Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Great Love is Worthy of Great Sorrow - Give Yourself Time to Heal

The Widow Wore Pink
Robyn Dykstra is a captivating national speaker and author of The Widow Wore Pink.  

Robyn was on top of the world and 'had it all.'  She traveled the world and had an incredible income as a Playboy bunny.  But her life of drugs, alcohol and promiscuity were not enough.  Her marriage ended in divorce which threw her into a life-changing moment. 

She married Hot and Hunky, had two children and life was perfect... until the unthinkable happened.  Not once -- but TWICE!  She became an accidental expert on finding joy during difficult times when she buried TWO husbands in FOUR short years.

You will love Robyn's story sprinkled with laughter and joy but more importantly with tips on how to deal with the pain that comes with trauma.

Joy and Sorrow coexist

It is possible to grieve the past
 while you delight in the present

Click on the arrow to listen to her amazing story  -- if you have suffered loss, you will relate

The Widow Wore Pink

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Can you relate? In an instant... 
* the marriage is over, 
* the job ends, 
* the car's wrecked, 
* the money's gone, 
* the diagnosis is pronounced ... 
... and your dreams are crushed.

All you can do is cry, "Why?" You long for the lost to be found, for the broken to be fixed, for the stolen to be returned. You want your life back! 

In The Widow Wore Pink, you'll discover that the God who was faithful to Robyn will also be faithful to you. Learn to face the unwelcome changes in your life by knowing and trusting the promises of God for yourself. 


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