Saturday, September 26, 2015

Your Life has Meaning - You are More than an Oxygen Thief

Lucinda Clarke, author, humorist, How do you Forgive a Narcissistic Mother?
Lucinda E. Clarke has lived in various parts of the world from Dublin to Kenya to South Africa to Spain.  She has authored four books including Walking Over Eggshells to raise awareness of personality disorders.

She has worked as a writer in a variety of formats including documentaries, advertisements, training videos, radio and TV script, newspaper and magazine articles.

As a director and producer for television, she founded her own video production company and has received over 20 awards specializing in the fields of education and documentaries.

Her memoir, Walking Over Eggshells, is to help bring awareness to the silent and invisible disease of personality disorders.  Having a narcissistic mother, she had to figure out on her own that she had a greater purpose on this earth than to be an oxygen thief.   Her secret?  Humor

You may listen to her funny but, not so funny, story of survival here:

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