Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Believe There is Something Better Coming

Sarah Jane Butfield is an Indie author and freelance columnist. Sarah Jane Butfield is an Indie author and freelance columnist.  Her Memoirs, Glass Half Full and Two Dogs and a Suitcase are Australian adventures written in a reality T-V format.

Sarah is a mother of seven children who has suffered severe trauma in her life.  Due to medical error, her daughter is disabled with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which affects the entire family.

Sarah has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as a result of a car accident.  During the Brisbane flood in 2011 they lost their home and every single thing in it but their lives were spared - for this she is eternally grateful. She says "I lost many things I would have wanted but left with what I needed.  I have my family and my dogs, who were spared."

Listening to her story you will want to cry, but Sarah has such a remarkable attitude you will
stand up and applaud her strength and joy with which she approaches life.

Her quotes:  "Don't be beaten.  Ask for help.  You are not an island."

"Believe there is something better coming."

"Find someone or something that triggers the urge to fix or deal with what troubles you."

"Build your dream - if you can conceive it, it will happen"

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Here is her amazing and uplifting story of survival against the odds

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