Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Do You Know What a Surthrivor is?

Lost, alone, hopeless are words that were part of this little girl's life.  But Marnie Grundman would not accept that life and chose to be not only a survivor, but a surthrivor!

At FIVE years old, Marnie's mother threw her out of a second story window.  She ran away from home seeking the love she needed to survive.  Marnie was a child who belonged to no one - a child lost!

Her story will grab your attention as she shares how she turned all that pain and suffering into helping others.

Artist and entrepreneur Marnie Grundman began writing as a way to release herself from the wounds of her past. She shares her life and experiences in hopes of inspiring and empowering others who have felt lost, broken and less than.

In Marnie's words:  "I decided that I was going through this hell as a kind of pre-payment for a good life. From a very young age, I always knew that better days lay ahead. Now I had an explanation as to why: I was paying up front. I decided that I was destined for greatness and I just had to power through."

You do not want to miss this remarkable woman's interview:

MISSING: A True Story of a Childhood Lost is a story of a young girl's survival, a woman's surthrival. It is a story of suffering, of rising up against all odds and discovering an appreciation of life. Follow Marnie through her journey from stolen childhood to empowered woman as she details firsthand the power of the human spirit to heal and love.

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