Saturday, January 27, 2018

You Never Know What Can Happen Until You Try

Kristen Craren is a relational expert with a Master's in Counseling and the founder of Craren Family Services, LLC.  She educates the public by providing resources that can help people going through a divorce and specializes in helping people adjust to leading happier lives.

Her story starts in her childhood which prepared her with the expertise that comes not only from education but from being on both sides of a divorce. 

Kristen has the educational, professional and life experience on the subject of families.  She will work with you in your reality to reach the goals YOU desire.  She listens with her heart and does not come across as 'therapist-y'.


In Kristen's second interview she discusses how to recognize when you are being controlled and how to turn that around.  

  • What are the clues you are being controlled?
  • What does it mean to NOT be in control?
  • How controlling relationships change the way we approach life
  • What are the first steps in taking back control?

Most of us have areas in our lives we may feel out of control.  Kristen addresses how we can take back the reins

In her first interview, you will enjoy her objective, yet heartfelt tips and coping mechanisms as a mediator and also her own personal story of hope:

You can connect with Kristen here:


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