Monday, December 24, 2018

You Can Overcome the Scars of Bullying

Wish you were here Badfinger
Joyce Isaacson is an active blogger, author, and worked for the Chicago Tribune Editorial Department for ten years.  Her novel, "Wish You Were Here, Badfinger....A Rock Fantasy" has opened up many opportunities to help people deal with loss of a friend or loved one.

From a very young age, Joyce suffered extreme abuse through bullying by both classmates and teachers.  She dislocated her hip from tripping over a stuffed toy and missed a lot of school.  This led to a pattern of abuse and betrayal that followed her well into her adult years.  

You will enjoy her interview sharing her own story and her quirky novel:

Her novel draws many parallels from her own life dealing with pain, rejection and bullying.  Click on the book title below to purchase it on Amazon

"WISH YOU WERE HERE, Badfinger A Rock Fantasy”  is a quirky novel that crosses the love between brothers with the pop-paranormal.   Badfinger’s Tommy Evans, after years of depression following the death of a beloved band mate, slips into heaven by the skin of his teeth. Guided by an angel, Gabriel, he sets out on a Dante an voyage through the strata of the afterlife to reunite with his lost lead singer, Pete Ham. Along the way, Tommy encounters a repertoire of other famous faces—chafing against, laughing with, and learning from each in the fierce quest for his best friend’s soul.

Joyce Isaacson

For each paper book sold, Joyce is contributing to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  Their number is in her book as well as posted here:

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

You Can Overcome - Cancer Survivor-ship Journey

Glen and Debbie Kirkpatrick's story shows both sides of survivorship.  When someone is battling cancer they are not alone in that journey.  Their partner suffers as well. 

Glen and Debbie share the heart-wrenching story and ultimate victory over this terrible disease.  Glen is a three-time, 31-year cancer survivor living with late effects of radiation and chemotherapy.  He shares how to find joy, how to persevere and the significance of living in the moment.  

Glen and Debbie Kirkpatrick's interview will encourage you and give you strength to overcome any tragedy you may encounter.

A small book with a BIG story

Overcome is an incredible story of repeated crushing news and events answered with despair then courage, perseverance, fight, more despair, friendship sacrifice, faith, hope, but most of all love. 

Overcome illustrates the personal anguish of cancer diagnosis, treatments, and unexpected effects of treatments that can occur later in life – something not often talked or written about. The author also shows what family members and caregivers might experience during these challenges. 

Overcome demonstrates that living with chronic illness is a physical, psychological and spiritual battle.

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