Monday, May 14, 2018

Is Your Life Defined by a Past Transgression?

Tezlyn Reardon is the author of Forty Years of Practice:  Finding Purpose in Pain.  She has a degree in Sports Management and currently works in marketing analytics.

Divorce, ADHD, cancer, knee replacement, depression, rock bottom -- these words often make people run for the hills.  But it was through her pain and experiences that Tezlyn gained strength, courage, wisdom and the passion to help others who may have experienced similar trauma.

Allow Tezlyn to use her expertise to help you apply for grants, write a business plan, resume, or another document which are often difficult to compose with the desired impact.  

Don't miss Tezlyn's encouraging and motivating story of how she rose above the negativity to live a positive life; an example to all.   

Click here to buy her incredible book and guide to help anyone recognize their pain as a stepping stone to something better. 

 Connect with Tez here:

Her book trailer is one of the best I've seen


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