Thursday, January 16, 2020

How to Get Through the Devastation of Divorce

Denise Anderson
Small town drama makes Hollywood look like a walk in the park. For those going through a divorce in a small town and are ready to feel confident, capable, and competent, now is the time to take action

Denise Anderson is a certified life coach, mentor, speaker, and author of Small Town Divorce, A Road Map Through Devastation, Despair, and Drama.

The lessons Denise learned while going through a dramatic divorce helped her

create a simple path to personal power and growth. She discovered a commonality
amongst people that holds them back and keeps them imprisoned in their own minds.

Her first book describing the nuances of divorcing in a small town lays the foundation
for the experience she evokes during her workshops and public talks. Denise Anderson
has helped hundreds of clients go beyond their current life situation and painful past
to a more fulfilling, purposeful and passionate place.

Do other people's opinions and judgments have a positive or negative effect on you?

What other people think is one of the biggest concerns people face when trying to
move forward and live life. Even though these concerns can be in our subconscious,
they affect us and our decisions.

Denise is accepting applications from people who are experiencing intense fear and

drama or having great difficulty moving forward. She is offering personal and
professional one-on-one coaching. She is also available for corporate or public
speaking events connecting to large audiences and speaking directly to their current
concerns and apprehension.

Enjoy Denise's interview full of passion, energy, and spunk

along with compassion with empathy for what you may be
going through. Listen here:

Denise Anderson

Denise Anderson

Denise Anderson walked through those same trenches after experiencing her own dramatic small-town divorce. She has coached and mentored dozens of others who have experienced similar drama, taking them from surviving to thriving. In Small Town Divorce, those going through a divorce in a small town learn how to:

  • Tackle adversaries, gossip, and more
  • Grow their skills when it comes to riding the emotional rollercoaster
  • Face their greatest fears
  • Develop their ability to have any conversation

  • Axe the thoughts making them question their ability to be good enough



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