Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's More About the Journey than the Destination

Peri Hoskins, Millennium - The Memoir

Peri Hoskins is an author and an attorney who also has a degree in film and television production. He worked as a lawyer in New South Wales, Australia before embarking on a five-month road trip all around Australia.  

As narrator in his memoir, he shares how he overcame his own life's struggles and that above all else to 'Know Thyself.'

What he gleaned from that experience he shares in his book, East - just released.  

peri hoskins

In Millennium - A Memoir  we can travel with Peri, our narrator, to see the sunset on the eve of the old millennium and rise on the dawn of the new.  In Kate Pills review, she states that "it is a thought-provoking examination of the human character...." Click here to purchase  

It’s 1994. Junior lawyer, Vince Osbourne, leaves behind a small, mean and viciously circular life in the city representing petty criminals and takes to the road. He’s lived 30 years. The wide continent of Australia is out in front. He’s almost young. Where will the road lead? East takes in sunsets; rain in the desert; a five-year-old girl on a bike; a battered former thief and jockey; old-timers; young lovers; beautiful women, and aboriginals in public bars. The open road connects many vignettes making a rich tapestry of human encounters. East is poignant, gritty, funny, sad and above all: human.

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In his interview, he encourages listeners to "enjoy the journey moment by moment as it is more about the journey than the destination."

Listen to his interview here:

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Twitter: @PeriHoskins

Monday, September 28, 2015

Did You Know Your Perspective was a Matter of Choice?

Maja Kazazic Blown to bits in the war and close to death, Maja Kazazic said it was the best thing that ever happened to her. As a successful entrepreneur, she gives us a formula to success

Maja Kazazic is a living miracle. She is an internationally recognized motivational keynote speaker, an entrepreneur, a strategist and above all - a survivor of war.

She has taken the lessons of a life forever altered by what could have been catastrophic wounds of war and parlayed them into a vision and passion for providing the strategies and solutions people and organizations need to create positive, inspired change in their personal and professional lives.

Maja shares how the opposition created fear in the fearless country of Bosnia escalating into revenge, motivated by money and calculated to the end. She lived with her family who lost everything they had and there was no food to eat - anywhere.  

How do you stay positive when the bottom half of your body has been blown to bits - yet Maja did.  Her attitude of the victor was innate.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Your Life has Meaning - You are More than an Oxygen Thief

Lucinda Clarke, author, humorist, How do you Forgive a Narcissistic Mother?
Lucinda E. Clarke has lived in various parts of the world from Dublin to Kenya to South Africa to Spain.  She has authored four books including Walking Over Eggshells to raise awareness of personality disorders.

She has worked as a writer in a variety of formats including documentaries, advertisements, training videos, radio and TV script, newspaper and magazine articles.

As a director and producer for television, she founded her own video production company and has received over 20 awards specializing in the fields of education and documentaries.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Believe There is Something Better Coming

Sarah Jane Butfield is an Indie author and freelance columnist. Sarah Jane Butfield is an Indie author and freelance columnist.  Her Memoirs, Glass Half Full and Two Dogs and a Suitcase are Australian adventures written in a reality T-V format.

Sarah is a mother of seven children who has suffered severe trauma in her life.  Due to medical error, her daughter is disabled with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which affects the entire family.

Sarah has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as a result of a car accident.  During the Brisbane flood in 2011 they lost their home and every single thing in it but their lives were spared - for this she is eternally grateful. She says "I lost many things I would have wanted but left with what I needed.  I have my family and my dogs, who were spared."

Listening to her story you will want to cry, but Sarah has such a remarkable attitude you will

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Never EVER Tell Me It's Impossible

Nigel Vardy Even if you never had the desire to climb a mountain, this is a MUST LISTEN
Nigel Vardy is a mountaineer, author and speaker who has had his share of close calls in the "hills."  He has lost ALL his fingers and toes and his nose to FROSTBITE.  

He has written two books - Once Bitten and Seven Peaks - Seven Islands, along with numerous press articles sharing his experiences across the UK and Europe. 

He has climbed over 30 major peaks!

Nigel was rescued by helicopter only 300 feet from his goal to reach the summit.  It was minus 67 degrees and a matter of life and death.  It was the highest helicopter rescue on record.  

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Know Your Limit - Work Within It

Lisa Davis-Budzinski had a stroke right in the middle of her successful career and her life STOPPED.  Listen to her story how she coped and started a new life.

Lisa Davis-Budzinski worked as a Paralegal Specialist in the Florida State Attorney's office where she had received prestigious awards for her service and work ethics including Champion of Justice Award.  

Smack in the middle of a busy lifestyle, Lisa had a stroke causing Central Pain Syndrome, thyroid cancer, and Grave's Disease.  Her life was changed FOREVER!

During the process of learning to deal with these life changes, a book was born.  In her memoir, At the End of the Day, Lisa shares how these experiences can give you strength and courage to face life.

There is no cure for Central Pain Syndrome.  She is VP of the Central Pain Syndrome Foundation and desires to bring awareness of this syndrome that is affecting over three million people in the U S alone.  For more information, you can contact  

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Life Gives Second Chances - She's Still Alive

Amy had a severe pain in her stomach while she was at a family celebration that caused her to pass out and remain comatose.  "My stomach exploded! How cool is that!"  were Amy Oestreicher's first words to her biology instructor when she came out of a four-month coma.  

She was given 122 units of blood and survived 27 surgeries to rebuild her digestive system.  She was told she would never dance again, never sing again and never eat food by mouth again.  She proved them wrong on each count.

Amy is a 28-year-old actress who tried out for a local production of Oliver and got the lead - WHILE hospitalized.  She wrote and starred in her one-woman musical, Gutless and Grateful, and was nominated for the Broadway World Award for Best Theatre Debut.

While in the hospital, she used various media types to produce 70 pieces of art (from tissue to cardboard) that were discovered by "The Today Show" and she is now a renowned artist.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Soar! with Resilience - Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Success

Eileen Lichtenstein, 5 Minute Stress Busters and 10 Tips for Time Management and Saying No with Style

Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. specializes in personal development coaching and training, including stress and anger reduction management, life and career coaching, effective communication and career challenges. 

Her background includes bio-feedback, adjunct at Hofstra University, certified Anger Management Specialist and EFTtapping Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner.  Based in Westbury, NY, Eileen also conducts one:one coaching and group training via video skype, webinars and onsite.  

She is the author of   "SOAR! with Resilience®:
The Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success" and eBooks. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Go Where You Are Celebrated - Not Where You Are Tolerated

Gregory Berge - champion

Gregory Berge is a true champion.  He is a man of determination who has set a goal of becoming a Gold Medal winner in 2020 at the Tokyo Olympics.

His journey to reach this goal has had many hurdle including overcoming severe depression and fear.

He had to travel around the globe to fulfill his passion and to find his 'soul job.'   His experiences during a nuclear meltdown, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, and a tsunami had prompted him to write the book How To Find Your Soul Job.

Finding his niche in life has brought him success and he wants to share his secrets with you.

His book and interview: