is to do nothing more than craft words that speak from the heart. 

Her best-selling novel, Mercy Rains, addresses the tough subject of child sexual and physical abuse.   Even though it is set in another century it will take you to places you may not want to go but must...... as it addresses a current problem.

Her best-selling 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Teach Yourself How to Love and Forgive YOURSELF

Lane Cobb is an author, speaker, and a life and wellness coach. 

Certified by Coaches Training Institute, WellCoaches, LLC, and International Coaches Federation, Lane is committed to teaching women and girls how to have healthy bodies, healthy relationships, and healthy mind-sets. 

With over 20 years of coaching experience, Lane brings a diverse and extensive body of knowledge to her speaking, coaching, and writing.

As a sought-after expert in the fields of transformation, motivation, and healing, Lane is an example to women who seek to ignite their passion, live their purpose and achieve their greatest potential. Lane is internationally certified in multiple coaching and healing modalities and is a graduate of Peak Potentials Train the Trainer Program.

Lane says:   "Take the time to listen to someone tell their story.  There is healing in sharing your story -- everyone.....has a story."  

Her services include individual and group coaching, virtual seminars, workshops and keynotes that provide women with a clear and powerful context for living each day with Her signature books, Be Your Biggest Champion and Heal Your Power Heal Your Life offer women and teen girls a formula for developing self-esteem and empowers them to embrace their power and express their gifts to make in impact.

Listen to her exciting passionate interview here:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Think You Are Indestructible? What Happens When Your Life is Put on Hold?

MaryLee MacDonald is an award-winning author, writing coach with a Master's in English/Creative Writing, and a caregiver advocate.

She thought she was indestructible until life took a sudden turn.  She knows the stress long-term care as the main caregiver for her son-in-law who was afflicted with ALS.

But that was not her first encounter with death of a loved one.  She knows the devastation of losing a spouse suddenly and the impact it makes on the entire family.

Listen to MaryLee's story and you will be inspired. Even more importantly, MaryLee will give you tips and coping skills to deal with these crises which can turn from a sprint into a marathon.

Marylee's novel Montpelier Tomorrow  has won the Gold Medal for Drama from the Readers' Favorites International Book Awards.  It was a Finalist for the Bellwether Prive, te Eric Hoffer Award and the Indie Next Generation Book Awards.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Build your Personal Brand to Leave a Legacy and a Life Purpose Fulfilled

Clare McAlaney, a best-selling author, has had a variety of careers before she found her true calling. 

She was a policewoman who later became a prosecutor.  From there, she went to the corporate life while still earning degrees and seeking her creative self.  

Clare has earned degrees in marketing, branding, and business law.  She established Creatavision Publishing while learning design, photography, and publishing on the job.

But there were dark times in Clare's life. There was a time when she did not want to live another day - when hope was gone.  

She is a pure example of someone who can turn their tragedies into victories.  She has only just begun her journey to pursue her dreams of success as a writer and publisher.

"Don't EVER Quit!
When you do what you are put on this planet to do - you will become driven until you accomplish it"

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Paying the Price for Fame - and Living to Tell the Tale

Michelle Christoffels, an author of No Glory For Me, was Australia's first registered, professional, female boxer, dual UNDEFEATED Victorian Champion and Australian Champion Kickboxer.  

But there was a time in Michelle's life when she had a serious downfall, spending time in psychiatric care and a criminal conviction.  

She went from street gangs to making national headlines -- she paid the price for fame!

Just before her first professional match, she was drugged/raped by her manager and started her life on a downward spiral.

Telling her story in this interview, she shares from her heart in a way that will keep you captivated.  She was considered Australia's toughest woman (and also a cop) yet was falling apart on the inside in the battle of her life/career.  As you listen you will realize that someone out there can HELP you, has felt your pain and can offer support uniquely and honestly.