Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Have You Loved and Lost?

Christina Flauch

Christina Flach, the CED of Pretty Girl Makeup, has had numerous blows that would devastate most people. One Christmas morning, without warning, her baby died in his crib. Another was the news that her husband, Ken Flach, was dying of sepsis. Her story is one that everyone who has loved and lost needs to hear.

Christina is also a celebrity makeup artist, a board member at LAFACE Skincare, fashion correspondent for Soap Opera Digest, and a fashion commentator.

How could this have happened?

After the loss of her son, her husband left her unable to deal with his grief and they divorced. Christina was fortunate enough to find and marry the love of her life, Ken Flach. But it was short-lived when he died in 2018, from what could have been prevented - sepsis. Not only was this her loss but the world lost an incredible man, Olympic Gold Medalist, and champion on the doubles circuit.

Since then, Christina has dedicated herself to raising awareness about the symptoms of sepsis and the importance of seeking medical attention immediately, and changing policies, so patients have better access to quick care in emergencies like the one her family faced.

Christina has over 20 years of makeup artistry experience. She has an impressive client list, including Hillary Swant, Miley Cyrus, Renee Zellweger, Italian Vogue, Forbes, TIME, Gucci - and the list goes on.

Ken Flauch

Her interview is raw, honest, and compelling. Her story is heart-wrenching. Her tears are real. But her encouragement and inspiration are unparalleled:


WEBSITE - Pretty Girl Makeup


SEPSIS ALLIANCE to raise awareness






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