Friday, August 5, 2022

How Would you Cope if Told Your Child has Severe Multiple Disabilities?

Vickie Rubin was 24 years old and about to deliver her first child – she also had chicken pox. So begins the story of a first-time mom who learns her infant daughter has severe, multiple disabilities. Facing the challenges of caring for her daughter, marriage struggles, and the question of having more children, Vickie Rubin gives a glimpse into the world of her family and transformation while Raising Jess.

Vickie holds a master’s degree in Exceptional Education from SUNY Buffalo State College. Before writing her book, she was the director of the Early Childhood Direction Center and is experienced in working with professionals and families of children with special needs.


Vickie transformed from a young mom with no experience to a well-known regional advocate for families and children with special needs.

“When Jessica was young Vickie experienced many panic attacks. I had three children under the age of five, one who needed total assistance and had complex medical issues. Our financial situation was difficult and I was unable to work because my daughter needed so much care. I ALWAYS felt helpless when Jessica experienced a seizure, I admit that my go-to was panic. Fortunately, my husband was calm, cool-headed when Jess had seizures.”

Her interview and her book will delight you and make you want to hear more of her story. It is a must-listen for anyone who has felt like giving up and anyone who has a child with special needs. And….why every family needs to do an exit interview -- what's that?

UPDATE in Newsweek:  Our Daughter Has a Disability. 

We Transformed Her Life with One Change! Read here


Vickie Rubin, M.S. Ed is the author of  Raising Jess: A Story of Hope, the powerful story of one family’s survival when faced with adversity. Written with compassion, honesty, and humor, it tells of a family changed forever by the birth of a child with special needs, and their courageous decision to choose hope. This beautiful, gripping memoir will delight and leave you wanting more.  

One grandparent's review: "I am the father of a grown daughter with a nine-year-old child with special needs similar to Jess. My daughter and I read your book at the same time and found we were constantly laughing, comparing stories, and being amazed at the similarities in their lives and ours. It opened up many conversations allowing us to share our feelings that until then were unspoken." 

Vickie’s Views is a hopeful, humorous, inspiring commentary about various topics, including raising a child with a disability, observations of everyday life, family, marriage, plus navigating the world of COVID-19. She started writing the blogs in March 2020, about the same time we were all told: DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE!  

Vickie loves to write and has published numerous essays in her local newspaper, The Buffalo News.


Vickie’s Mom nagged/motivated her to write a book, and her excuses were, “I have three kids, a full-time job – who has time to write a book!"  But then she retired. Still overwhelmed by the task she had boxes of Jessica's notes and journals and she wrote about Jess’ incredible journey from the perspective of a mom who never, ever gave up hope.



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  1. Sounds like a great book. Thank you to Vickie for sharing your experiences.

    1. Thank you -- I will pass your comment to Vickie.