Tuesday, August 13, 2019

How to Counter the Lies You Tell Yourself

Tina Yaeger is an author, podcast host, licensed counselor, life coach, and a speaker with a passion for encouragement.  

Tina teaches how to bust through common
lies women believe and how to counter falsehoods.  A self-image makeover helps women identify the issues which handicap them and how to recognize and refute 
negative self-talk.  She will help you 
unlock the secrets to mental strength and 
to recognize common habits that can be 

Tina is 'wired' as an encourager and is passionate about helping others who struggle with low self-worth.  As a young teenager, 
she felt unlovable which led to an eating disorder that lasted into her college years.  

During her third year of college, still in the grip of the eating disorder, she was assaulted 
and has vivid memories of shuffling along the gutter, leading to death after this attack. 

In her interview she discusses:
  • the key ways to identify a lie
  • specific lies about femininity and significance
  • how to counter falsehoods

Tina Yaeger's newly released book Beautiful Warrior:  Finding Victory over the Lies Formed Against You is a must-read for anyone dealing with identity and self-worth 

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In Beautiful Warrior, licensed therapist Tina Yeager shows you how to overthrow your 
own self-defeating patterns. Through easy-to-understand biblical references, end-of-chapter questions, and empowerment opportunities, she demonstrates how you can soar over common obstacles that often keep women from healthy self-esteem. 

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