Monday, October 10, 2016

Eventually Your Tears of Memories Will Turn into Smiles

Paul Mitton
Paul Mitton has worked in video and film production for the past 30 years.  But the story he wants to share here will touch your heart for it involves losing his wife to cancer.

Paul found his soul mate later in life, got married and soon discovered they were going to have a baby -- his wife was 47 years old.

When their son was six months old, his wife lost her battle to breast cancer.

In his interview, Paul shares how he has coped with raising a little boy on his own. But more importantly, he talks about his quest to bring the message of health awareness across the globe.  

On his website, he gives you tips to living healthy and links to cures for cancer.

Another message he wants to shout is:  

Cherish every moment - we are not promised tomorrow

Put your phone down when you're home

Spend time with your family, not your favorite sports team

Have a date night every week (kids included), and as a couple every month

Hear Paul's heart-wrenching love story here:

Connect with Paul here:

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