Friday, June 3, 2016

You Have the Potential of Learning to Love Yourself

Marissa Pendlebury is a public health researcher with degrees in nutrition, health sciences (BSc), and psychology (MSs).  

Through her website, Nourishing Routes, she helps individuals develop a positive and compassionate relationships with themselves, with food and exercise, and with other people.

But Marissa's journey was a rocky road of serious eating disorders, anxiety, and deep depression.

When all hope was gone and she had nowhere to turn for help, she discovered how compassion for others could help her heal herself.

In her interview, she gives practical, solid tips on how to change your perception of yourself, and how your view of food and eating habits can change your life.

On her website, she gives the 10 Elements of Nourishing Routes and explains them in detail. They are:
  1. Compassion for yourself and others
  2. Nourishment - not numbers
  3. Health at every size
  4. Creative expression
  5. Mindfulness
  6. Gratitude
  7. Connecting with others and sharing stories
  8. Freedom and Autonomy
  9. Pleasurable movement
  10. Empowerment
Lover of Tea, Chocolate, and Life
You can connect with Marissa here:

How we relate to food can have a direct relationship with how we perceive ourselves.

Listen to her challenging interview and share it with your friends who may benefit from the practical tips she gives:

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