Saturday, June 15, 2019

No Matter How Bad Things Seem, You Can Overcome

Terry Tucker
Terry Tucker has had many challenging jobs during the course of his career including a SWAT Team hostage negotiator ….. but his greatest challenge was a personal one.  Terry’s story of overcoming this incredible challenge will encourage you on many levels.  Terry is an author, a motivational speaker and his blog, Motivational Check, has daily posts of inspiration.

During his time in law enforcement and over my years of battling cancer, Terry has seen many people die. He noticed that the people who died peacefully were the ones who were able to find their purpose and live it. Conversely, the people who begged for more time and fought their demise, where those who had never done much with their lives. In many cases, these people never even looked for their purpose.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Learning How to Stay Focused on the End Goal

Ken Rupert is an educator, a strategist, a life coach, a 2nd-degree Financial Black Belt and the author of The Financial Black Belt Academy’s Financial Self-Defense Training Manual as well as the Financial Self-Defense Training program.
As a first generation, self-made millionaire, Ken has built his wealth by practicing the financial strategies he developed and teaches.
His innovative financial wellness program is designed to empower others to succeed financially.
Ken always held onto the belief that things would work out. He uses what he has learned in helping people in his coaching practice by providing hope that anyone can overcome their financial struggles.
Learning how to stay focused on the end goal
Despite the noise and chaos of the current environment
Helps maintain a level of HOPE

Friday, June 7, 2019

How to Tolerate Narcissism in a Partner

Lost in the Reflecting Pool
Dr. Diane Pomerantz is a clinical psychologist who has been in practice working with children, adolescents, and adults in the Baltimore, Maryland area for over 35 years.

She has done extensive work in the area of trauma and child abuse and research in the area of personality development of abused children.

She currently runs Healing Through Writing groups in her practice. She is a breast cancer survivor and has two grown children.

She and her shaggy dog, Rug, live amidst tall trees on the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland.

Jacquelyn Mitchard, New York Times Best-Selling Author says "Diane Pomerantz's story of a punishing marriage may be an often-told tale, but she has a majestic talent for conjuring emotion and compelling the reader with an authentic and heartbreaking story."