Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Do You Have the Tools to Deal with Severe Trauma?

Pamela Fleming is an author and speaker.  Pamela has survived tremendous trauma in her life including the death of her daughter, marriage betrayal, her husband's suicide and her own battle with lung cancer. 

Pam shares her story from a place where you can relate to her on many levels.  She also discusses suicide and its effects on those who are left behind to deal with the pain.  

Pamela invites you to share your dreams, desires, and destinies by soaring with you on an adventure of joy.  Check out Dashgirls here. 

"If it doesn't count for is worth nothing!"  

Listen to her interview for the explanation of this statement and one incredible story of surviving pain with a smile on your face and in your heart.

Lemons and Lace—Bitterness to Beauty reveals how to turn your mourning into dancing so that you can gain a new sense of freedom and hope for the future. Young, in love, and dedicated to church ministry, Pam—a pastor’s wife—and her husband Rick seemed to have the best of everything. 

They were unaware that in their life’s journey a series of adverse events would test all they knew about each other and the God they committed their life to serving. From the death of their 14-month-old daughter, Pam’s cancer, and marital complications the couple is left swimming in a sea of doubt about their future. 

As insecurities grow, brokenness leads to more destruction with Rick eventually taking his own life. Has your world suddenly been turned upside down, shaken by undeniable grief and mourning? God, in all His majesty, knows your heart, hears your cry and—like Pam—will exchange the bitterness of life for the beauty of who He is.

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