Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Paying the Price for Fame - and Living to Tell the Tale

Michelle Christoffels, an author of No Glory For Me, was Australia's first registered, professional, female boxer, dual UNDEFEATED Victorian Champion and Australian Champion Kickboxer.  

But there was a time in Michelle's life when she had a serious downfall, spending time in psychiatric care and a criminal conviction.  

She went from street gangs to making national headlines -- she paid the price for fame!

Just before her first professional match, she was drugged/raped by her manager and started her life on a downward spiral.

Telling her story in this interview, she shares from her heart in a way that will keep you captivated.  She was considered Australia's toughest woman (and also a cop) yet was falling apart on the inside in the battle of her life/career.  As you listen you will realize that someone out there can HELP you, has felt your pain and can offer support uniquely and honestly.

Her memoir, No Glory For Me, starts with a courtroom drama -- you don't want to miss this compelling story.

Listen to this woman's incredible plight from fame to devastation and finally....success.

Click here for her book, No Glory For Me, on Amazon 

You may connect with Michelle here:


Twitter : @nogloryforme_

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