Thursday, April 18, 2019

How to Never Quit Climbing to Reach What Appears as Unattainable

Climbing life's mountains
Gary Sinclair is an author of three books, leadership coach, musician, and speaker.  With a master's degree in counseling, he provides wisdom, inspiration and practical help to overcome insurmountable mountains.  He has climbed nine 14,000-foot mountains but overcame even higher ones in his personal life.

Most people face hopeless situations of some degree in their lives - financial, grief and loss, relationship struggles, work issues, etc.  Often these summits seem impossible to reach but Gary applies the same principles to overcoming these problems with actual mountain climbing.  His insight is noteworthy.

His wife was faced with a three-stage cancer diagnosis and they were able to overcome that life-threatening experience and pass on their wisdom to us.  He explores perseverance, pushing through weariness, and the importance of taking one step at a time.

Important life lessons related to mountain climbing:

  1. Never climb alone
  2. One step at a time - turning around to see how far you have come
  3. Realizing going back down is not going back
  4. Excuses are not an option

Gary addresses each of these and many more in his uplifting, encouraging interview with some of the best tips I have ever heard on how to WIN.

You do not want to miss this incredible story of winning 


Gary is also a studio-level musician, has a website and blog and has been published in numerous national publications both in print and online. In 2000, he received the Father Figure of the Year award in the state of Illinois.

Gary is available as a motivational speaker for businesses, churches, and community
events. He shares the concepts in Never Quit Climbing and become an overcomer of
your personal mountains.

Gary Sinclair

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