Thursday, April 9, 2020

How to Wake Up Every Morning With Purpose

Pamela Pete was a homeless runaway and a high school dropout. After an
abusive marriage followed by another abusive relationship, she had to make a
change in her life in order to survive.

That day came when her ex-boyfriend arrived at her front
door in the middle of the night holding a gun and saying,
"I just killed somebody!"

Not only did she make that change but she became successful on many fronts.

Sheer determination and setting daily goals turned her life around. Pamela's rags to riches story might be shocking but will definitely wake us up to what we can achieve.

Pamela Pete is a Chief Master Sergeant, a position fewer than one percent achieve,

and fewer women. A United States Air Force veteran, speaker, poet, author,
founder, and CEO of Masterful Purpose, LLC, a global speaking and personal
development business.

Pamela can help businesswomen and entrepreneurs get clarity of purpose with a
'crazy amount' of success achieving goals beyond your imagination.

Pamela believes that where you are today is exactly where you will be five years
from now unless you discover your gifts and live on purpose.

Her interview will challenge you but also inspire you to start making those
changes today! She teaches how to overcome self-sabotaging habits and fears.
Pamela's rags to riches story is uplifting in every way.


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Face Your Fears
Accept Your Greatness



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