Saturday, July 30, 2016

They Who Know the Deepest Sorrow, Know the Greatest Joy

ellen mongan
Ellen Mongan is a speaker, blogger and author of over 40 books.  She is the founder of Little Pink Dress Ministry.  She is co-host of the weekly radio show, My Miscarriage Matters and a frequent guest on WBPI Television.  

Ellen describes the journey from trials to triumph as a hike and that it is much easier when you have someone to stand with you who has the GPS.  She helps women to overcome eating disorders, death of a child, date rape, post-partum depression, emotional scars from abuse, or just to be the best they can be in any role.  

In her interview, she shares how to go from brokenness to wholeness.   Ellen would like to share some of her articles with you.  For your reading enjoyment:

The Backpack 
Super Mom Meets Ordinary Mom
Glorious Grief -- How to cope with the loss of a child

Hear Ellen's words directly to you - to help you cope with trauma in your life.  If you know of anyone who has lost a child, they need to hear this interview.  They will be helped.


You can connect with Ellen here:  
Website  - Catholic Mom
Website - Postpartum
Elizabeth Ministry 

If you know of anyone who has lost a child, have them connect with Ellen on facebook - they will be encouraged.

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