Wednesday, October 9, 2019

How To Live Life Like Animals Teach Us

Dr. Joanne Lefebvre is a veterinarian promoting intuitive medicine.  Dr. Joanne's first book, "Animal Teachings from Hayley's Angel's Methods" is a guide for better living for both animals and humans.  During her years of practice, she helped over 10,000 pets when it was their time to pass.  

She created a very successful in-home end of life care/euthanasia service and, sadly, became a prisoner of it.  The stress involved with watching so much anguish and suffering was overwhelming.  She fired herself and closed down the service.  She moved across the country to regain her balance and save her life -- the hardest challenge she ever faced.  

Dr. Joanne explains what animals teach us and how to live our lives as they do.  She shares these lessons in her book and in her interview:

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Animals have inspired Dr. Joanne to be resilient like they are, to never give up and to always believe in a brighter tomorrow.  Each life counts and is valued and deserves a chance at life, love, respect, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Dr. Joanne shows us how to embrace the teachings of animals on our path to living a meaningful life in harmony and balance.   Learn how to enhance your intuition to make better decisions for you and your pets.

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  1. No life is complete without the love of a pet and other animals. Great topic and post.