Saturday, January 30, 2016

Nothing Destroys Hope More Than Shame/Guilt

Lois Hollis entered the world of Open Heart Surgery as a registered nurse 50 years ago.  She went on to help develop one of the first Kidney Hemodialysis Units in the country.

Today she has established a field of study as a Shame/Guilt Educator.  Her newly released book, Emotional Revolution = Evolution:  Releasing Shame/Guilt is a self-help guide to help us understand shame and guilt and the impact it can have on our lives.

"Shame and guilt are not ours to own.....or to give!"

"Guilt is the echo of shame that describes our unworthiness."

Lois has a unique insight that she shares in her interview.  You will be educated and motivated!  Don't miss her interview below.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Here is How YOU Can Have Optimum Health and Super Intelligence Wellness

Kay Kei has a BC in Geophysics and a MS from Berkeley School of Engineering.  She is a certified Herb Practitioner and Soul Coach and a best-selling author.  She has worked as a geophysicist and also ran her own business as a condominium developer/builder for 15 years.

One of the most exciting things about Kei is that she had declining health for four decades and after a diagnosis of breast cancer was able to take control of her health and realize optimum health for the past eight years.  She shares her journey of how she accomplished that.

Kay is an energetic, intelligent, interesting guest who I thoroughly enjoyed having on my show.   In her first interview on Never Ever Give Up Hope (click here) she gave us insight into how to reprogram your brain to deal with STRESS.  

In her interview today, she shares how YOU too can have Optimum Health!  She wants

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Chose to be a Survivor - NOT a Victim

Keith Dion has had an astounding career as a musician, songwriter, producer, and filmmaker.

But the story of what made this musician great goes much deeper.  Severely abused and then abandoned by his parents, he determined he would succeed.  He was inspired to become a musician by Jimi Hendrix and many years later he hooked up with Hendrix's bass player, Noel Redding.

Most well-known as being the producer, manager and bandleader for the late Noel Redding of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, he also has produced records for Arthur Lee and Love, and has played in New Zealand’s classic cult band The Ponsonby DC’s, as well as San Francisco alternative groups The Ophelias, 3:05 AM, and Corsica, producing records for all of them along the way.

Over the years he also recorded or performed with members of The Kinks, Thin Lizzy, Santana, The Counting Crows, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, and The Mahavishnu Orchestra. Most recently he’s released the very critically acclaimed collaboration with Jefferson Starship members Diana Mangano and Prairie Prince - Reno Nevada and Other Songs of Gambling, Vice and Betrayal as The Great American Robber Barons.

After both of his parents died in Reno, Nevada, the San Francisco-based artist discovered a whole new dimension to his musicality. “Their deaths made me face a lot of stuff, and I keep peeling back the layers and finding these dark aspects inside of me,” Keith says. “Every song on the album is about gambling, vice and betrayal, and we really mean it.”  

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

In the Blink of an Eye, Her Life Changed Forever - A Mother's Love

Stephanie Collins
Stephanie Collins, an award-winning author of With Angels Wings, has degrees in psychology and nursing. But, in the blink of an eye, she had to leave her career to care for her FOUR special needs children -- as a single mom.  After 23 years, she is still changing her child's diapers - but her attitude is beautiful - a true mother's love.

Her story is one of strength and courage.  If you know of anyone who is the parent of a special needs child, this is a 'MUST LISTEN to' broadcast.  

Stephanie does not see herself as a victim but someone who became strong in the face of adversity.  Through sheer perseverance and tenacity, she proved anyone can be an overcomer.

In Stephanie's words "If you are feeling overwhelmed and ready to give up -- I did too. These feelings aren't indicative of a weak constitution or failure -- they are symptoms