Sunday, April 28, 2019

Determination Can Make You Unstoppable

Matt Rifenberg has a remarkable story of resilience, tenacity, and success. When
Cathy Goguen, an award-winning playwright heard his story she knew it would make a
great play. Together they produced that play with an incredible message.
Unstoppable by Design.
Matt Rifenberg and Cathy Goguen

Matt has been homeless, friendless, hungry, married to someone addicted to drugs, a
clueless father trying to raise his son, and had a brain tumor. He was terrified of what might
happen as a penniless, unemployed man without direction.

Currently, Matt is employed by the government engineering the destruction of chemical
weapons -- well-respected and successful in that community.

You do NOT want to miss this interview with both Matt and Cathy. On many levels, we can all
relate with his story and it is an encouragement to everyone who hears it.

Watch the YouTube Trailer here

Attention Kentucky Playwrights:
Call for Submissions for the 2019 Roots of the Bluegrass Playwriting Contest, sponsored by KTA can be found here:


Cathy's accomplishments include:

2016 EKDAS first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award

May I Have Your Attention Please? A play about teenage suicide and performed throughout the US, Canada, Great Britain, and Ireland. 

Honored by the Kentucky House of Representatives adjourning in her honor, February 2019


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