Saturday, May 11, 2019

Learning How to Rewire the Autistic Brain

Anita Lesko was a guest speaker at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC for World Autism Awareness Day.  Anita Lesko is an award-winning author and speaker.  She has a Master's of Science degree in nurse anesthesia specializing in neurosurgery, organ transplants, trauma/burns, and joint replacement surgery for the past three decades.    

She is on the panel of the Autism Spectum with the Autism Society of America.  She is a certified life coach specializing in the Autism Life Skills Coaching, Intgrative Health and Wellness Coaching and Halth Care Professional Coaching, and Executive/Corporate Coaching.

Anita Lesko

Using visualization since childhood, Anita Lesko re-wired her autistic brain which enabled her to fit into the mainstream with a successful career, happy marriage, and fulfilling life.  She is about to change the lives of millions on the autism spectrum.  

Listen to this amazing interview with Anita and realize there are no limits to what you can accomplish -- even if you are autistic!


Anita did not discover she was autistic until age 50

Dr. Tony Attwood:  "Anita's book is a bridge between our knowledge of the neurology of autism and the latest scientific theories of neuroplasticity.  The methods she taught herself, leading to her success, need to be integrated into the school curriculum, job coaching and therapy to facilitate skills that have previously been so elusive for those who have autism."

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Amazon - purchase Becoming Autism Success Story here
Amazon - purchase Temple Grandin Stories here
Amazon - purchase Complete Guide to Autism Healthcare Professionals here
Amazon - purchase Aspergers Syndrome here


Asperger's Syndrome

In Asperger's Syndrome, Anita Lesko offers good basic actionable advice to parents from her side. Challenged with Aspergers and only diagnosed at age 50, helped her understand why she never had a real friend and why her life was so different and difficult from the rest of us.  Anita's life story is remarkable.

Autism healthcare

One in every 68 children is diagnosed with autism. This translates into millions of individuals on the spectrum. In The Complete Guide to Autism Healthcare, learn how you can improve hospital and doctor visits for these special needs patients with this in-depth reference book.

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is the most famous person with autism in the world. Whether you know her from the HBO movie Temple Grandin, her decades of work in the meat and cattle industry, or her unmatched contribution to the autism world, surely you know a thing or two about Temple. Well, prepare to meet a whole new side of her! Temple’s close friend and author, Anita Lesko, conducts personal and unique interviews that include chapters such as:

  • Filming of the HBO Movie Temple Grandin

  • Crazy Funny Stuff & Childhood Memories

  • Thrilling Events in Temple’s Life!

  • Work Hard to Succeed

  • Temple’s Big Message

  • And so much more!

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