Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Conning the Elderly Out of Their Savings

Anita Barney, widow of the former CEO for Wendy's restaurant, is the only child of an alcoholic father, a victim of physical and emotional abuse by her first husband, a breast cancer survivor, and the target of a compulsive gambler and criminal predator.  Anita's honest messages of hope, forgiveness, and second chances will connect with you on many levels.

Anita is a woman who traveled in the 'best' circles.  She had been engaged to Henry Mancini and Perry Como was her neighbor. She was not an ignorant woman but easy prey.

When I saw Anita on the Dr. Phil show, I wanted her to be my guest on Never Ever Give Up Hope. Her story needs to be told.  

Even as cancer claimed her husband's life, Bob ensured his wife was financially secure and left her with chilling advice, “Don’t let a man take all of your money.”

There are vultures who seek out the elderly and widows, in particular.  Anita was victimized by a successful football player, Art Schlichter.  

She also borrowed money from friends, believing it was a solid investment and would earn them a good return.   She was unaware that Art was a compulsive gambler, using her money to nurture his habit.  By the time she realized what Art was doing, he began to threaten her if she would not comply with his constant requests for more money.

The FBI Sting

She became part of an FBI sting to catch him in the act.  As a result. he is now serving a prison term.
But her story does not end there.  She was left penniless and even worse, almost friendless.  Her accusers are demanding justice and hoping for revenge.  She was a victim, in every sense.  By sharing her story and selling her memoir, she is determined to pay back every dime she 'borrowed' from friends.

The assumptions and charges, the testimony and sentences have been splashed across newspapers, discussed on talk shows, and written about on websites too numerous to list. If you want to hear any version of the truth, you can find what you're searching for in her book. In 1980 her ten-year-old son, Alan nearly died in a horrific plane crash.  In November 2009, she connected with former Ohio State University star quarterback Art Schlichter to thank him for changing the course of her son's life.   She had every reason to TRUST him.

Click here to read the full story of how Anita lost almost THREE MILION DOLLARS to this star Quarterback.

Connect with Anita here:

Listen to her story by clicking the arrow below.  Share her story with people you know, especially those who may be vulnerable because they are widowed or elderly.

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