Thursday, June 15, 2017

No Matter What Happens - Keep Your Goals in Your View

Deborah Malone’s first novel Death in Dahlonega, finalized in the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Category Five writing contest! Deborah was nominated for the 2012 and 2013 Georgia Author of the Year Award in the novel category. She has worked as a freelance writer and photographer, for the historic magazine Georgia Backroads

She has had many articles and photographs published, and her writing has been featured in the Tales of the Rails, edited by Olin Jackson as well as the Christian Communicator and Southern Writers Magazine. She is a member of the Georgia Writer’s Association, Advanced Writer’s Association, and American Christian Fiction Writers.

As successful as Deborah has been as a writer, she has had more than her share of overwhelming circumstances. In her interview, she shares how to work towards your goals even in the midst of challenging life circumstances.

Her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor at three years old.  Her surgery, together with radiation and meningitis, left her severely disabled.  Deborah's daughter is now 39 years old and Deborah cared for her through her own abusive marriage of 26 years. Deborah understands the strength of the human spirit. She also understands the need to push past your pain and do what you love to do.

Deborah is an avid storyteller.  Listening to her interview, you will be anxious to find out what happens next.  

Deborah Malone is the author of six cozy mysteries. The first series is the Trixie Montgomery Cozy Mystery series and the second is the Skye Southerland Cozy Mystery series. All of her books are set in real locations in Georgia and Tennessee and the settings are as near to the real area as possible. Readers enjoy reading about places they have visited or have heard of before.

Deborah is an incredible storyteller and you will love her mystery series.  You may purchase them here:


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