Thursday, July 30, 2020

Can an Unbreakable Spirit Triumph Over Brokenness?

"Addiction is a stealth predator. Unrecognized, it will grow and flourish. Unchecked, it destroys."
Stepping Stones

Marilea C. Rabasa was a lifelong substance user - food, pills, cigarettes, and alcohol were the solution to the stresses of everyday living. This almost always involved some form of overindulgence of an easily attainable substance and for a short time, she would feel better. 

As the consequences mounted Marilea fortunately found herself evolving into a woman capable of discipline. Add to that a determination to let go of old habits and make changes became a recipe for renewal.

Marilea C. Rabasa

Award-winning writer Marilea C. Rabasa delivers a candid, unflinchingly real memoir in Stepping Stones: A Memoir of Addiction, Loss, and Transformation. An extraordinary story that chronicles life, loss, heartbreak, hope, and healing, Stepping Stones is heart-wrenchingly honest, powerful, and bold.  At once a painful story of descent into addiction, Stepping Stones is also the story of how an unbreakable spirit triumphs over brokenness.

Stepping Stones is a finalist in The International Book Awards in the Health: Addiction and Recovery category

Do you know anyone with a serious problem with addiction?

Do you know someone who struggles with guilt from past mistakes?

Marilea discusses this in her interview and shares her journey of seeking harmony and grace through fragmentation and years of emotional illness that let to various forms of addiction. At several points, It sent her spiraling into......madness.


Stepping Stones

Rabasa’s fascinating memoir opens with the death of her mother—a woman who, though not an alcoholic, was plagued by an inability to cope with the dysfunction in her life. A woman whose choices unwittingly set her daughter up for a multitude of problems.

Much more than a memoir of addiction, Stepping Stones is a story about hope,  recovery, and strength.  Beautifully written and unapologetically honest, Stepping Stones is divided into three parts—Sleepwalking, Muddling through the Middle, and Waking Up.  Crafted in short, powerful vignettes, Stepping Stones is a masterful memoir that parallels two distinct journeys—Rabasa’s captivating outward journey, and her sacred inner journey to finding grace, healing, and peace. A memoir of triumph and transformation, Stepping Stones is a deeply personal and deeply moving story of one woman’s courageous struggle to put the pieces together and find her own road to happiness.

Stepping Stones is an authentic glimpse into the life of a woman afflicted with multiple addictions. With stunning candor, Marilea describes the toxic and ruthless nature of this disorder as it escalates over much of her lifetime. I admire this author’s courage in telling her painful story so eloquently.” 

—KATHLEEN POOLER, author of Ever Faithful to His Lead and Just the Way He Walked 

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

What is the Greatest Area of Stress in Your Life?

Stress is everywhere and in everything we do. Dr. Pete Alexander gives us some fast, effective tools to help deal with stress in all phases of our lives.

Professor Pete Alexander is a results-based coach helping hard-driving leaders
overcome their self-imposed barriers to success in business and life.
A recovering, hard-driving leader with over 30 years of sales, marketing, and
entrepreneurial experience, Pete successfully battled the negative effects of stress
head-on and developed the LIGHTEN™ stress relief model that motivates his peers
to take action in only a few minutes per day. 
  • Livelihood
  • Imagination
  • Genius (unconscious mind)
  • Health
  • Time - take action
  • Environment
  • Network of relationships

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Hope is the Ernest Expectation of Future Good

Charlena is known as the "Sunshine Girl" who has inspired thousands to influence their world by encouraging leaders, moving people, and changing the atmosphere around them. She is a life-changing communicator who imparts the wisdom, courage, and strength you need. She is a voice for our time.

Charlana Kelly is an author of four books. You are Not Here by Accident, Reaching Out with a Message of Hope, In Search of the King's Court, and her latest release: Irrefutable.

Charlana is an entrepreneur, community ministry leader, pastor, television host of Engage for Influence, and CEO of SpeakTruth Media Group LLC. which is a multimedia publishing company. Charlana works with authors from concept to completion of their book in print, digital, audio, etc.

Her interview is full of encouraging words and challenges us to realize our purpose and to fully realize that we are not here by accident. 
"Hope is ernest expection of future good." --- Charlana Kelly

Charlana's latest release, Irrefutable is beautifully crafted as a catalyst to not only embrace our testimonies but to allow them to shape and mold us and usher us into a place of intimacy with God.

In Irrefutable Charlana pulls back the curtain of her own life, and encourages us to stare our past square in the face. As we turn the pages, we see God's undeniable fingerprints all over the episodes of our own lives. Even when it hurts. And for the first time, many of us will see God's goodness and grace woven within them.

Irrefutable is a must-have addition to your library to use for yourself and as a ministry tool of foundational keys. Keys that will lead us to our predestined purpose, adventure, and fulfillment.  



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Friday, July 3, 2020

How do You Handle the Good and the Not So Good?

There is absolutely no doubt that during the last few months life has presented itself in a very particular way. We are living in extreme times and it is deeply affecting peoples’ minds and wellbeing. How do YOU handle the good and the not so good?

In general, and especially in times of crisis, most people haven’t been taught the skills they need in order to deal with the challenges of life. Claudia Dagnino helps people by offering some simple and effective tips on how to alleviate their current stress, allowing them to better face and interact with what life is currently presenting.

Overwhelmed by thoughts, feelings, and behaviors interfering with your life?