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You Can Live Your Best Life and Then Give it all Away

Ahmard Vital was ‘living the American dream” when his world fell apart. Even when he made mistakes he turned it around and realized what a blessing it was.  

More than Enough

Ahmard is a motivational consultant, international speaker, and author who provides his audiences with the tools needed to achieve personal success, utilize willpower and determination, and develop strategies that will allow anyone to achieve personal and professional excellence.

His mission is to especially empower young men to live life to the fullest.  He is becoming one of the most SOUGHT-AFTER motivational speakers in the world from ZAMBIA and UAE and throughout the U. S. inspiring professionals at companies like the Boys and Girls Club, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Salvation Army. 

After a decade of studying the performance habits of high-achieving athletes, Ahmard has developed programs of inspiration and motivation that are beneficial to individuals, professionals, companies, and organizations worldwide.

His motivation is to help teenagers be seven to ten times more successful than he could become. The challenge is to become the man he needed in his life when he was seventeen.

In today's interview, he will share those principles and exercises.

Now What?

Now What? A question that often comes from rock bottom requires a strategy that looks at solutions, building a ladder one rung at a time to escape despair and uncertainty.

With simple and calculated solution-based steps, Now What is a focused guide for young adults who want concrete, practical solutions to their problems. Whether they have been raised in troubled homes, embroiled in the criminal justice system, or advanced to the university level with no clear career path, Now What is designed to help them steer their life towards productive and preferred fulfillment. 

Ahmard Vital

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Have you wandered through life seeking what you think you lack? Well, your search is over. Within the pages of this book, you will learn that the opinion you have of yourself is the only one that matters and that the self-love and forgiveness you practice are the greatest gifts to give to yourself. All that is asked of you is to be willing to initiate and accept your inevitable growth. The principles presented will reinforce the truth that you are More Than Enough.

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After years of research, Ahmard Vital’s Awaken the Baller Within reveals profound truths about the positive use of mind and how it affects athletes’ game performance. This book will teach you how to: 

• Manage your thoughts 

• Solidify your role as a team leader and player 

• Establish strong work habits 

• Stay positive amid negativity 

• Be the change you want to see on the team 

You’ll feel empowered as you begin controlling your thoughts. Want to be a top recruit? The choice is yours and you have everything needed for transformation. Now do it. The time is now. This is your moment.



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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Focus on What You Can Control instead of Fear of What is Coming

Most of Guy Morris' childhood felt helpless and hopeless. As an adult, while successful in his career, he hid chronic depression, complex PTSD, hyperanxiety, and addiction for many years.

Guy was a homeless runaway at thirteen who now has a 36-year Fortune 100 career, bringing awareness of the rapid advances of A1 as it relates to cyber-security and national security. In addition, he is a published songwriter for Disnew Records, a screenplay writer for Sojourn Entertainment, a Coast Guard charter captain, a PADI diver, an adventurer, and now an author of an intelligent well-researched thriller. 

Since his 2021 debut as an indie author, Guy has released three pulse-pounding thrillers inspired by true stories, actual technologies, true global politics, and history. 

The true event of when the Ethiopian Ark of the Covenant was stolen and sold on the black markets inspired the Lask Ark following a massacre of 750 men, women, and children in January 2021. Deep research into AI, cyber-espionage, politics, history, religion, prophecy, and politics often provides further motivation.

When Guy discovered through an obscure AP article a spy program had escaped the Lawrence Livermore labs at Sandia, a well-known HSA spy lab, two FBI agents showed up at his door.

In Guy's interview, he will share what he discovered and why it is necessary to help you understand current and future events. You will want to pass this on to bring awareness and prepare us for what is ahead.

The SNO Chronicles are inspired by the true story of a program that escaped the Lawrence Livermore Labs at Sandia, a cryptology and signals lab for the CIA and NSA. The program was never recaptured.

Code named SLVIA (Sophisticated Language Virtual Intelligence Algorithms), and program was designed as a web-crawling virtual spy under a joint CIA-NSA program to create a digital backdoor. Equipped with early versions of deep fake technology as well as other espionage, data gathering, and analysis functions, prototypes of the SLVIA toolset were stolen during the 2016 Russian CIA hack.

Over the past decade, SLVIA has formed a network of millions of human connections across the globe known as the SNO (Spy Net Online). Men and women from all political, professional, and religious backgrounds are willing to share what they know and seek the truth behind the headlines. From political and corporate leaders to taxi drivers and hookers SNO members connect through SLVIA completely unaware of other members.

Set in a post-coronavirus world with a crippled world economy, rising social and political corruption, and unrest with a global food crisis in the third world, and where real-world AI integrates into digital identity, law enforcement, military and cyber warfare, political corruption, and religious apostasy when SLVIA decodes end time prophecies to interpret world events through a prophetic lens with a frighteningly accurate real-world perspective.

During 2020 the US, Russia, and China declined to abide by the international Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) protocol which would restrict any AI from making a kill decision without the validation of a human operator. During 2020, Russia demonstrated a hypersonic missile that could evade current missile defenses. Political corruption and division in the US have destabilized the world’s greatest democracy.

China, Russia, and Iran have formed an alliance designed to weaken the Western alliance's grip on the world economy and shift power to the east. A decade of hacks of US consumer, corporate, and government information has been weaponized into an artificial intelligence internet virus that can be trained and targeted to hack access and disable connected systems. The 2020 Solar Winds hack was the tip of the iceberg of a coming cyber conflict.







Thursday, January 4, 2024

How to Start, Launch, and Run a Successful Podcast

It is NEVER too late

It is NEVER too soon

When Erik Allen, who came from a broken home, was thirteen he beat his mom's boyfriend with a cast iron pan for hitting her. Erik was jailed at eighteen, bankrupt at twenty-one, and had an ongoing battle with addictions.  However, something happened in 2004 that changed everything!

He is now breaking the chains of divorce, abuse, rejection, and addiction. He is married and has been sober for over eighteen years.

Erik Allen is a certified John Maxwell Coach and the host of the Erik Allen Show which is ranked #133 on the US Apple Entrepreneur and in the top 1.5% of all podcasts globally. 

Erik's story is compelling but more importantly he shares his secrets of success by opening doors for partnerships, collaborations, and more.

How to QUIT Quitting is where you will find help by getting noticed online with great sources to help you start, launch, and run a podcast. He offers a self-paced course or 1:1 coaching. His ebook walks you through the course for only seven dollars! 

eBook: Click here


Course Highlights:

  • Tailored Guidance: Craft a podcast that resonates with your specific audience and industry.

  • Step-by-Step Approach: Follow a clear and proven roadmap to successfully launch your podcast in just 30 days.

  • Expert Insights: Benefit from industry-specific advice to establish yourself as a credible authority.

  • Bonus - 30 Minute Consultation Call, Diamond Sponsorship: Gain exposure with 1 month of sponsorship on the Erik Allen Show ($100 Value), and PDF version of the course along with my eBook 'Podcasting Legacy: How to Start, Launch, & Run A Podcast To Leave A Legacy'.

  • Affordable Investment: Get started for only $27 for the PDF version – a small investment for significant returns.
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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Do You Struggle with Thoughts of Self-doubt or Feel Unworthy?

Shana Francesca often struggled with thoughts of self-doubt and feelings of being unworthy or unlovable. This led to suicidal thoughts, body dysmorphia, anorexia, bulimia, and other harmful practices

That was then…

Today, Shana shares her story on how we can live more joyful and connected lives than we thought possible.

Shana Francesca

Shana is a  speaker, writer, and entrepreneur.  She has been interviewed on more than sixty podcasts worldwide and has been published in Medium, Authority Magazine,  Shoutout LA, and Emotional Intelligence magazine. She helps people live more joyful and connected lives through the principles of life design. 

"I believe our present and future are transformed when we infuse our lives with intention, we design our lives and realize the power in accepting ourselves as the author of our story.”

We empower people to get back to the place where they listen to their 'knowing,' not their 'wanting'. Wanting is influenced by all the marketing we interact with every day, telling us who we 'should' be and what box we have to fit ourselves in. When we connect to who we were born to be, who we long to become, and who we are becoming, our lives change.

What we create at CONCINNATE is unique to the people we design for - the messy, beautiful, imperfect, and relentlessly divergent lives of our clients. Your life is a series of choices that lead you somewhere close or further away from who you are at your core.


Under My Skin is a fast-paced, action-packed suspense, chance-meeting novel.

What happens when two people have a chance meeting on a dark street in the middle of the city...

Ethan Zane is a Real Estate mogul who is focused on building his business until he meets Aria. Aria is a designer who moved to the city to get away from her abusive ex. Aria James is smart, funny, stubborn, and curvy. She knows what she wants and even though she struggles sometimes with believing good things will happen for her, she knows her worth. Things get rough when Aria admits she's falling for Ethan, after all, he's gorgeous and protecting her from her abusive Ex...but Ethan has a secret that could tear everything apart. Will they build something together, or will her Ex and his secret be their undoing?




Thursday, November 30, 2023

Has Your Faith Been Challenged Due to the Loss of a Child?

What is Your Rhythm in Life? You CAN Make Courageous Decisions

Clint Hatton's world was turned upside down on September 23, 2019. The entire world was turned upside down in 2020.

Clint Hatton had to rise from the ashes of the tragic death of his seventeen-year-old son, Gabriel, a licensed pilot killed in a plane crash while living his dream in 2019. How do you not allow fear, loss, or anything else life throws at you but rather be a carrier of hope, living your dream, and choosing to find a way to love and serve others along the journey?

Clint believes we were created to live a courageous life! He burns with a passion to inspire and help you overcome every obstacle our dynamic world throws at you.

Clint Hatton is an author, motivational speaker, personal development and leadership coach, and the founder of BigBoldBrave based in Dallas, Texas. He has been coaching individuals and teams for over twenty years with a proven track record of helping people grow personally, achieve success, and build healthier marriages and relationships.

Clint's interview will challenge you, grip your heartstrings, and help move you to action

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Big Bold Brave: How to Live Courageously in a Risky World contains wisdom and strategies Cline lived by to thrive despite his greatest personal loss.


Big, Bold, Brave calls you to live a courageous life! Every human is uniquely created to fulfill a divine purpose. If you burn with a desire to inspire others and overcome every obstacle our dynamic world throws at us, this book is for you.

Clint Hatton shares the mindsets, insights, and character traits that have empowered him and his family to rise from the ashes of the tragic death of their seventeen-year-old son, Gabriel, and continue to chase their dreams.

Learn how to:

- Distinguish between natural and unnatural fears.

- Turn your pain from loss or extreme disappointment into a catalyst.

- Remain in a state of gratefulness, joy, and hope despite your circumstances.

- Recognize opportunities and possibilities where others see closed doors.

- Develop your character to love and serve others and live a fulfilling life.

- ... and much more.








Thursday, November 23, 2023

Are You Stuck in Shame or Do You Want to Live in Freedom?

When Tess Scott's third husband left her, she spent weeks with her face buried in the green shag carpet begging God to make him stay.  He didn't. 

But that is only the beginning of the story. Tess was diagnosed with breast cancer three weeks after her marriage was reconciled. Instead of enjoying the honeymoon, she was going through treatment for cancer.

Tess understands what it feels like to have never-ending stress including parenting an adopted son with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), two sons struggling with substance abuse, and one who attempted suicide. 

Do you have a 'messy story'? Tess is on a mission to encourage others who have endured much to realize they are not alone. 

Tess Scott is a speaker and an award-winning author of Listen Sister - Finding Hope in the Freakshow of Life.

Most of us will relate to Tess's story in some way and all of us will enjoy her humor as she shares tragedy, heartbreak, and extreme stress in raising EIGHT children.  

Tess lives by the motto - "Sometimes what seems to be the worst timing is actually the best." She explains this in her interview and asks if you are stuck in shame -- or would you rather live in freedom?  You will enjoy her interview:

Tess Scott


Listen, Sister! Finding Hope in the Freakshow of Life is a hilarious collection of short personal stories that turn awkward memories into much-needed encouragement. Each tale of real-life shenanigans points out glimpses of God in the every day and directs women to the source of true joy in their stress-filled lives.

“You’ll laugh out loud and wipe a tear as you read, and you’ll want to purchase several copies of this book for your friends who have also had a less-than-perfect life. Listen, Sister is filled with practical, biblical wisdom, and it points the reader to a hope-filled future.”  


Carol Kent, Speaker, and Author of When I Lay My Isaac Down (NavPress) 

Click HERE 👉For this fun and printable PDF: Top 10 Signs Your Life is a Freakshow

Could you use a dose of encouragement wrapped in uproarious laughter and grounded in truth? Book Tess to speak to your group today.  Check out tons of testimonials from Event Planners here: Tess Scott Testimonials - YouTube

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Friday, November 10, 2023

Do You Know How to Overcome Fear or Challenges

When Melony Brown was two years old, she had a significant stroke. She did not choose an overcoming attitude as a child, but her parents instilled it in her. They did not allow her to use lack of coordination, left-sided weakness, or balance issues as an excuse. 

Melony is an author, speaker, and host of the Challenges Won't Stop Me podcast. Fighting to overcome life's challenges and thriving is the message she lives by and shares with her audience. 

Decades of neurological struggles and brain surgery tried to stop her, but she chose to fight to overcome them instead. Learning everything those challenges were meant to teach her and grow in her, Melony desires to encourage, inspire, and motivate women to fight to overcome the challenges intersecting their paths. 

With God guiding the way and a backpack filled with your essential gear, you are primed and ready to overcome any challenge that dares to cross your path. It is time to…..JOURNEY ON!

Melony shares several stories including an Auschwitz survivor and a young girl who was kidnapped and sex trafficked. After escaping, she had her tattoo removed which branded her as a 'slave'. She started a business helping other women remove these memory scars including tattoos from prison, gang membership, and abuse. You are going to enjoy Melony's interview:

On her podcast, she has interviewed over 135 courageous women who fought to overcome a wide range of challenges. 

Be sure to check out her Journey On Quiz. 

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Melony Brown

Are you prepared to survive when one of life's tough challenges rudely intersects your journey? This journey through life is tough, but you're tougher.

In Challenges Won't Stop Meauthor, podcaster, and speaker Melony Brown invites you to join her for an eight-mile journey in which you will create a personalized survival guide that will equip and prepare you to survive the rugged terrain that is sure to mark your path. Do not be afraid or discouraged as the master navigator, God, will be with you and fight for you.

As you engage and interact with the text, you will

  • color visual symbols, which remind us of each piece of your gear's purpose.
  • discover how Bible characters fought to overcome by consistently using their gear.
  • draw inspiration and encouragement from others who have fought to overcome.
  • reflect and answer questions related to your journey and what you're learning.

Melony not only survived several of life's tough challenges, but she also thrived while fighting to overcome those unexpected turns. In Challenges Won't Stop Me, she shares the strength, wisdom, and grit she's gained, as well as all the 135+ overcomers she's interviewed have gained. Their written stories and podcast interviews can be found at

Grab your backpack. Let's fill it with the essential gear you'll need to survive, overcome, and thrive!

It's time to JOURNEY ON!

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Monday, October 30, 2023

Something Greater Than You Has Something Greater FOR You

Are you tired of being miserable and broken?

Maurice  Martin has been through his fair share of trauma - from masking the private pain of his childhood to battling depression in his twenties. After becoming an award-winning vocalist and songwriter, Maurice hit rock bottom and it became clear that there was only one way out.

Maurice Martin

Maurice had to let go of what had been holding him back. Now that he has healed, he is on a mission to equip and empower you to release your limiting beliefs and become the person you were born to be.

During his interview, Maurice shares seven EMBRACE strategies to give you a balance of HOPE.

Focus on the now instead of the future

Faith was at the center of my healing. Faith gave me the courage to face my past and a renewed perspective to show me my real identity. I learned that my trauma didn’t have to continue to define me and leave me empty. Faith, paired with healthy habits, continues to mature and healthily grow me.”

Here is your must-read guide to a happier, peaceful life

Maurice Martin

Have you ever felt like life got in the way of you living your dream? Like you’re stuck in a rut and there is no way out?

Are you ready to unleash the joy, peace, and fulfillment that you have been longing for?

I've been where you are and the pain of your past doesn't have to control your future anymore! It's time for you to break free from the chains that are holding you back.

Your But Is Too Big was written to foster inner healing and help you find peace. Let me show you how to let go of the pain so that you can embark on a path to live your best life now and for years to come.

Join me on the journey to freedom and discovery. Together, we'll find peace trusting in God's promises and embracing a life filled with hope. With true joy, you'll finally discover the best life has to offer. Stop settling for just getting by: it's time to break out of the rut and soar above it all!