Saturday, February 6, 2016

Build your Personal Brand to Leave a Legacy and a Life Purpose Fulfilled

Clare McAlaney, a best-selling author, has had a variety of careers before she found her true calling. 

She was a policewoman who later became a prosecutor.  From there, she went to the corporate life while still earning degrees and seeking her creative self.  

Clare has earned degrees in marketing, branding, and business law.  She established Creatavision Publishing while learning design, photography, and publishing on the job.

But there were dark times in Clare's life. There was a time when she did not want to live another day - when hope was gone.  

She is a pure example of someone who can turn their tragedies into victories.  She has only just begun her journey to pursue her dreams of success as a writer and publisher.

"Don't EVER Quit!
When you do what you are put on this planet to do - you will become driven until you accomplish it"

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