Sunday, August 4, 2019

Do You Want to Be the One Who Starts the Chain Reaction?

Darrick T. Miller Jr. is an author and motivational speaker who is reaching his generation -- black male and female millennials. His books are written with a two-fold purpose. First to inspire hope and faith to a generation of men and women who feel there is little hope for them. And, secondly, to anyone who wants to understand and relate with millennials.
No matter what your age or race, Darrick has tremendous insight and passion to help others. His message: DARE TO BE YOU! and Do NOT allow circumstances to change you. Each of us can benefit from Darrick's books and this interview.

Darrick's books are designed to guide and direct you as well as ignite your dreams despite any negative circumstances, age, or race. He discusses subjects that are taboo in many circles - but desperately need to be shared.
Darrick believes that each of us has a message that can make an impact. All we need to do is find our gifts and calling.


The Little Black Book: Miscommunications of the Millennial Black Male was written to inspire hope and faith to a generation of men who feel like there is none left. Many do not understand the uphill battles young men of color are faced with today and unsure of the type of guidance that is needed to help them. This book will not only guide but direct them to discover, ignite and fulfill the dreams that God has for their lives no matter the circumstances that are placed in front of them.

The Little Black Book 2 is the second installment of "The Little Black Book's" Millennial series. By focusing on the socio-economic mind frame of the black millennial female, this book intends to shatter the stereotypes attributed to the black woman.

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