Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly -- Can there be humor in that?

Barbara Carter is a visual artist, author, and instructor.  Barbara is a memoir writer who connects with her readers to help them understand themselves.  Her stories offer hope and raise awareness about various issues including anxiety, depression, loss, grief, a difficult mother/daughter relationship, alcoholism and other addictions. 

She began as someone who didn’t think she had anything of value to say but through her various struggles has discovered that she has much to offer to the world.

Her art and writing have led her to the importance of healing wounds from the past so that one can live in joy and peace.

In her memoirs, she helps the reader reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly… to feel those feelings and process those experiences and at some point, let it go, lay it to rest, and be able to see the humor in a lot of those situations.

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Barbara Carter

BALANCING ACT is a memoir of a teenage girl's search for love & happiness.  A difficult mother/daughter relationship and a young love story, along with her struggles with anxiety, loss, grief, and depression, and the situations that eventually lead to a nervous breakdown.

Floating in Salt water

FLOATING IN SALT WATER is a child's view of serious situations and traverses the line between entertainment and enlightenment. It is thought-provoking, written in an easy, unique style. Unorthodox, with characters who are hard to forget, featuring people and their cravings, dreams, desires, fears, flawed sexual desires and the double-sided nature of human beings.

SAD Girl, BAD Girl and I   
Poetry and Art

My adult-self created pencil drawings around poems I’d written as a teen, as a way of healing my younger self.

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This book is not just about…

A girl breaking the law, losing her virginity, and leaving home. It’s really about… a girl trying to outrun grief.

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