Friday, August 26, 2022

How To Build Your Faith to Take Action on Your Dreams


Like many of us - Kevin Bjorklund had moments in his life where regardless of how many people gave him positive feedback, he felt like he had nothing of value. These moments created a sense of hopelessness.

Have you had moments like that?  Kevin is going to show us today how to recognize and identify those feelings and overcome them. 

Kevin's background is in film production. For the past ten years, Kevin studied the great leaders on personal development and success which ultimately lead him to a coaching program with Robert Proctor who is part of a legacy of leaders in this space of personal development, success, and mindset.

After being coached by him, Kevin became a consultant of the Proctor Gallagher Institute and has dedicated himself to helping people live a life of purpose, mastering their mindset, and tapping into their full potential.

Kevin shares how the power of the mind and what limits are placed on people through their mindset. He shows us how to alter old limiting beliefs to become leverage for a breakthrough. 

During his interview, Kevin answers many of the questions you may have on how to live a life of confidence and success, the importance of goals, and gaining a new perspective:

Life on Purpose Planner


The Life On Purpose Planner is the PERFECT PLANNER for AN IMPERFECT WORLD. Everyone wants the perfect system or plan, but for those who haven't found the perfect plan or system, this planner works for you. The Life On Purpose Planner helps you concentrate your mind and manage your time in harmony with your purpose, vision, and goals. The foundation of this planner is a concept called sprinting. You can create a series of sprints that allow you to remain disciplined in your consistency towards a plan while allowing yourself the freedom to make adjustments after each one.

 Create automation in your mind by using this daily planner. 

 Your soul routine is a series of activities you choose to do every day to keep your Spirit, Soul, and Body in a healthy working condition. 

 Your goal routine is a series of activities that you can do every single day that takes you closer and closer to the achievement of your goal.

How to manage your time

: Reflecting on your commitments is something that should be done daily. 

QUOTES: Quotes allow you to glean from the wisdom of others in bite-size pieces.





Goal Card App

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Saturday, August 20, 2022

You Have the Ability to Go from Nothing to Something Amazing

Fatima Oliver is a wife, mother of four boys, an author, and an extreme lover of chocolate. The loss of her first child was the epitome of heartbreak. She felt like a tremendous failure to her husband and as a woman. When her marriage ended she felt bamboozled as though life was one big joke at her expense. Have you ever felt that way?

Fatima Oliver

Both tragedies taught Fatima how unfair life can be but also exposed an opportunity for faith to carry her. 

Fatima has embraced self-discovery and acceptance by challenging insecurity, anxiety, and depression from childhood trauma, heartbreak, and physical abuse. The result brought tremendous breakthroughs in her life and helped cultivate some baby steps she shares with others.

  • We are not meant to do life alone. Everyone needs a safe place to fall.
  • It is critical to change a victim mentality to a victory mindset - here is how
  • Accepting hard truths is essential
  • Releasing people from great expectations is a path to forgiveness


During Fatima's interview, she will give you the key steps for your soul healing journey and give you the strength to continue:

Fatima is offering a bonus for anyone listening to this interview - a 20-minute "Safe Place” session, where you are able to share what's on your heart, uninterrupted. There is great power in being heard and what is shared stays in this safe space. 


Fatima Oliver

The Prescription is in the Dirt is a bold, funny, illuminating, and sometimes hard-to-swallow inspirational memoir, that embraces the journey to self-love and acceptance. It served as an extension of freedom and therapy while writing it and is now used to lift the voices of those considering their own soul journey.


Speaking the truth in love is not just powerful when it is towards others. It is even more impactful when it is used for self-reflection. Waiting on loved ones to grow, was wasting time I could be using to mature myself. I needed to start participating in the change that was happening in my life instead of reacting to it all the time. This meant releasing unrealistic expectations for people to live up to, and accepting them right where they are. Then, peacefully detached myself from any future scenarios that did not respect my growth.

"For years I believed love meant suffering from someone unconditionally. Love is long-suffering but it is also gentle - not a host of emotional and mental torment. But hurt people hurt people. 

This truth does not lose its value based on who is dishing out the offense. This is why some people should be loved from across the street. I am thankful for the route I had to take to learn these life lessons. Trudging through discomfort and down-right tragedies helped me to find my identity. 

My pain exposed God’s grace. My fears exposed His protection. And the rejection I encountered by those I loved the most, revealed his undying love for me. Our behavior is a reflection of our freedom, and I was bound for most of my life, waiting for someone to come and do for me what I was unwilling to do for myself."

Fatima Oliver


"I Said What I Said"  is a raw account of what happened when someone who never wanted kids fall in love and have four....BOYS. There is raw truth laced with gut-busting laughter, all in the name of love. Fatima tackles generational habits that can gravely influence the parent-child relationship. Although humorous at times, there are definitely lessons that can be captured from this intriguing novel. 







Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Your Attitude, Drive, and Enthusiasm Can Take You Further Than Your Talents


Lori Vober suffered a massive intracerebral hemorrhagic
stroke at age 29, which left her paralyzed on the left side. After a two-month stay in the hospital where she had two brain surgeries, she returned home and her husband lost his job in the aviation industry due to the effects of 9/11.  A cross-country move was necessary while Lori was still in a wheelchair.  Lori developed epilepsy from the stroke and lost more independence.

Seven years later Lori and her husband were able to adopt three siblings, a journey filled with both blessings and challenges. 

Lori's interview was both inspiring and challenging. You will love hearing her story:


Life Rarely Turns Out Exactly as You Pictured it

We All Face Challenges Along the Way

God always has a plan.

But He leaves it up to you whether you follow His plan or not

Life is about CHOICES

Lori Vober chose to depend on God's faithfulness through all life's challenges

  • Everyone has doubts about their own abilities, but God has a plan
  • Believe in Him - Don't give up
  • Your attitude, drive, and enthusiasm can take you further than your talents
  • Find happiness in who God says you are
  • Do not allow someone else to define your happiness






Monday, August 15, 2022

Does a Great Brand Change the Way Others See You - Or the Way You See Yourself?

Almost 8 years ago, Tonya Eberhart’s 20-year marriage ended, and she left behind two businesses. She walked out the door with her first BrandFace book in her hand and a newly founded business of the same name. She had one client. This brought a tremendous amount of stress and pressure but when your dream is strong enough, you push through the pressure.

Tonya Eberhart

Tonya Eberhart is an international bestselling author, host of the BeBoldBranding Podcast, and founder of BrandFace, a branding firm that helps podcasters, authors, coaches, speakers, and solopreneurs in four countries and 43 US states to stand out and become an authority in their market through the power of personal branding. 

Tonya's humble career began while selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door to pay her way through college. This led to a job in radio and listening to local advertising, she realized the power that personal branding has on a business. 

Almost two decades and many successful brands later, she founded BrandFace, a personal branding firm comprising a book series, speaking series, and personal branding program designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs differentiate themselves.

Tonya and Michael are partners in BrandFace, the only comprehensive personal brand-building system across the globe. Their mantra is, "People don't do business with a logo. They do business with a person." They help speakers, podcasters, authors, coaches, real estate agents, solopreneurs, and business owners to STAND OUT from their competition and attract their ideal customers so they can become recognized and sought-after authorities.

In her interview she will share how you can unveil your inner star for massive recognition and riches using their 3-D Formula:

People don’t do business with a logo. They do business with a person. Marketing yourself as an entrepreneur and the face of your business has become more complex. New marketing tools and platforms are being introduced almost daily. 

In order to break through the clutter and noise, you must define your point of differentiation and learn to develop and display your unique personal brand in a powerful, memorable way. 

In this book, you’ll learn many of the principles and tactics we’ve used to position and market our clients for success, such as: 

• How to Become a Recognized Authority in Your Industry…even if no one knows who you are right now

• How to Develop an Attractor Factor That Naturally Appeals to Your Ideal Customers…so you can work smarter, not harder

• How to Stop the Cycle of Poor Prospecting and Become a Sought After Expert…without the arrogance that can turn prospects away

• How to Use Today’s Marketing Tools Differently…and avoid the same vanilla marketing tactics your competitors are using

• How to Set Yourself Up for Long Term Success…regardless of the ups and downs of your industry.


The Raising of a Rebel is a heart-wrenching and heartwarming story of a young man who grew up as a product of the moonshine industry in the mountains of North Georgia. His daddy was a moonshiner, and his mama helped in the business, as well. They were both alcoholics. 

Follow his journey through a tumultuous childhood, high school basketball stardom, the choice that changed it all...and the man it sculpted along the way. 

You'll learn about the one person who shaped his morals and provided him with "10 years of wisdom for every 10 minutes they spent together." You'll feel his disappointment, give voice to his rage, and raise your hands to his victories. You'll cringe, laugh heartily, and shed more than a few tears throughout. And there's a good chance you'll find a little bit of yourself in his story.

Tonya Eberhart









Sunday, August 7, 2022

If You Have Been Broken, Do You Know How To Move Forward?

Kate Wallinga spent her professional life in the fields of mental health

and criminal justice, before breaking her back and being put on

permanent disability in 2014. She has worked in the fields of

correctional psych, forensic psych, and crisis assessment.

Kate studied criminal justice and mental health counseling and worked

in the New Hampshire State Prison system, locked psychiatric facilities,

and several emergency rooms.

Ignorance Was Bliss

In 2010, Kate had a near-death experience, which led to her being

housebound for a year. In 2014, Kate broke her back and had to

leave her career. In 2019, Kate's father died by suicide. She has

battled health issues including epilepsy and deafness. But, as she

will share today, although broken, Kate moved forward and she

will show you how to as well - no matter what you have gone


After accepting the necessity of leaving her preferred career, Kate

spent a few years moping, then started listening to podcasts. She loves

true crime genre and soon realized this is what she wanted to do - to

connect with and share other people's stories.

In her interview, she shares her incredible story and how she became a

story-teller, a story-collector, and a.....herder of cats.

Kate Wallinga

Podcasting seemed the logical next step after Kate worked in the fields of

forensic and correctional psychology, and crisis assessment.

Ignorance Was Bliss is a show about how we become who we are and 

making just about anything sound normal - from PTSD to podcasting to 

serial murder. It is about people's stories.

This podcast is about how we become who we are - about making 

just about anything sound normal. Over time, the focus of the show 

has widened to include the normal, the average, the ordinary, that 

all of us can understand...but we continue to think of ourselves as 

somehow messed up, weird, wrong. 

We're not.

You're not.


Connect with Kate Here




Friday, August 5, 2022

How Would you Cope if Told Your Child has Severe Multiple Disabilities?

Vickie Rubin was 24 years old and about to deliver her first child – she also had chicken pox. So begins the story of a first-time mom who learns her infant daughter has severe, multiple disabilities. Facing the challenges of caring for her daughter, marriage struggles, and the question of having more children, Vickie Rubin gives a glimpse into the world of her family and transformation while Raising Jess.

Vickie holds a master’s degree in Exceptional Education from SUNY Buffalo State College. Before writing her book, she was the director of the Early Childhood Direction Center and is experienced in working with professionals and families of children with special needs.


Vickie transformed from a young mom with no experience to a well-known regional advocate for families and children with special needs.

“When Jessica was young Vickie experienced many panic attacks. I had three children under the age of five, one who needed total assistance and had complex medical issues. Our financial situation was difficult and I was unable to work because my daughter needed so much care. I ALWAYS felt helpless when Jessica experienced a seizure, I admit that my go-to was panic. Fortunately, my husband was calm, cool-headed when Jess had seizures.”

Her interview and her book will delight you and make you want to hear more of her story. It is a must-listen for anyone who has felt like giving up and anyone who has a child with special needs. And….why every family needs to do an exit interview -- what's that?

UPDATE in Newsweek:  Our Daughter Has a Disability. 

We Transformed Her Life with One Change! Read here


Vickie Rubin, M.S. Ed is the author of  Raising Jess: A Story of Hope, the powerful story of one family’s survival when faced with adversity. Written with compassion, honesty, and humor, it tells of a family changed forever by the birth of a child with special needs, and their courageous decision to choose hope. This beautiful, gripping memoir will delight and leave you wanting more.  

One grandparent's review: "I am the father of a grown daughter with a nine-year-old child with special needs similar to Jess. My daughter and I read your book at the same time and found we were constantly laughing, comparing stories, and being amazed at the similarities in their lives and ours. It opened up many conversations allowing us to share our feelings that until then were unspoken." 

Vickie’s Views is a hopeful, humorous, inspiring commentary about various topics, including raising a child with a disability, observations of everyday life, family, marriage, plus navigating the world of COVID-19. She started writing the blogs in March 2020, about the same time we were all told: DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE!  

Vickie loves to write and has published numerous essays in her local newspaper, The Buffalo News.


Vickie’s Mom nagged/motivated her to write a book, and her excuses were, “I have three kids, a full-time job – who has time to write a book!"  But then she retired. Still overwhelmed by the task she had boxes of Jessica's notes and journals and she wrote about Jess’ incredible journey from the perspective of a mom who never, ever gave up hope.



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