Saturday, October 31, 2015

If You Transition Your Mindset, You will Transition your Life

Glenda Oakley Cook is a Transition Strategist, Leadership Coach, and Market Place Mentor. Utilizing her experiences as an Army “Brat,” former Army Captain and current Army spouse, she helps women take command of their lives to command the life they desire.                              
Glenda founded the Institute of Transitions, a consulting firm specializing in personal and professional development with an emphasis on transitionsleadership and confidence.  Her firm’s courses, training, events and coaching programs prepare emerging influencers with the ability to transition into their next stage of life with ease! 
A combat veteran and a net worth over a half-million dollars by the age of 30, Glenda truly believes you can achieve anything with determinationdedication, and discipline.

She has been featured on over 40 different websites and publications; including the hit national television show on Esquire Network, Friday Night Tykes.
Her Philosophy – “If you transition your mindset, you will transition your life!”

A master at adapting and overcoming obstacles, breaking barriers and slaying societal statistics, she is quickly emerging as a millennial empowerment expert.  She is a contributing author to the book entitled Resilience: Living Life By Design where she invites readers on a tour of a monumental point in her life.  

She is the founder of The SALUTE movement; honoring women for all that they balance in terms of life, family and career.  In her chapter, A Salute to Success: Three Principles to Overcoming Obstacles, she shares the redemption tools she used to earn her SALUTE.  

Three steps to becoming a success:

1 - Pursue resiliency to overcome your challenges  -- There is power in your thoughts so clean out the negative clutter to create a positive circle around you

2 - Realize that any obstacles in your life do NOT define who you are.  What you do   NEXT - after the trauma is what DOES define who you are.  Be Defiant!

3 - Give yourself permission to fail -- Every successful person has had setbacks.   Find the lesson you can learn  from every challenge you face

Shortly after her interview, Glenda gave birth to this adorable little boy:

Listen to her interview that may change your life and your way of thinking:

You may purchase her book and connect with Glenda 

on her website by clicking here.

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