Thursday, January 24, 2019

Do Mistakes of Your Past Define Your Present?

Running from Fear
Thad Cummings went from having a family,  a seven figure net worth, multiple businesses and a non-profit to being broke, family-less and facing death.  As he lie staring up at a ceiling in an empty apartment with a cell-phone that was now silent, he wondered where it all went wrong.

In his interview, Thad answers questions like:

What to do when the phone goes silent? 

What is more important -- proving you are right or the other person is wrong?

What does 'redefining enough' mean?

How do you measure success?



Thad's interview can change the way you think about your finances and your life. 

Thad's latest release is timely for the challenges we face  today - CLICK here

Social media has become a warzone for politics, millions are suffering from anxiety and depression and millions more lack basic necessities for quality of life. 

The world often feels more against us than with us and compassion has become the furthest thing from the conversation. This robs us, our relationships, and our community from engaging a life of the love, grace, and dignity we all deserve. If we are going to pick a battle to fight, let’s fight a culture of hostility with a hands-on approach toward compassion. Join the conversation, challenge the norm and set precedence to say we can all do better, collectively.

Thad Cummings is the author of "Running From Fear" and "Weathering the Corporate Storm." He speaks and holds seminars on all matters of fear, worth and redefining enough. He is passionate about bringing new conversations to the landscape where all voices are heard, barriers are broken, and the polarization of our community is diminished.

Thad Cummings ran social enterprises and non-profits for nearly a decade before writing. His books are a three-part series of sharing stories from losing it all to finding life again.

Thad Cummings

You won't want to miss this interview and his books are about engaging conversations to take a shift in perspective on what is holding us back from finding more joy in our personal lives, professional lives, and our relationships.

Running from Fear

Running From Fear:  
Walking Into the Desert and Finding Life Again

There is no shortage of good books, friends, support groups, therapies, religious teachings, advice and knowledge on how to live a life full of abundance, joy and love. Yet, in so many lives, it barely exists. Fear is the roadblock that keeps us from engaging a life we all desire, but cannot seem to get to because it is always somewhere over there, just out of reach. 

From our jobs to our relationships, from our past pain to our current despair, to all the negativity that clouds our communities, fear affects everyone, universally. This is a conversation with stories about how we can engage the fears we all face so that they are no longer controlling our lives. This is about turning knowledge into practical wisdom. 

“If you let the mistakes of your past define the present, you will never have a future.” 

Weathering the Corporate Storm

Weathering the Corporate Storm

We spend one-third of our lives working at a job where most of us count the minutes until Friday and pray that Monday is a lifetime away. Why are we so stressed out at work, burnt out, frustrated with co-workers, employees, or management? Why are we money hungry, success hungry, or perhaps feel a tinge of despair like our work isn't valued or holds no larger purpose? 

This 10-step guide walks through simple, tangible ways to make changes in the workplace to improve our livelihoods, our sanity and our community. 

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