Saturday, June 2, 2018

Do You Struggle Emotionally? You are Not Alone

The price of heartbreak
With suicide being the leading cause of death in men under 50 and 1 in 5 people suffering from a mental health problem, Rick Sharpe is a man on a mission; to raise awareness about emotional struggle and to help others suffering emotionally. 

Rick wants to demonstrate to others that it is possible to heal from failed relationships and transform your own life in the process.

After a failed relationship, he realized much later in life that he needed to search through his own soul in order to discover why he kept ending up in the same
place. He began to understand his fear of vulnerability and he realized that it was a time in his life where he needed to grow and keep growing

There are no guarantees in life but it should not stop us from giving all we have to that which matters. 

Never give up hope because all things
 do pass and we all have choices

Rick's interview is not only a source of encouragement but practical wisdom we can apply to any area of our lives.  At the end of his interview he shared a nugget that is throught-provoking:

"Do not die before your death!"

Rick SharpeFailure is failure. I had failed. . . miserably! I suck at break-ups but who doesn’t? I was the guy next door who "had it all together!" But that’s not what goes on inside. My experience had shame written all over it, a significant departure from the person I thought I was. Failing emotionally started a journey filled with the very real pain of heartbreak and the smothering cloud of depression. I discovered what vulnerability really was and how my generation ran from it. Search your own heart and find those scars. They never really heal but they become a better part of us. To get through a day you sometimes need some assurance that you are not alone. For those who need to know there is another day worth living, you’re welcome to share this journey

Rick first became visible when he wrote a book “The Price of HeartBreak,” with the intention to raise awareness that a lot of us suffer from intense emotional heartbreak and we are not alone. The thought provoking read is a refreshing take on the struggles of human existence from the eyes of a man who has opened his heart to emotional vulnerability and enlightenment.

What is exceptional about Rick is his ability, unlike many men, to express raw
emotion vulnerably and authentically. He tells stories from the highs of climbing
Kilimanjaro to the lows of a deeper emotional abyss and back again.

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