Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Getting Through What You Can't Get Over

Anita Brooks, CPT, CLTF, CCS is someone who MOTIVATES others to dynamic break-throughs.  Blending mind, heart, body, and spirit as an inspirational business/life coach, international speaker, and common trauma expert, she shares HOPE.  

She is a multi-published, award-winning author of the Amazon Best Seller, Getting Through What You Can't Get Over.

There are some things in life people never get over. No matter how much they want to.  Many experience abuse, financial disaster, serious illness, death of loved ones, and other common traumas making them believe they'll never move past the pain, but through research and true story compilations, Anita offers emotional, practical, and spiritual insights from experts and people who have survived intense trauma -- and have made it through seemingly impossible situations.

Her other titles include First Hired, Last Fired -- How to Become Irreplaceable in Any Job Market and Death Defied -- Life Defined:  A Miracle Man's Memoir.

In her interview, Anita shares how to overcome and confront fear, betrayal, deep depression, adultery, and many other valleys in our lives.  She gives practical guides and coping tools for whatever you may be going through in your life.  There can be times in our lives when we simply can't take one day at a time -- it is too much.  We need to learn how to get through one MOMENT at a time.

Anita's interview will make you take a deep breath and sigh of relief.  She teaches us how we can choose to love as if we have never been hurt.  Click the arrow below and enjoy her inspiration.

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